King of Hearts 5 October 2019 – Zee World Update

King of Hearts 5 October 2019 - Zee World UpdateKing of Hearts 5 October 2019 – Zee World Update

Today’s episode starts when Shabnam asks Raghu where he had been all night? He says he was with his friends. Roshni is watching from behind a door. Raghu says he has to use the bathroom. Shabnam says he didn’t have to tell her that. He sees Roshni and sneezes. He tells Shabnam to go and get ready so they can go on a date. When she leaves, he blows Roshni a kiss. As Roshni is about to blow hers back, DD appears.

Raghu pretends to be upset with Roshni. Shabnam is getting ready for their date. Sundari asks why she’s wearing such a short dress with red lipstick? She tells her to change her dress and wipe off the Makeup because they are going to the temple! Shabnam is angry.

Shabnam meets Raghu at a restaurant and tells him that she went with his Mum to the temple and complains that his Mother made her wear a Sari. She begs him to talk to his Mother after they are married not to control her so much. He says he will make sure she has her freedom. Shabnam thinks Raghu is so good for her. He makes up an excuse to use the bathroom, asking her to order food. He says he will be back within 5 mins.

Shabnam places her order. The Waiter comes back with her food and she says it wasn’t what she ordered. The Waiter says a gentleman sent it. She looks and sees Sid at a table, having a drink. She turns to see Raghu still standing at the door to the bathroom with his back turned to her.

Sid stands up and she goes after him. Roshni appears and the person who pretended to be Raghu standing by the bathroom door turns around and it’s Pinto wearing the same clothes Sid was wearing when he pretended to be Raghu.

King of Hearts 5 October 2019 – Zee World Update

DD comes to see Kritika at home. She says she knows Siddharth is alive and Kritika needs to help her. Simran overhears them and decides to do something so that Sid’s plan is not disrupted by DD. She enters the room and tells DD that it’s enough; she has said more than enough about Sid so she should stop, and not try to remind her of her past over and over again!

Kritika tries to plead with her. Simran says she can see how Kritika is enjoying herself! DD tells Simran that she’s letting her know that Sid is alive as she saw him with her own eyes and even if she doesn’t want to help, she should get a hold of herself.

DD leaves and Kritika asks Simran why she reacted that way? Simran tells her to relax; she’s really happy DD is finally admitting she likes Sid and she can’t wait for Sid to deal with them all.

Shabnam follows Sid to an abandoned warehouse. He tells her to stop! He stands in a dark corner where she can only make out his silhouette. She asks why he’s scared to show his face? He tells her to make do with his look alike and she will see him very soon. He tells her to look at the present he left her. She looks down and sees some bullets. He tells her they are the bullets she used on him and he will use the same bullets on her!

She asks what he wants from her? He tells her to confess the truth before she gets married in 3 days. He says his eyes will be on her, and says Siddharth Khurana’s game begins now! Shabnam gets shocked and scared. He throws his jacket to her and runs off. King of Hearts 5 October 2019 – Zee World Update

He meets Roshni at the back of a truck waiting for him. He tells her that Shabnam will soon confess. Roshni says he has done a good acting. He starts to tease Roshni. He gets closer to her… Roshni says it is a public place. He then carries her in his arms. Pinto takes photos of them. They hear and see Pinto snapping them. Pinto says he snapped his favorite Couple. Sid asks Roshni who is more cool. Sid or Raghu? Roshni says obviously Raghu…

DD sees Sundari in the living room and says she hopes the drama will end soon. Sundari asks what the problem is? DD points at Sundari’s upbringing and tells her that her useless Son is getting married to one Woman and fooling around with another! Sundari takes henna paste and tries to rub it on DD. DD stops her and pushes Sundari.

Shabnam asks what’s wrong and reminds DD that it’s her (Shabnam’s) house! DD throws the henna cones on the floor and walks out.

Shabnam comes to meet Raghu in the room. She apologizes to him. He tells her that she embarrassed him at their engagement by walking out, now he took her on a date and she disappeared and asks if she really wants to marry him and not to make him a fool. Shabnam asks for forgiveness… He looks in the mirror and realises he’s only wearing one contact lens. He panics because if she sees it, she would know he’s Sid. He tells her to leave him alone and go to her room. She tells him she still loves him and he should look at her. He sees the missing contact on his shirt. He turns around and puts it back in. Shabnam becomes suspicious and insists that he opens his eyes and looks at her! He eventually opens his eyes and she’s relieved. He tells her to go and get ready so they can go out. Shabnam hugs him and goes.

When she leaves, he heaves a deep sigh of relief. Shabnam and Raghu go shopping.

They pick out some clothes and Shabnam asks him to try the clothes on and sends him to the Men changing room. Shabnam goes to the Women changing room and she’s shocked to see a message on the mirror in her changing room telling her the 3 days count down has begun.

She rushes out and bumps into a Woman who doesn’t take it kindly. She sees Sid’s reflection in a mirror. She rushes to the changing room to beg Raghu to come out.

Pinto is in there. He plays a recording of Raghu’s voice on his phone, saying he’s naked and can’t open the door. Shabnam begs him to come out. She becomes suspicious again and goes to lie to a security guard that her husband has a heart condition so he needs to open the door! Pinto doesn’t know what to do.

At home, DD watches Roshni and tells herself that she seems very happy lately. She begs God to bring Sid back and get rid of Raghu. Roshni is happy that DD is beginning to like Sid.

The Security guard opens the door and Raghu comes out wearing the clothes, and tells Shabnam that he told her he was wearing the clothes, and asks why she’s so impatient? She says she was worried he was taking too long. He tells her to learn to control herself. He asks her to go and try hee dress.

She leaves and he goes back into the dressing room. Pinto is still inside. He says he almost passed out. Sid thanks him for all he has done.

Shabnam is standing inside the shop, worried. A shop attendant gives her a watch and says it’s from a Man. She sees Raghu and hugs him, thanking him for her watch. He says he can’t afford a watch even if he sells his stuff. She looks inside and finds a note saying ‘Tick tock.. He takes the watch and gives it to an attendant, saying he won’t let her keep it because he still has his self respect as her husband to be. He leaves with Shabnam.

It’s time for the henna ceremony. Roshni goes to meet Sid in front of everyone. He asks what she’s doing? She calls him her brother-in-law and suggests he gets a henna design too. She leaves to get the henna paste and Sid gives a blowing kiss to Shabnam and tells the family members that he has to go to the bathroom. Simran sees Bunty looking at baby names and she feels sorry for him. She goes to Kritika and tells her to forget about the past and think of a baby.

Krutika asks if she’s her Mum or Bunty’s Mum? She says it’s not Marriage, but a betrayal. Kritika says she would rather die than have a baby with Bunty! He’s listening outside the door and wondering if she terminated the pregnancy? Sid meets Roshni in the store and she teases him about coming after his Sister-in-law during his Marriage functions. She says she would write Shabnam’s name on his hand in henna. He asks if she’s challenging him? He says he would win and if he does, she has to do whatever he tells her to.

Roshni agrees and asks him to win first. Tumhe Apna Banane ki Chahat plays… DD wonders why Roshni and Raghu are not back. She decides to go and check on them.

Zee World Update: King of Hearts 5 October 2019 

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