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King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update starts with DD rushing to her Roshni and tries to revive her. They sprinkle some water on her face. Roshni wakes up and runs towards the door saying she wants yo meet Sid! DD and the rest of the family rush to the door to stop Roshni. DD assures her that she will do everything to bring Sid back. Roshni watches her in shock.

Everyone is crying. DD asks Roshni if she believes her? Roshni hugs her and starts crying. She begs her to just bring him back to her safely.

Simran returns home in tears. Raj asks her why she is crying? Simran tells him what happened at the party.
Raj goes to meet Krutika in the room and slaps a cigarette out of her mouth.
He asks her what she did today; because of her, his wife has been accused of theft! He says he never wanted Simran

to take her along, Simran did it out of love for her and now, she got Simran humiliated!
Krutika tells him to stop, as he can’t change her! She brings a photo of herself as a little child with Simran and shows Raj. She says Simran shamelessly left her 2 year old daughter alone to spend her lavish life with this old man (Raj), leaving her to spend 24 years alone!

Zee World: King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update

She asks Simran if this is how a Mother behaves! Raj yells at her, but she warns him not to dare, as she will beat him to a pulp! Simran tells her that she’s their daughter. Krutika asks them to leave her room!

Raj takes Simran and they leave the room. They get to their bedroom and Raj begs Simran to stop crying. He says she’s not the only one who cares about Krutika; he also cares, but he’s strict with her because he needs to be.

Simran says she always tells Sid that DD is not a good Mother, but she feels the same way, she’s also a bad Mother. Raj says she can’t blame herself, her first husband used to abuse her, and he took Krutika away. She can’t be blamed because they tried, but couldn’t get custody of Krutika. Simran says she feels bad for what Krutika went though.

DD calls the Police Commissioner and tells him that Rajveer and Bablu will be with him soon with details about Sid.
Roshni tells Grandmother that she has been having silly fights with Sid lately; she just wants him back and she will never fight with him again. King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Simran is at home looking for Krutika. She tries to call her phone.
Raj asks what’s wrong? Simran says Krutika is not home yet, and she’s not answering her phone. Raj assures her that she will be home soon; she is just trying to get back at them.

Simran says Krutika is her daughter and only a Mother knows how it feels when her Child is gone. She says she didn’t know where Krutika was all along and wasn’t really worried, but now she’s with her, she feels responsible. Raj asks if she thinks he’s being like this because he’s not her biological father? He says they have to be strict with Krutika so as to get rid of her behaviour.

Simran’s phone rings and she calls Krutika. A strange voice tells her he has kidnapped Krutika and if she wants to see her again, she needs to pay up the money! Raj takes the phone and yells at the Man!

King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World SeriesKing of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Simran takes it back and begs him not to do anything to Krutika as they will do what whatever he wants.
The caller asks for a ransom of 200,000 and gives her the address, warning her not to involve the Police!
Simran tells Raj about it, and he says he will call the Police, but she tells him not to.

Roshni says she can’t just sit in the house, she needs to go and find Sid!
They beg her to stay and DD assures her again that they will bring him back.
She decides that Roshni can come with her while she goes out to look for Sid.

Grandmother asks if it’s a good idea to take her out at this time?
DD says Roshni is restless and won’t be able to stay at home and wait, so it’s best she comes with her.
She holds out her hand to Roshni and slowly, Roshni puts her hand in DD’s, and asks if Sid will be found? She says he will for sure.

Grandmother says they will all accompany them. DD says only she and Roshni will go, and asks Kesar to inform her if Sid comes back! DD takes Roshni out with her. Grandmother prays to God, saying Sid always tries to bring Roshni and DD together and today again, it is because of him that they are together. She begs God to spare Sid’s life.

Roshni and DD arrive at the hospital.
A hospital worker is telling a worried family member that the bomb blast killed over 200 people.
Roshni gets scared and start to cry vigorously again. DD goes to warn the Man to be sensitive to people’s feelings!

Raj and Simran arrive at the Police Station. Some Men walk past and talk about the bomb blast. Raj and Simran panic.They get a call from the Kidnapper again telling them he warned them not to go to the Police, and he has doubled his fee to 400000!

He warns that if they try to contact the Police again, they will see their daughter’s dead body!
Simran begs Raj that they need to leave the Station and go to rescue Krutika.
Raj see Bablu and tells Simran, but Simran says Bablu can’t be at the Police Station. They get into the car and leave.

Bablu and Rajveer are also at the Police Station.
Rajveer thinks to himself that if Sid is dead, his problems will be over!

Samaira tells Rajveer on the phone that they have to attend her friend’s party, and he should ignore Roshni who is just a drama queen!
Pratima overhears her and asks how she can be so selfish at a time like this? Samaira says she doesn’t care! She walks away and Pratima pulls her back saying not everyone has a family and she should be glad she has one!
Samaira sees Mona and changes her tune. She tells Pratima that she called Rajveer to find out what is going on and she doesn’t know why Pratima is twisting her arm?

Mona asks what’s going on? Samaira says she is also worried and she called Rajveer to find out, but Pratima is upset with her! Mona asks them to stop fighting, and asks Pratima why she’s misbehaving with her daughter?
Pratima says maybe it’s her fault. She walks away.

Samaira tells Mona that she didn’t do anything wrong. Mona says maybe she didn’t do wrong this time, but she will continue to be misunderstood because of what she has done in the past. She gives her a hug.

Simran and Raj arrive at the warehouse to meet the Kidnappers. He asks them for the Money over the phone and they open the suitcase. Someone collects the briefcase from them. They see Krutika tied with a rope and her mouth gagged. She sees them and rushes to hug Simran. Raj looks behind her and sees the rope wasn’t tied at all.

  • King of Hearts 6 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD sees a Doctor and follows him. She asks if they can see a list of the people involved in the blast? The Doctor says there were too many people involved in the blast. She shows him Sid’s photo and he says the dead are in the Morgue.
He walks away. Roshni falls down and DD consoles her.

Krutika is back home. She is on the phone with the kidnappers and thanking them. She says she will come for her share of the money tomorrow.
Raj takes the phone from her and tells the Kidnapper to come to his house tomorrow with all the Money, otherwise he will report them all to the Police, and get them all in jail! He tells Krutika that he suspected her because no one knows she’s their daughter and the kidnappers asked for only 400 000, and real kidnappers would have asked for more. Krutika says next time, she would ask for more! He warns her not to pull such a stunt again!

Raj tells Krutika to wait. He asks her why she’s doing all this, and if she thinks he and Simran doesn’t care about her? He says she’s following the wrong path and she should know they tried their best to look for her, and she can do anything to him, but not to resent Simran, her own Mother. Krutika asks where her Mother was when she needed her the most in her life! She says she used to cry as a 2 year old looking at her Mother. She says Simran is not her Mother! She warns him not to interfere next time she plans something, other wise, she will make Simran suffer right in front of him! He warns her not to say such thing!

She asks if he wants to kill her he can go ahead! She takes his hand and puts it to her throat. He tells her to stop it! Simran sees them and yells at Raj to stop it!

Roshni is still passed out on the hospital corridor. DD holds her and shouts for help, but no one responds.
DD prays that if God really exists, he should let Sid be alive.
Sid appears, walking towards her with a bandage on his head and blood on his shirt. DD cries tears of joy as she sees him. She shakes Roshni and tells her Sid is here.

Roshni opens her eyes and sees Sid. Sid smiles at her and she runs to him as she cries. He holds her and gives DD the thumbs up. DD smiles and nods. Roshni reminds Sid that she told him not to go by train and what if he was hurt? Sid says her love will always protect him. Roshni says they should stop fighting before he leaves the house! Sid says they will stop fighting. She touches him and he tells he’s in pain. DD asks him if he’s okay?

He is surprised. He tells her he’s perfectly fine. He calls DD. She turns and asks what? Sid says it’s nothing.
Roshni says he has blood on his clothes! Sid says the bomb exploded in front of him, but he’s fine; he helped people and got their blood on his clothes. Roshni says he did well.

Zee World Update: King of Hearts 6 June 2019

DD tells him well done! Sid looks at her in shock again.
DD says she will call home and inform them that they found Sid and he’s fine. She says he is limping, so she will help him as a Crutch. Roshni supports Sid on one side and DD supports him on the other side.
He stares at her in shock again.

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