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King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World Ranjeet and his friend see Roshni as she is walking to her car outside the office. He tells hid friend that Roshni forced her way into his house and took what belongs to him.
His friends says she’s very pretty.

Ranjeet takes him to Roshni. He tells Roshni that his friend thinks she’s beautiful so he wants to check her out. Roshni warns him to stay away. She tries to get into the car but he pulls her back.

Sid appears behind him and pulls him off then beats him to a pulp. The friends escape. Roshni stops Sid from hitting Ranjeet with a brick. Ranjeet runs off. Roshni holds Sid and says she wants to tell him something. Sid says he has been waiting for her to say it.She says she will always… she is interrupted by her phone ringing.

She answers the call and Neel asks her to come over right away.She tells Sid that she will text him the address of a place where they can meet to talk later.Mittul is cleaning Ranjeet’s wounds.He threatens to expose Roshni.She tells him not to be stupid as he doesn’t have any evidence and they can be thrown out of the house.

King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Roshni walks in and Mittul begs her not to tell Neel about Ranjeet so he doesn’t kick them out.Roshni tells her Ranjeet is the way he is because of his upbringing and he deserves to be behind bars. She tells Ranjeet that it’s his final warning.
She leaves for her room and Mittul tells Ranjeet that she will teach Roshni a lesson. Sid is at home waiting for Roshni’s text message but it doesn’t come. He decides to get dressed anyway. Roshni is at the location where Sid is to meet her.

It is a garden that has been beautifully decorated.She tells Pintu that the decoration is perfect.Sid is driving to the venue.
Roshni hears footsteps behind her and starts a speech. She says she was living her life but then it changed forever the day she met him and he gave her hope and taught her how to live. Her family was incomplete without him. He was a good friend, a good husband and good son-in-law and that’s all a girl dreams of. She agrees she was lost for a while and running from her love but soon she came to realize what she lost.

She says she’s not perfect but she knows he’s perfect for her and him coming back into her life is perfect and finally, she feels at ease and she feels like touching the sky and telling the whole world how much she loves him. She shouts ‘I love you’ repeatedly.

The person walks up to her and holds her from behind. He says she doesn’t now how long he has waited to hear him say it. She’s shocked to hear Neel’s voice. King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World
Sid is caught in traffic. Roshni is crying tears of disappointment. Neel tells her not to get emotional. He hugs her.

Naina and Simran show up and congratulate them. Roshni is unable to say anything. She asks herself what’s going on. Neel says it was Simran that helped Roshni arrange the place. Simran tells Neel not to delay the wedding again.

Naina says she and Simran decided to have a double wedding for Sid and Anya as well as Roshni and Neel.
Sid arrives at a place that looks like an abandoned warehouse. He wonders why Roshni sent him far from the city.
Naina calls Anya to tells her about the double wedding.

Simran vows not to let Roshni be with Sid again. There is a flashback of Simran spying on Sid and Roshni when Roshni told Sid that she would send him an address. She then goes home and took Sid’s phone when he was out of the room.She saved her number as Roshni’s then she sent Sid a text with a fake address while she sent Neel to meet

Roshni at the address Roshni sent. Anya calls Sid to inform him about the double wedding happening in one week.
Sid says they can’t let it happen. He goes home and his mother returns from her shopping.
He asks if she doesn’t have any shame to be doing all these things even when he says it’s only Roshni he loves. She asks if Roshni loves him. King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

She plays the video of Roshni declaring her love in the garden with Neel behind her. Sid is shocked. Simran tells him to accept it as she has moved on. Sid says it’s a lie and he wants to talk to Roshni.
She tells him not to but to accept she has moved on.He walks to the door.
She tells him to go and tell Naina that he doesn’t love Anya so that she becomes traumatised. Sid stops.

Roshni is with Neel sorting out invitation cards. Neel holds her hand. She says someone might see them.
He says they will soon get married. He tries to kiss her but she walks away from him. He goes to her and puts his arms around her.
Sid walks in but they don’t see him. Neel says when his ex called off the wedding, it took him a long time to recover.
Sid clears his throat. He congratulates them and says he saw the video. Roshni looks at him with pleading eyes.
Sid is disappointed. He wishes them all the best and leaves.

Anya goes outside to meet Sid Sid complains that Roshni didn’t say anything to him. Anya says she couldn’t say anything because Neel was there. Sid says she’s right.

Mittul goes to DD’s boutique and meets the man who came to sell jewelry at Naina’s place. She asks if he knows Ragini Desai and Sid. He says he doesn’t know them.
He asks what jewelry she wants to buy.
She says she doesn’t like the design. and leaves.
He calls Kesar to tell him about her and says he didn’t tell her that Sid and Roshni were married.
Ranjeet hears everything.

On the way home, Ranjeet suggests they tell everybody. Mittul says Neel will be devastated and she doesn’t want anything bad to happen to him. Sid calls Roshni and says he wants to talk to her. Roshni says she also wants to talk to him. He tells her to meet him at the park. Mittul sees her as she leaves and follows her.

Roshni is waiting at the park for Sid. Simran shows up. Roshni asks if everything is okay. Simran says she heard her and Sid the other day and she doesn’t want to lie anymore. She asks if she knows why Sid isn’t there.
She drags her by the hand and tells her to follow.

Roshni asks where she’s taking her. She takes Roshni in her car to the hospital. Sid is with Anya at the hospital.
Anya tells him that Arav’s parents have taken him to Delhi because he’s not getting any better and she can’t tell her mum about the pregnancy so she might have an abortion. Sid tells her she can’t terminate the pregnancy and risk her life.
Roshni hears about the termination. Anya tells Sid that she and her unborn child are not his responsibility.
Roshni runs out of the hospital.
King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Simran follows her and asks if she heard what Anya said; she wants to terminate her pregnancy so that Sid and Roshni can be together.
Roshni says she won’t allow it and she will leave Sid alone but she won’t let Neel continue to remain in the dark; she will tell him the truth and if he doesn’t accept her afterwards, she will go far away.
Simran looks at her with worry.

Roshni enters the car and calls Neel on the phone. When Roshni leaves, Simran Says Neel will confront Sid and they will all know the truth and everything will be ruined because nobody will be able to keep Sid and Roshni apart again.
She sees Mittul watching her. Mittul sees she has been caught and runs off.

Sid tells Anya that Roshni is a reasonable person and Neel will understand as he’s her brother.
Anya asks what she will tell her mother.
Sid says they will only tell Neel and Roshni then they will continue to pretend to be married till Arav recovers then they will pretend to get a divorce. She asks how he can be sure Arav will recover. Sid says if Arav doesn’t recover, then he will give his own name to her unborn baby.

Neel is in the office. He hears Mittul and Ranjeet talking. Mittul asks Ranjeet why he wants her to tell Neel that Ragini is not Ragini Desai but Roshni Khurana. Neel walks up to her and asks what she said.
She tells him to forget it.. He yells at her and she tells him that Ragini is really Roshni Khurana. King of Hearts 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

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