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King of Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World

King of Hearts 8 August 2019 Update: The episode starts with Sid telling event organizer that DD’s husband Shiv will give speech on her behalf. Naani says Sid he is doing a mistake. Sid says he considers DD as his mother and will do anything to elevate her dignity. He asks Shiv if he will not help his wife. Shiv goes on stage.

Meesha gets ready for outing. Kritika asks her where is she going and what is she doing all these days as Roshni is still in Sid’s life. Meesha says she is going an dinner date and asks her to stop interfering in her life. Simran comes and handles the issue.

Shiv praises DD on stage that she is a self-made woman and worked hard to gain success. When he left her, she did break down and took care of even his brothers and sister. He is really proud of her etc.. Inebriated DD (after taking pills) comes stumbling and says she wants to go on stage.

Sid SMSes Shiv to carry her till stage. Shiv does same and takes award with her. They come back home and Roshni praises Shiv for handling situation well. He says it is Sid’s plan and asks what does he eat. Sid jokes and Shiv asks Roshni to add these items into his dish.. They continue joking. Roshni and Mona console Sam for her SIL and her husband’s death. Sid comes with Meesha and introduces her to Mona and Sam. Meesha apologizes for coming at this time. Mona says it is ok. Sid asks Sam to be courageous and Roshni asks when is Yash coming back.

Zee World Update: King of Hearts 8 August 2019

Sam says he is coming back with children. Sid says she has to take care of children as they have no where to go and are very small. Sam says she will send kids to boarding school. Roshni suggests her not to as kids will accept her easily if she tries. Meesha thinks Roshni does not look like Simran and Kritika depict.

Doc checks DD and tells she was drugged. He says he has given antidote and leaves. DD asks who can do it. Kesar gets tensed and lies that some enemy must have done it. DD tells Nani that she as to thank and apologize Shiv for yesterday. She goes near him and is about to apologize when she sees a courier pack and picks it.

She is shocked to see medicine bill in it and alleges Shiv that he must have done it with his team. He says he does not understand what she mean. She says there are master planners here and shows him wrapper. She says he drugged her to get into her good books. He says he does not about it and asks Roshni and Sid if they brought it. Roshni nods no and even Sid says he does not know how it came here.

He says they played drama to let her gain confidence, but that is it. She says this wrapper cannot lie. She says she cannot trust Sid as he divorced her daughter and still stays in her house. She asks Shiv if he made all this plan alone. Shiv is shocked. King of Hearts 8 August 2019 Update On Zee World

DD yells at Shiv that earlier he took her son away and now her daughter. Sid says she always does mistake and will never change. Roshni like her and used to not listen to anyone, but now she listens to everyone. DD angrily leaves. Sid sees Kesar tensed and stops him.

Yash brings his sister’s children home. Sam gets tensed seeing their mischief and says she will send them to boarding school. Children say they will stay with her. Yash says they are kid’s family now and should take care of them so much that they should forget their parents.

Sid and Shiv confront Kesar and frighten him how DD will punish if she finds who the culprit is and Sid says courier company owner is his friend and he will easily find out who the culprit it, DD will punch him

like anything. Kesar starts crying loudly and agrees that he ordered medicine to uplift DD’s confidence. Sid says since his intention was true, they will not let DD know about his mistake and assures him to relax.
Roshni comes to Sid’s house with him and asks why did not he punish Kesar. He says he will use Kesar’s words against him. She says he is genius. She sees his blazer button missing and says she will fix it.

Meesha comes in just then and asks Sid to close his eyes. Once he closes eyes, she gives him blazer gift. He tries it and says Roshni this is really good. Sid says they all 3 can go for a lunch outing. Roshni says she has promised Biji to have lunch with her and cannot go. Sid and Meesha leave. King of Hearts 8 August 2019 Update

Roshni feels dejected and jealous and sits in Biji’s room. Kritika and Simran sense a chance and discuss that Sid and Meesha make a good couple. Roshni sadly walks out of biji’s room. Simran says she did not seem deterred. Kritika says she is feeling jealous and their plan worked.

Sam while correcting her makeup thinks she will send kids to hostel for sure and will see how Yash will stop her. Kids silently enter her room and walk away with her mobile. She senses someone entering her room.

After lunch, Sid and Meesha taunt each other about their weight and diet. Meesha challenges him that whoever reaches home can ask any wish they like. Sid agrees and they both start running in. Roshni sadly folds Biji’s clothes in her room and Biji asks what happened. roshni says nothing.

She hears Sid and Meesha’s voice and go out to check. She is shocked to see Sid carrying Meesha on his back and jealously walks out. Meesha says Sid that Roshni got angry seeing him carrying her. More Update Coming…

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