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King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World

King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World

King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World Roshni is still under the influence of the drug.She’s talking in her sleep.Neel touches her hair.She opens her eyes and asks for water. He leaves to get it.She keeps rambling.

Sid walks in and she is happy to see him. She says she knows it’s all her fault and she made a huge mistake.She begs him not to leave her.She clings to him and begs him not to go. He says he won’t leave as he has missed her too. He sees Neel coming back, so he sneaks off. Neel gives Roshni the water. She says she doesn’t want it. He begs her to drink it. She drinks and thanks him repeatedly as she drifts off again.

In the morning, Neel and Roshni return home.Naina asks where they have all been.Mittul says Sid also looks like he hasn’t slept all night.Sid says he was at a club.

Roshni goes into the room.She tells herself that she was thinking of Sid yet he was partying all night while Neel was looking after her.

Ranjeet walks into the house. Neel asks where he got the bruises o his face.Ranjeet says he had a minor accident.
Sid coughs and introduces himself. Ranjeet sees his bracelet and realises he was the one who attacked him in the elevator.

Ranjeet is with Mittul in her room. She asks if he’s sure it was Sid who attacked him.Ranjeet says he’s very sure.
Mittul says something is fishy. Ranjeet says he’s going tell everyone.
She tells him not to but she has a plan to help them know more about Ragini and Sid. Mittul and Ranjeet come to a TV station and Ranjeet gives a producer a flash drive. The producer asks for his money. Ranjeet pays him.

King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World

Sid is alone with Roshni in a room at the office.He says he has been waiting to tell her something.They hear Neel calling for her.Sid hides.

Neel tells Roshni that he wants to tell her something later so she should meet him at a particular location.He gives her the address. When he leaves, Roshni follows.

At night. Roshni is at the private restaurant where Neel asked her to meet him.
Neel comes to meet her.
She asks if he has done all the arrangement for her
He says he did it for them.
She says it’s a nice place.
He asks why she doesn’t look happy.
She says she’s happy.

A waiter brings a cake.
Neel tells Roshni to cut down the middle.
Roshni does and finds a bunch of keys.
Neel tells her it’s a gift.
Roshni asks what it is.
Neel says it’s a beautiful house.
She is shocked.
He says she always talked about her house in Kulaba so he bought them a house there.
She says it’s really sweet.

Next day, Roshni sees Sid outside Naina’s house.
They both say they have something to say.
Sid says he’s been meaning to say something.
Mittul suddenly opens the door and they go in.

Ranjeet’s father runs into the living room and says there is a terrible news on TV.
They turn on the TV and the newscaster says the CEO of mauve magazine is a drug addict who seduced Neel to become CEO and she was recently caught intoxicated at work.
She says the information was given by one of their shareholders from Khurana enterprise.

Neel grabs Sid and Sid says he didn’t do anything.
Neel slaps him and is about to punch him but Roshni gets in the middle.
She asks if he knows what he’s doing.
Neel says Sid did it.
Roshni says Sid couldn’t have done it as she knows he would never harm her.
Neel says they know nothing about him. King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World

Mittul and Ranjeet are enjoying the drama they created.

Roshni says she knows Sid would never do anything to hurt her reputation.
Mittul asks if she and Sid know each other.
Roshni says she knows how to judge people and she’s sure Sid would never try to hurt anyone.

Naina tells Neel to calm down as Sid is also a part of their family.
Neel says they may all be blind to Sid but he can see clearly and he will soon find out the truth.

Anya and Sid are in the room.
Anya is holding a pack of ice to Sid’s face to help prevent a swelling from the slap gave him.
Sid tells her that Roshni chose his side against Neel’s.

Roshni enters the room.
She thinks they are having an intimate moment.
She tells Anya that her mother is calling her.

Anya leaves the room and Roshni goes to sit on the bed with Sid.
She says she wants to says something.
He says all he needs is to hear her say it and he will change everything.
She asks if he and Anya are together.

Anya returns to the room to tell Sid that her mum wants to see him.

Roshni gets a call from Neel asking her to come to the office.
She tells Sid that she had to go.

Ranjeet tells his mother that he got back at Sid and very soon, Roshni will be laid off from her job and he will be the person to fill the vacancy.
Mittul says they just have to find out what Sid and Roshni are up to.

Neel is about to give a press conference.
Roshni enters and he invites her to join him.
He tells the media that their company is successful today all because of Ragini and he wants them to know that he and Ragini will be life partners and they will own equal shares in the company.

Sid is heartbroken. Mittul and Ranjeet watch the press conference on TV and they are disappointed.

Naina walks in and asks what’s going on. King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update Zee World
Mittul says Neel made Ragini a partner and has forgotten all about Ranjeet who is a son of the family.

Neel walks in with Roshni and says Roshni got it through hard work and unlike some other people who don’t know the value of hard work.

Neel tells Roshni the they would have a meeting with the board of directors in the morning so she can sign all the documents.
She panics. When Neel leaves, Roshni phones Kesar and begs him to meet her at the hotel.

Mittul is eavesdropping. Roshni and Kesar are in her hotel room. Roshni says all her documents have her name as Roshni and she doesn’t know how to change them to Ragini. Kesar says he can help.

Mittul comes into the room, pretending to be room service. She is wearing a face mask over her mouth and nose, so they don’t recognise her. Roshni brings in her documents and gives them to Kesar.
One page falls out and Mittul picks it up. Mittul checks the document outside and she’s shocked that Ragini Desai is actually Roshni Patel. King of Hearts 6 December 2019 Update

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