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King of Hearts 6 November 2019 Update

King of Hearts 6 November 2019 Update – The episode starts Sid’s Parents are at DD’s house. Roshni apologizes and says she hasn’t seen Sid. Simran says she doesn’t understand why he’s behaving this way. They hear Sid’s voice coming from outside.

Gampath runs in and tells everyone that Sid is drunk and addressing a crowd outside. They all rush out. Yash remains seated and tells himself that the drama is about to begin. Sid is outside in front of a crowd calling for Roshni to come! Simran asks what’s wrong with him? Raj says he must have had too much to drink. Yash joins the family. Roshni asks Sid why he’s causing a scene? He says when a person does a lot but doesn’t get appreciated, he drinks and causes a scene!

He turns to Resham and says she always speaks highly of herself and gives him a headache, so she should stop speaking or go for voice therapy! He tells Kesar that he’s an opportunist who can’t take a stand but keeps changing sides! He tells DD that he has never seen a more ungrateful woman in his life, she never appreciates him and he’s tired! He turns to Roshni who has tears in her eyes. He shows her one finger and says it’s a bond in a relationship and a relationship is based on trust and when the trust is broken, the relationship starts to crumble; she doesn’t trust him when something happens, she doesn’t believe him and she slaps him. He calls her the most insensitive person ever and a fool! Yash is enjoying himself.

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DD asks Sid why he’s embarrassing Roshni in public? Roshni turns to leave but Sid grabs her elbow. She tells him to let go! DD and Simran tell him to let her go! Sid says he won’t let go, he knows he said some things but Roshni is truly the most dreadful person because she forgot the most important day of their lives. He gets on his knee and wishes her a happy anniversary, then slips a ring on her finger. Everyone is smiling again, except Yash. Roshni hits Sid and tells him never to do that again! Yash secretly vows to deal with Sid for what he just did!

At night, Sid receives a text message from the Joker telling him that he would pay! Roshni enters the room and hears DD calling for them. The entire family enter the living room and see a Child’s Coffin. Sid’s heart stops beating and he’s already crying because he thinks Aisha is dead. Yash is secretly smiling. Sid gets the courage to open the Coffin and it’s empty. He almost faints from relief. DD says it’s just a sick joke! She asks Gampath who brought the Coffin? He says the florist did.

Sid sees Aisha’s watch inside the Coffin. He takes it out and hides it in his pocket. Roshni tells him that she wants to talk to Aisha. Sid assures her that she’s fine. Roshni says she wants to just talk to her. Sid says she has gone on a hike. DD says she wants to talk to her and make sure she’s safe. Roshni tells Sid that she knows he’s lying. Her Phone rings and it’s Aisha. She tells Roshni that she’s fine and they shouldn’t worry about her. When she ends the call, a gun is pointed at Aisha. King of Hearts 6 November 2019

Roshni tells Sid that she knows he’s hiding something from her because he said Aisha took a walk but she called. Sid says he’s not hiding anything. DD says he can tell her what the problem is because he has changed. Sid says he’s still the same and they shouldn’t worry. DD goes off on him and says he frustrates her with the way he keeps everything to himself!

Next day, Sid is on the terrace asking himself if he’s doing the right thing? He begs God to show him a way. A ballon flies into the terrace with a photo of Aisha pasted on it. Sid takes out a note attached to it. The message warns him that the next time he doesn’t do as he’s told, the Coffin will carry Aisha’s dead body! He is instructed to come to Wonder World Amusement Park.

Roshni is in the bedroom. She sees Sid leaving the house and wonders where he’s going. She receives a text message telling her to follow her husband if she wants to know who he has been seeing. She is told to go to Wonder World in one hour.

The rest of the family is gathered in the living room. As Roshni is leaving, DD asks where she’s going? Roshni says she feels suffocated and needs to go out for air. DD says they all want to go out as well so they will come with her. Roshni tries to tell her not to but DD insists and they follow her.
Sid gets to the Amusement Park and hears Aisha calling him. He sees her on the merry-go-round and as he runs to her, he bumps into someone and almost falls. When he gets back up, he doesn’t see Aisha anymore.

Roshni and the rest of the family arrive at the same Amusement Park. Aisha sees them and tries to call Roshni but the Joker puts his hand over her mouth. Sid soon sees them and screams for Aisha! Aisha is crying.

Roshni is thinking of Sid when she hears a Man tell someone to watch where he’s going! She turns around and sees Sid but he doesn’t see her. DD invites her to come on a ride but Roshni says she will be back. DD tells Kesar that she wants to follow Roshni because she thinks she’s up to something.
Sid sees Roshni and DD but they don’t see him. He decides to come up with a plan. He goes into a costume shop and dresses up as a pirate. Resham sees Shabnam and shows her to Kesar but Kesar doesn’t think she’s the one because she’s in an Abaya.

The Joker sees Sid in his costume and recognises him. He picks Aisha up and Aisha cries for Sid to save her! Roshni gets a text message telling her she came to the right place.

Sid keeps looking for Aisha and the Joker. He sees a Joker but when he gets close, he sees it’s just Shabnam holding a Joker’s mask. He asks her what she’s doing here? She says she came to find Aisha. A little girl runs past them and pushes Shabnam who falls on Sid. He is about to let go of her but he sees Roshni and clings to Shabnam to hide his face. Roshni recognises his shoes and screams his name. Sid tries to explain but Roshni says she can see for herself!
The Joker and Aisha are watching from a distance. Aisha asks the Joker why her mummy is shouting on her daddy? He tells her to be quiet! King of Hearts 6 November 2019

Roshni tells Sid that she can see what he has been up to all this while! Shabnam tells her it’s not like that. Roshni tells her to be quiet; she finally got Sid! She walks away from them. The Joker tells Aisha that his work is done!
Resham sees Shabnam again and goes to hold her. She says she knew she had seen her earlier but Kesar didn’t believe her! Sid follows Roshni and begs her to listen to him. Roshni goes crying to DD. DD asks what wrong? Resham drags Shabnam to them and says she told Kesar that she saw Sid with Shabnam but he didn’t believe her!

DD asks what’s going on? Roshni says Sid has been seeing Shabnam all this time! Sid tells DD he can explain. DD asks if he doesn’t think she would believe her daughter? She takes Roshni and they leave with Resham and Kesar.

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