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King of Hearts 7 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 7 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 7 June 2019 starts with Rajveer, Roshni and others get home with SID. Rajveer tells Sid thank goodness he’s back home! Pratima asks why he took the train! Roshni tells her to scold him well! Grandmother says no one will stress Sid today. Sid says there was a reason why it happened because for the first time, DD prayed for her Son-in-law. Grandmother praises DD.

DD says she’s going to sleep. Sid says he is lucky to have such a good family. Grandmother prays to God to let DD express her feelings for her family. Rajveer thinks he escaped this time, but won’t next time!

Raj asks Simran how she can doubt him; Krutika put her hand on his throat and says she also planned the kidnapping! Simran says she knows; she heard everything, but what they have done to Krutika is worse.

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Raj tells her to stop holding herself accountable because Krutika is a criminal. Krutika takes her suitcase and tells them that Raj is right, she’s a criminal! She says she owed those Men money and she needed a way to pay them back, and Simran shouldn’t have bailed her from jail! Simran runs to her begging her to stay and she can keep all the money.

Raj tells Simran that she can become Krutika’s puppet. but he won’t! Simran tells him to stop talking; she will never deny her Motherhood to Krutika, and Krutika is her child, not his!
Raj says if it were Sid doing the things Krutika is doing, his stance will be the same, and what she’s feeling now is blinded love which might lead to annihilation/destruction

Roshni tells Sid to take off his clothes so she can attend to his wounds. He jokes about how she will do it, with her mouth or what? She says she will use towels. He says it’s boring.
She starts cleaning the wounds, then breaks down into tears. He begs her to stop crying. Roshni tells him that she loves him and he says he loves her too. She says she always thought a Middle-class life was perfect, but it’s not; so many people set out of their homes after making promises, but not all of them returned. She says she felt she was losing her soul while looking for him in that crowd. She begs him never to leave her alone. He says he will not and hugs her again.

Roshni says today, she had her Mother by her side for the first time, and she stopped her from falling. She realised that a Mother’s love is really the best thing as she provided so much comfort.
Sid silently thanks God for what he has done.

DD is in her bedroom. She calls and thanks to the Police Commissioner for his work today. She sees Roshni standing by the door. They stare at one another for a while, then walk towards each other. DD asks Roshni if she needs anything?

Roshni says she needs a hug. DD is shocked. Roshni rushes into her arms and they both shed tears.
Sid watches them from the doorway and says to himself “Now Mother-in-law needs to take one more step, once you have realised there’s more to life than Money, you will come to realise such brief moments like these are what gives meaning to life.” He says once that happens, he can reveal the truth.

In the morning, DD is having breakfast with Bablu, Kesar and Rajveer. Sid enters the living room shouting in pain. He apologises for being late, as as he was dressings his wounds. DD asks where he is going? Sid says he’s going to work. DD tells him to go and rest today, and she will not deduct his salary. Sid sticks his finger in his ear, to signify if he did hear her well? King of Hearts 7 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

DD tells him to stop; it’s disgusting!
Sid says he wanted to be sure of what he heard. DD says he heard it right and asks him again to go and rest. DD leaves for the office with Rajveer, Bablu, and Kesar.

Roshni is on the phone with Raj. She says she tried to contact him and Simran, but couldn’t reach them. Raj says he’s very ashamed they weren’t there for Sid.
Sid enters the room and tells her DD gave him the day off. He asks, who she’s on the phone with? She tells him it’s his father.
Sid collects the phone and teases his father for not caring about him. Raj apologizes and begs him to come and see him at the hotel.
Simran asks Raj if Sid is okay? Raj says it wouldn’t matter. She says Sid is her son. He says Sid was in the train that got bombed yesterday and they didn’t think to check on their Son because they were dealing with Krutika’s issues. Simran panics and picks up her Phone to call Sid.
She hears Krutika shouting at the Servant. She drops the phone and runs to Krutika. Raj picks up his phone. He says she is doing mistake by differentiating between the Children.

Rajveer is given a drink by Gafur (DD’s rival who she had thrown in jail for tax evasion). Rajveer complains that he doesn’t know what to do anymore; DD will not be swayed by any of his tricks anymore and that’s why he came to him! Gafur says he’s been carrying a chain around his wrist since the day DD ruined his business; he had to even leave the country, but he hates DD and he won’t rest till she suffers for what she did to him! He vows to use the chain on her when he finds her! Rajveer shakes hands with him and they both laugh.

Roshni sees Naani performing Prayers and asks her to teach her. Naani teaches her and they both perform the Prayers. Naani asks Roshni to wish for what she wants from God. She wishes that She and Sid should always be united and happy.

Sid meets with his father at the hotel. He says he’s completely fine, but he’s worried about his father who sounded like something is wrong. Raj says he’s fine; just worried about not seeing him and Roshni. Sid looks at his face and asks why he has dark circles; he looks like he’s not resting? His phone starts to ring and Raj tells him not to pick Simran’s call. Sid asks, who Krutika is?

Rajveer sees them from a distance and they see him too. Rajveer walks up to them and says he thought Sid was resting. He asks if Sid doesn’t find it interesting that they met at this same hotel and Sid introduced himself as Siddharth Khurana
He looks at Raj and asks if they’ve met before? He introduces himself to Raj. Sid tells Rajveer that he’s his dad, Raj Kukreja. Raj says he came to work on a film at the hotel and invited Sid to come.
Rajveer asks if he’s an actor? Raj says he’s a junior artist and he has to go as his team must be looking for him. Sid says goodbye to him and he walks away. Rajveer asks Sid what his plan is? Sid says he has to go home now.

Rajveer leaves and Sid thinks to himself that his dad wanted to say something but couldn’t. He vows that in one month, he will be able to mend things between DD and Roshni, so he can get closer to his Parents.

Rajveer thinks Sid is a big player and
that there is something between Sid and his father and he will get Raj to tell him the secret.

Simran comes to meet Krutika saying she heard she had a headache and tea will not fix it, but a message will.
Krutika tells her not to start acting like a Mother now! Simran is about to leave, but Krutika calls her back for the massage. Simran starts to massage her head. Krutika asks why Sid no longer comes to the house, is he scared of her? She says Sid can be stupid, but he’s still her stepbrother and it’s okay if Simran doesn’t want to tell her the family’s secret. Simran says she’s a part of the family, so she will tell her the truth about Sid.

Sid gets home and smells smoke in their room. Roshni appears with the Prayer tray and blesses him. She asks for his hand and he asks if she wants to make him her brother? Roshni says she went with Naani to the temple to pray for him and he should wear the sacred thread he brought for him, so he can always be protected, and have a long life. Sid touches her forehead for a fever. Roshni ties the thread on his wrist and says that incident changed her life, and she can never leave him unprotected again. King of Hearts 7 June 2019

Sid says it’s God who protects and she doesn’t have to go through all this trouble. Roshni asks him if he wants something to eat? Sid reminds her of DD’s cooking and says the food made with a Mother’s love has no comparison. Roshni says he’s right, her Mother is an amazing cook.
Sid says he saw her eating the food secretly the other day. She hugs him.

Rajveer drives to Khurana construction and waits at the parking lot. He sees Sid’s father being driven in the back of an SUV into the building.
Si’d father comes out of the car, very well dressed and takes the elevator upstairs. Rajveer remembers when he met Sid and he introduced himself as Siddharth Khurana. He wonders if Sid is pretending to be Poor and taking all the insults from DD He vows to reveal all the secrets to DD’s family in the end.

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After Raj goes up the lift, Rajveer rushes into the lift too. He gets up to the reception and asks the receptionist for the name of the Man that just came up? She says a lot of people come in here. He asks about Mr. Kukreja and she says there is no such person here. He starts to make his way into the office, but she calls Security and they stop him.
Rajveer says he will go out, and thinks he has to think of something to get into his Office and benefit from Sid and his Dad’s drama!

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