King of Hearts

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Rajveer watches Sid walking towards the empty carton box. The Priest tells Rajveer to give the offering, and Rajveer pours the offering in the fire, making it flame up to Roshni’s direction. To divert Sid’s attention, he add more offering into the havan fire and Roshni’s hand gets burned. She jumps and Sid runs towards her forgetting the box. The Whole family start to get worried 😟 for her, and DD asks Bablu to get ice! Sid says he will take her to the hospital. Roshni says she is fine.

Samaira suggest they take a group selfie. Mona berates her for being selfish at a time when her cousin is hurt! Samaira goes to Rajveer and complains that the day is supposed to be about them, but Roshni has found a way to steal the spotlight! Rajveer asks her to control herself.

Raj is trying to work on his laptop and Krutika is watching a music video on TV. Raj complains the music is too loud and she should turn the volume down. Kratika turns it up.
Raj complains and Kratika tells him to go to another room!

Zee World: King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update

Simran brings a glass of milk and tells Raj to go to another room. She gives the milk to Krutika who sips and throws it away saying it has a lot of sugar in it! Simran gets sad and says she used to like sugar as a child?
Krutika says there were things she went through as a child and she can tell Simran all about them! Krutika says it’s just the beginning and she will purnish her the more for ruining her childhood and walks out from there. Raj tells Simran that Krutika has been harbouring a grudge against them since she was a child.

He suggests they talk to her, but Simran says they should give her time.

At home, Sid sees Roshni trying to apply bandage on her wound and says he will help her. She says there is no need! He complains about her being so stubborn! He leaves out of frustration, but then, he comes back and gets closer to her, she thinks he will kiss her and closes her eyes, and Sid gently pushes her good hand behind her back and then ties it to the bench. When Roshni realises, she tries to protests and he puts a cellotape on her mouth. He then says he knows she kissed him yesternight.

He takes the hand affected by the burn and tends to it. She silents watches him doing that. Kabie ye barish barse… song plays in the background. They both get romantic. When he’s done, he releases her other hand from her back and removes the cellotape from her mouth. King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Samaira shows Mona her new flat’s interior design. Mona gets impressed and says she is happy that her daughter’s life is settling. Samaira asks her to come and stay with her. She says how can she stay in Son-in-law’s house? Samaira says when Son-in-law like Sid can stay in DD’s house, why can’t she stay in her house? Rajveer waits for his associate’s call. He gets it and panics (a fake act though), and then rushes out towards his fake factory. Mona and Samaira are confused.

DD and the entire family are trying to get in touch with Rajveer. Roshni consoles Samaira and Samaira tells Roshni not to pretend because she knows she does not care about Rajveer! Roshni is shocked.

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sid and Bablu arrives with distressed (acting) Rajveer who looks like he’s been in a fire. He sheds tears as he says everything is destroyed, his dreams and hopes are all ruined! He says nothing is left. His factory has burnt down. Everyone is in shock.
He says all the money he invested was in vain and nothing is left! Bablu says Rajveer’s factory burnt due to short circuit. Sid tells him not to worry, they can claim money from the insurance company and they will give him back his money. DD says Sid is right. Rajveer says he didn’t take out an insurance because he thought he could do it next week. He tells Sam to pack her things so they can return to the US! Sam says she will go and pack.

As they are leaving the living room, DD tells them to stop because they will stay with her, and Rajveer will work with her as from tomorrow. Sid says he was going to suggest the same thing. He tells Rajveer not to worry, it’s a family business, and he doesn’t have to leave.

DD assures Rajveer that he will make everything back. She asks him to go and relax in his room and start his left afresh from tomorrow. He thanks and hugs her, and thinks this was his first move, and soon he will get DD’s Money/Business!

Simran and Raj are in their bedroom.
She tells him about a friend’s daughter’s party; the daughter just had a baby. Krutika comes to the room and says she wants to attend the party as well! Raj says she won’t be going with them this time! Krutika says they want to take their loser son instead of her? She asks why Sid doesn’t live in the house with them?

Simran tells Raj that they should take Krutika. Raj tells Simran that if Krutika goes, he won’t attend! Simran begs to take Krutika since he will be busy at the Office. Raj tells her she will regret it. He angrily leaves the room.
Simran tells Krutika that she will go with her to the party. Krutika goes to the dressing table and packs some of Simran’s cosmetics without asking.

Sid sees DD carrying water mug and starts taunting her. He promotes Zee award show and says they can win trophy if she behaves like a family with him. She asks if he is challenging her? He say no, but just wants to win. She says let’s see!
Sid calls his Mom, but she didn’t pick up, he thinks since 2 days his Mom hasn’t been picking his calls.

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Roshni hears on the radio that there is a terrorist attack being planned in Mumbai, so people should avoid crowded places! She tells Sid not to take the train to work. Sid says he’s going to work with DD and will come back with her. He says forget about that and tell me if Mom called her? She say no. He asks for tea and she gives him. Sid spits it out and complains that it tastes horrible!

Roshni says she didn’t add any milk because they don’t have milk since he said they couldn’t afford it. Sid says he told her to make a list of essentials and milk is an essential! He gets upset and leaves for work.
Roshni makes a promise that she will get things right!

Simran arrives at the party. The hostess sees how Krutika is dressed in jeans and she asks who is this girl, if she is a gatecrasher? Simran says she came with her. The lady asks her to introduce Krutika. Simran says she’s a friends daughter, and she loves to make people laugh.

When the lady leaves, Krutika tells Simran that she was nervous to introduce her! Simran says she wasn’t nervous. Krutika tells her to just admit she is ashamed of her! Krutika tells the waiter to get her alcohol!

The ladies at the party start talking about Krutika, and also wondering why Simran is keeping such an arrogant girl, and how such a person could be even related to her (Mrs Khurana)!

Babloo and Pratima are about to leave for the office.
He offers to drop Roshni at her NGO.
They see Rajveer sitting on the chair and looking miserable.
Pratima tries to console and assure him that everything will be okay.
Samaira gets upset and ask who she is, to be saying such things to her husband.

Babloo and Pratima are about to leave for the Office. He offers to drop Roshni at her NGO. They see Rajveer sitting on the Chair and looking miserable. Pratima tries to console and assure him that everything will be okay.
Samaira gets upset and ask who she is, to be saying such things to her husband! She asks Pratima how dare she say those things to her husband! Does she think her husband is like Sid who is staying here for free? Pratima says she does not understand why Sam is offended. Samaira says she knows what they are all saying!
Roshni tells Samaira that it’s enough! She tells Pratima that it’s pointless trying to reason with Sam.

Rajveer tells Sam that she should stop as she’s making things very difficult for him. He walks away and Samaira follows him.

King of Hearts 5 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series
Mona joins them and asks what’s going on? Roshni tells her it’s nothing, she’s more worried about what she heard on the radio earlier about a bomb threat.
Mona asks Samaira what did she tell them that they went without even taking their lunch boxes! She says it is obvious that she always blames her instead of Roshni!

Krutika steals jewelry at Simran’s friend’s party.
Simran is looking for Krutika. One of the guests complains that her necklace is missing and another person says the baby’s bracelet is also gone! A guest suggests they check everybody’s bag! She looks at Krutika with suspicion.

Simran is worried it might be Krutika. They start searching the bags and when it gets to Krutika’s turn, she hides a gift bag she’s holding on the chair, then gives them her handbag. Her handbag is searched and they don’t find anything there. Simran gets upset when they don’t find it in Krutika’s bag. She tells the lady who was suspicious of them that she is leaving because of the way they have treated her and Krutika!
She pulls Krutika and says they should go. She drags the gift bag from Krutika and says they should return the gift bag! She flings it on the floor and the necklace and bracelet falls out. Simran is shocked, as well as the guests and hostess of the party!

Zee World Today: King of Hearts 5 June 2019

Krutika blames it on Simran saying Simran is rich, yet she is stealing! The hostess says she has known Simran for a long time and she won’t steal! She threatens to call the Police to arrest her (Krutika) instead!
Krutika forces Simran to tell that she stole it! Simran says she stole it, and they should call the Police if they like. The hostess tells Simran not to worry about it; they got back the jewelries. Simran walks out with Krutika with tears rolling down her cheeks in shame, while Krutika smirks.

Roshni calls Sid and he says he’s on his way to take the train. She reminds him not to take the train because they said there is a suspected bomb blast.
Sid doesn’t take her seriously, he says he has to go. Roshni gets upset and tells Grandmother what is happening.
Pratima is watching the news and it’s announced that there has been a bomb blast!
Roshni runs to the living room to watch and when she hears the train station, she screams Sid’s name and faints!

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