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King of Hearts 6 January 2020 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 6 January 2020 Update – Satya tells Naina that whenever he tried to go far from Mahi, but destiny brings them closer. He says I am born and brought up in chawl and doesn’t understand anything. He says I don’t know what is going on inside my heart. Naina says you will understand everything and asks him to hear his heart, and then he will get all answers.

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Koel blames Mahi for snatching Satya and calls her boyfriend snatcher. Mahi says there is nothing between us. Koel gets angry and leaves. Naina comes to Mahi. Mahi tells her that there is nothing between Satya and her, but Koel is misunderstanding them.

Naina asks her to relax and says you are misunderstanding Satya, he always protected you. Mahi recalls Satya saving her many times and says she shall apologize to him. Naina thinks Satya is lookalike like Sid and is also like him. She thinks he will expose Payal’s true face.

Payal asks Satya to get signs of chawl people. Satya says okay. Koel comes and asks Satya to come. Satya says I can’t go, but she forces him. She gets closer to him and falls on him. Mahi comes and sees them closer. Satya tries to push Koel, but in vain. Koel shouts at Mahi for coming to her room. Mahi goes.

Satya comes to Mahi and gives explanation to her that Koel was getting close to him, but he is not interested in her. Mahi gets angry and asks why is he giving explanation, and says she don’t believe him. Satya says I don’t want you to misunderstand me. Mahi asks why do you save me always and then shows your favor. She asks what is our relation and asks him to tell. Satya holds her closer and they have an eye lock.

Dhawal comes and asks Satya to leave, says Mahi is my to be wife. Satya says you will marry with broken nose. Dhawal says my nose is alright. Satya hits on his nose. Dhawal gets shocked. Satya asks him to fight with him if she really drank mother’s milk, to which Dhawal replies that he drank protein. Mahi slaps Satya and asks him not to interfere in her life and just go. She cries. Satya is sad. Naina hears them.

Satya tells Naina that Mahi was asking him same question, and says I kept silent when she slapped him. Naina says I heard everything and says you have peeped in your heart and got answers. Satya asks why do I fell weak infront of her, and is loss of words. He says I don’t know what it is called. Naina says it is called love and says you started loving my Mahi….Satya looks on surprised. He recalls all the good times spent with her. He thinks if this is true and asks God to sign him.

King of Hearts 6 January 2020 Update on Zee World

Satya opens his arms wide and enjoys the rain. He thinks it is God’s sign. He imagines Mahi there and dances with her. A song kabhi jo badal barse plays………..Satya continues to imagine her. He kisses her, Mahi stops her….He comes out of his imagination. He is happy and thanks God in his style. He comes home. Gangu asks why did you get drenched in rain, and says you would have taken shelter somewhere at the bus stop. She sees him lost in thinking and asks what happened to you. Satya sneezes and sees them standing.

Gangu Tai asks did you hear me? Satya says yes. Gangu asks what happened to you. She tells Kajal that Satya have gone mad and asks her to take care of him. Kajal asks did you fall in love? Satya is shocked. Kajal asks if someone else told you this? Satya is shocked and recalls Naina telling him.

Dhawal comes home and apologize to Mahi as his friend spike her drinks. Payal is shocked and asks why didn’t you tell me Mahi. Mahi says I don’t want to trouble you. Payal says this is really not done, I thought you are a nice guy. Dhawal says I filed police complaint against them. Mahi asks him to go. Dhawal gets up and says I want to marry you. Mahi says I need time to think, I can’t decide. Payal looks on.

Koel comes to Payal and asks why didn’t you say yes to Dhawal. Mahi says I am not sure about him. Koel asks if you are sure about someone else(satya). Mahi says how can you think like this. Payal comes to Mahi and says I am so proud of you, and says I am totally with you in your decision. She tells her that Satya is not picking my call, I have some important work with him. She asks her to go to his house. Mahi says shall I send Koel there.

Payal says only you can go and bring him. Mahi says I…Naina asks what is the problem, go and bring Satya. Mahi says okay and goes. Payal thinks why Naina is showing interest in Satya suddenly. Naina smiles.

Mahi comes to Satya’s house and hears him sneezing. She comes inside, sees him on bed and asks what happened to you? Satya thinks if this is a dream or reality, what this chipku is doing here? He sees her coming inside towards him and asks if you are really here. Mahi asks what do you mean and says you seems to be unwell. Satya says yes, and coughs due to cold. He tells that he is unwell after getting drenched in rain, he is now having difficulty in breathing. He coughs and asks why did you come here, asks her not to slap him. Mahi says Mamma sent me here as she has urgent work with you.

Satya says your mamma must have come here, you would have refused her as you hates me. Mahi takes her bag and says I will tell Mamma that you are unwell. Satya coughs and tries to take water. Mahi helps him give glass. She touches his hand and says you have high fever. Satya keeps her hand on his face and neck asking her to touch his fever. Mahi says I will make hot kada for you and asks him to drink it. She asks where are the medicines? Satya says it is there. Mahi makes him take the tablets and then goes to kitchen to make kada. He imagines Mahi like his mum dresses up, and also himself as a traditional groom while a song plays………….Mahi gives him kada and asks him to take medicine also. King of Hearts 6 January 2020 Update

Koel comes and sees Mahi coming out. Koel says you are breaking my dreams. She accuses her for snatching Payal first and then Satya. Koel picks the knife and says I will kill myself. Mahi asks her not to do this. Koel threatens to cut her nerves and asks her to promise that she will move from her and Satya’s way.

Naina tells Mahi that Payal thinks about Koel only and can’t be your mum. Mahi comes to Payal and apologizes to her folding ears, and blames herself for the happenings. Payal acts to cries and says I will be wrong in people’s eyes being a step mum. She says what is my mistake that I didn’t give birth to you, and hugs her. She says may be Naina is right. Mahi says you are my mum and will always be. She gets emotional and cries. Payal smirks.

Satya thinks Mahi is stuck on his wall like a lizard, jokes and thinks she entered home. He does poetry and says she made me poet in her love and laughs. He reminisces their first meeting etc…Mahi thinks why do Satya come in my life. I didn’t do anything to change his thinking. She thinks he is not a bad guy either and don’t know why things fall out of place whenever I meet him.

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Satya confesses to fall in love with Mahi and says I am in love with a rich girl, but don’t know why…He thinks I have to win her and asks God to handle his love life and family life. Mahi thinks to resolve all the drama and thinks to tell her decision to Payal. Satya thinks to confess his feelings to Mahi in the morning itself. In the morning, Satya gets ready and practices in the mirror to confess love to Mahi. He thinks he couldn’t tell anything and asks God to give him strength to speak his heart out. He then says I love you Mahi and wants to spend my life with you….forever.

He buys a bouquet for her and goes happily. Gangu Tai is following him, but because of someone she sees him gone. Satya comes to Payal’s house and looks at the arrangements.

Koel tells Satya you came at the right time and makes him eat sweets. She then tells Mahi and Dhawal’s marriage is fixed. Satya is shocked and looks at Mahi. Naina looks on. Satya is shattered. Koel says she is finally moving from our way, and asks him to congratulate her. Mahi and Satya come towards each other. Chan Se Jo Toote Koi Sapna plays………….They look at each other while the song plays…………..and recall all the good time spent with each other.

Satya congratulates her and says it is a good news. He forwards his hand to shake with her. Mahi looks at him and gives her hand in his hand….Chann se Toote jo Sapna plays…………….Satya says I didn’t know that you likes Dhawal so much. Mahi says he is a nice guy, my mamma likes him. Satya says and you too. Mahi goes through an emotional turmoil just like Satya. Satya apologizes to her and says forgive me. I didn’t know the pain as I haven’t hold any girl’s hand till now. He says I will leave.

King of Hearts 6 January 2020 Update ends when Mahi looks on with teary eyes. Satya also gets tears in his eyes and walks smashing the bouquet with his feet. Mahi wipes her tears and couldn’t understand the emotional fight going on within her. Song continues to play. Satya is crying. Mahi is also crying in her room

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