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King of Hearts 5 November 2019 Update starts when Roshni is on the Phone with Simran. She complains that she doesn’t know what Sid is up to and he caused her Mother embarrassment in front of the media. Simran says she doesn’t know what Sid is up to either but she will tell Raj to find out.

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Raj enters a hotel room and asks if there is anyone there? He thinks it’s the wrong room and he’s about to leave when a lady comes out of the bathroom. He tells her that he’s supposed to meet a Client and must have the wrong room. She holds him and caresses his face. He tries to leave but she tells him he has the right room. He gets to the door and it’s locked.

She pulls him on top of her and as he struggles with her, Sid hides in a corner, recording everything on his Phone. He tells himself that he doesn’t know what the Joker is up to but the Joker is forcing him to defame his dad and he has to do it for Aisha’s safety. The lady starts screaming and accusing Raj of forcing himself on her. The video is shown on the news on TV. Simran sees it and she’s shocked.

DD and her family also watch and DD says Raj could never do such a thing. Sid is interviewed on TV and he says he has to talk to his dad first before he can speak on the matter. DD and Roshni are shocked that Sid didn’t defend his father. The Joker is watching on his monitor and laughing.

Roshni and Simran go to meet Sid at the Office. In the presence of the Reporters, Roshni slaps Sid and says she can’t believe what he did to his father, she always longed for a father and he always had a good one yet he did such a thing to him! Sid has tears in his eyes as he holds his cheek.

Roshni says she doesn’t believe he could do such a thing! Simran looks at him cluelessly. Sid tries to speak but limit himself. Simran asks him to stop it and says he has lost his Parents, and maybe he has lost his respect too. She asks Roshni to take her away from here.

He goes to the bathroom to wash his face. He inwardly apologises to Roshni and his dad and says he wishes he can tell them what’s going on but if he makes a mistake, the Joker would kill Aisha. The Joker calls him on the Phone and laughs. He says he’s impressed with Sid for destroying his father’s image. Sid says he has done his part, so he wants his Child back! The Joker laughs and says Sid will have to do as he says! He ends the call and Sid tells himself that he won’t break like the Joker wants and he will get his family out of the mess!

Next day, Sid goes to see Pinto. Pinto offers him something to eat but Sid refuses. Pinto asks how his family is doing? Sid says they are heartbroken and he wishes he can tell them what’s going on but he can’t. He says he’s helpless but not weak and knows what he has to do.
Shabnam enters the room and Sid asks if she’s ready? She nods.

DD tells Kesar that she wants the S taken out of the brand name. Kesar says it will cost a lot to start rebranding. DD says she doesn’t care! Yash comes in and says S represents Sid and he should remain in the brand. DD tells him not to try and convince her and says she doesn’t trust Sid anymore. She says it is very irritating!

King of Hearts 5 November 2019 Update on Zee World

Roshni is at the Khuranas. She serves them food but they are not interested. Bunty rushes in and tells them to turn on the TV. Shabnam is shown giving money to the Woman who framed Raj. Sid appears with the Cameramen and Reporters. He says he knew only a person like Shabnam could do that and he didn’t say anything to the media because he wanted to clear his father’s name. Roshni regrets doubting Sid. Simran tells her not to blame herself because even his Parents didn’t trust him. DD also blames herself for doubting Sid.

Resham and the Cook are in the market. She tells him that she’s happy Sid put Shabnam in her place! She sees Shabnam and goes after her. Shabnam sees her and runs off, then she throws a banana peel on the floor to make her slip and fall.

At Pinto’s house, Sid berates Shabnam for almost ruining their plan. He asks Shabnam if she is mad? He says he told her not to go out. He tells Shabnam that he made Joker angry by disobeying him! He says he took her help to save his dad’s respect. He receives a text message from the Joker.

Sid arrives at a Warehouse the Joker invited him to and starts calling Aisha. A Video is projected on the wall. He sees Aisha playing with the Joker. They are on a roof and Aisha is very close to the ledge. Sid panics. Aisha says she wants to play hide and seek with her daddy. The Video goes off. The Joker comes on again and says Sid thinks he’s smart? Sid says he stuck to the rule which was to defame his father but the rule didn’t say he couldn’t clear his name.

The Joker says he has another task and it’s to create a rift amongst his in-laws. Sid says he will follow his rules but he’s promising that he would beat the Joker. The Joker says Sid would never be able to catch him!

The Joker is in the room where he watches Sid and his family from. There are pictures of Sid and his family members. He goes to the mirror and starts talking to himself. He says Sid must be wondering who he is? He takes off the Joker costume and cleans the Makeup. It’s Yash. He smiles evilly and tells himself that Sid tried to play smart so he will do something about it! He vows to deal with Sid and take everything from him! He says Sid stole Roshni away from him and made him so miserable that he got married to Sam who is so horrible;

Sid ruined his life and he wouldn’t let Sid get away with it! He was the one who planned the whole resort trip and deliberately threw Sid’s wallet away, Alex was just a pawn he paid Money to and he knew Sam would want to play the games and would make Sid and Roshni also play. He allowed Sid leave the resort but the game isn’t over, so he got the house bugged and he had to get rid of Alex before Sid got to her. He calls Sid a fool for telling him about his plans and he made Sid believe Shabnam was the person behind it all! He says it’s just the beginning and he will make sure things don’t get better for him! He takes a knife and makes an X on the photo of Sid.

Sid enters DD’s house. Roshni sees him and the guilt she feels shows on her face. She runs to him and begs him to forgive her. She says she can see him drifting away from the family and DD was upset when he wasn’t there for her launch.

DD walks in with tears in her eyes and apologises to Sid. She says she forgot Shabnam is out there and can still hurt them. She says she knows he would never let any harm come to them and he should forgive her for her mistake. Sid had tears in his own eyes. DD leaves for her room and Roshni hugs Sid. Sid says in his heart that he’s sorry for what he has to do next, he has to insult Roshni and DD in Public and he has to do it to get Aisha back.

Sid meets up with Pinto and says they need to keep the Joker distracted. He says they need to catch the Joker. Pinto says he would do it. Shabnam comes to them wearing the burqa and says she wants to come with them because Aisha is her Sister. Sid tells Pinto to keep his eye on her.

King of Hearts 5 November 2019 Update ends as Resham sees the three of them and tries to record a Video but Gampath, the Cook bumps against her and her Phone falls. She picks it up but Sid and the others have left. She gets home and tells Kesar about it. She tries to show him the Photo on her Phone but it didn’t capture them. Kesar says he doesn’t believe her! She tells him where she saw them and says they were going somewhere. Yash over hears her and wonders where Sid was going?

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