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King of Hearts 6 September 2019 Zee World Update

King of Hearts 6 September 2019 Zee World Update: The episode starts when Sam also agrees to help as Yash asks what we have to do. He tells kids are a magician who can bring a smile on anyone face. Sid says he thought something, but it is different. He says I need your children help also. Yash asks what we have to do. Simran comes to DD and tells they are going to London on a business trip. She asks her not to worry as everyone will stay in the house. She asks for her permission to take Roshni to their home.

DD says you both are going to London, and I don’t trust Sid. She says Beeji couldn’t take care of her well. She is emotional stress and has become weak. I can’t send her to your house. Simran agrees with her, and tells Sid can take good care of her. She says she wants Roshni to come happily to her inlaws home.

Bua Dadi is irked. Sam comes home and tells she brought her kids here for some time as she has to go somewhere. Mona says but now…kids… DD says, what’s wrong with you? When we can keep street children, can’t we keep Sam’s kids for some time? She asks Sam to stay. Sam thanks her and asks the kids, not to any mischief. Sam signs Sid. DD sees it and thinks what is cooking between them.

Mona goes to bring juice for them. Sid tells he is going to room for some important work and asks not to disturb him. Simran says okay. Sam’s daughter tears Ayesha’s book.

  • King of Hearts 6 September 2019 Zee World Update

Ayesha calls Roshni and asks Amaya not to tear her book. Roshni hears her and comes. Sid comes there. Roshni asks him to do something as the kids are fighting. Sid says they are kids. How can I interfere with them? The boy falls down. DD comes and scolds Ayesha for pushing the boy. She asks her to apologize to him. Ayesha refuses. Nani Maasi is about to slap Ayesha, but Roshni stops her holding her hand. Nani Maasi asks how dare you? She says motherly love is needed to save the girl which you don’t have.

King of Hearts 6 September 2019 Zee World Update

She tells I am stopping you for raising hand on a small girl. She didn’t do a mistake and the kids tore her book. Sam comes and asks what is happening. Her daughter Amaya tells that Roshni is taking the side of a street child. Roshni asks Amaya not to tell that and says she is also a kid. She asks Amaya to apologize to Ayesha. Sam says it is not done. Amaya said right. This girl will return to the street again as this family will not accept her.

Roshni shouts enough and says she has heard enough. She says Ayesha will get the same treatment as others from now onwards. She warns everyone not to call Ayesha with mean words else no one is worse than her. Roshni takes Ayesha with her and says she will play with her. Sam and Amaya smile.

DD thinks to do something. Roshni tries to cheer Ayesha and reminds of her words that man don’t feel pain. She says we will make a drawing and asks her to bring the stuff. Ayesha brings the chart and colors. Roshni draws mountains. Sid smiles seeing Roshni happy. Ayesha applies color on her hand and puts color on Roshni’s hand also. Ayesha makes the handprint printed on the chart.

Roshni leaves her hand impression also and tells her hand is big. Sid comes and sees them playing. He joins them. Ayesha goes. Sid tells Roshni that ayesha is so cute. Roshni says yes.

Sid says a girl told me that she can’t give happiness, care to a baby. He tells you are doing all these things. You are making the child feel protective and care. He says you have fighted with everyone when you couldn’t see Ayesha being humiliated. He says you ran behind the car and fought with the goons for Ayesha because of your motherly love. He says we couldn’t save our baby because of the circumstances.

We have saved Ayesha because of you. He says then also you say that you couldn’t take care of Ayesha and can’t be her mum. Ayesha comes back. Servant comes and tells DD called them. Roshni looks on.

  • Zee World Update: King of Hearts 6 September 2019

Sid tells Mrs. and Mr. Sharma that there is some miscommunication and they don’t want to give Ayesha for adoption. DD tells Mrs. And Mr. Sharma have got the papers ready too. Mrs. Sharma that they couldn’t conceive nor get anyone child, and says this girl is our last hope. Roshni says we need some time to think. Mrs. Sharma thanks her. DD smiles and tells Roshni that she is sure that her daughter will make the right decision.

Sid thinks Roshni’s decision is wrong and says he needs to talk to her. He tells Roshni, why she wants to keep Ayesha far from her. She says you are unreasonable and is agreeing to your mom’s demands. Roshni tells she likes their family and says Ayesha can go with them. Sid repeats her words and says you can’t stay without tears after she is gone. It is strange that you fight for her at the one moment and keeps her far at the other. You think that you can stay without her, but the reality is that you can’t stay without her. She gets emotional seeing the paintings. She decides that Ayesha will go and stay with Sharmas. Sid looks on.

Yash is unhappy with his PR and asks Sam to handle it. He says we can spend time together. Sam says she has kids responsibility and asks him to manage. Ayesha writes that she will not touch DD’s stuff and will not trouble Roshni, etc, etc. DD reads it and tears the papers. Sid comes and asks who has torn the papers and reads it. He says my Ayesha writes so well. Ayesha goes inside.

Sid reminds DD about her behavior and asks once you had heart, don’t know where you have left it. DD tells she is a mum and feels bad as Ayesha is responsible. She says until she is here, our happiness will not return. She is a dark reflection and should go. Sid says I know Roshni well, more than you. He says he knows where her happiness lies and he will do everything to keep her happy. He says Ayesha will not go from this house and this decision will be of Roshni, and it will not be forced by me or you. He says it is a challenge.

DD says challenge accepted. Sid says let’s see who wins, your hatred or Roshni’s motherly love. Nani Maasi comes to the dining table and sees Ayesha sitting on the chair. She claims that the chair is hers and asks her to get up. She pushes her on the floor and asks her to sit on the floor. She asks the servant to bring a separate plate for her and give leftover food to her. DD looks on and asks her to eat it.

Ayesha gets teary-eyed and is about to eat the food. Sid comes there and looks shockingly at the way the little girl is treated in the house. Sid asks Ayesha, who gave you this food.

Nani Maasi asks everyone to come and have food. Sid asks Ayesha to come and sit and says I will show your real place. He serves her juice and asks her to drink. He feeds her with his hand. Roshni tells DD that she is going to Sharma’s house. DD says I will also come with you. More Updates coming…

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