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King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 8 June 2019 episode begins with as camera sees her DD in her store. She puts a box of jewelry in her safe and locks it. She tells Kesar that they have to be very careful for the next 2 days because of a special consignment they are getting, so he has to stay in the Office till then. Kesar complains, but DD insists he has to stay in the Office.

Rajveer is in his car waiting in the Khurana Office carpark. Gafur knocks on his window. He asks how Gafur knew he would be here? Gafur says before he sets off on a mission, he has everyone’s account and there’s a special consignment sent to DD’s Office, so he needs to get it!

  • King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Rajveer tells him to relax as the job will be done. Gafur reminds him of the consequences if he doesn’t do the job.
When Gafur leaves, Rajveer tells himself that his priority is to find out the truth about Sid and his father!

Raj is holding a family photo of him, Simran and Sid. Krutika brings him a tray of food. He asks what it is? She asks to see the photo, and says the photo is incomplete because she’s not in it!

Raj says he’s happy she now wants to be a part of it and he regrets saying hurtful things to her. She tells him to have his breakfast. Raj says he doesn’t see her as different from Sid, and he’s happy she regards him as her father. Krutika says she wants something from him in exchange for the food she brought him; she needs a car to go on a trip and needs some money too since she’s a daughter of the family. Raj gets upset and tells her to leave!

Krutika warns that he either gives in to her demands or she will tell everyone the truth about his Poor Son!
Raj is shocked. Krutika says Simran told her everything and he either gives in or she goes to DD! She goes to the dresser to pick up the car keys and then opens his wallet to get out the Money on it. Raj is unable to stop her.
Simran enters after Krutika leaves, she asks Raj why he hasn’t eaten his food as Krutika just told her she served a meal to her father.

King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Raj shouts at her for being so blind by Krutika and exposing the family secrets to such a useless person!
Simran tells him to stop; she only told her daughter because she is a part of the family and he shouldn’t be calling Krutika names. She leaves the room crying.

DD is in the Kitchen after everyone has gone to bed, making sandwiches.
She is shocked when Sid suddenly appears. Sid is by the fridge drinking water from a bottle. She warns him not to drink water from the bottle!

He tells her she has bad habits too; she eats vegetables for dinner and now sneaks into the Kitchen to eat bread, butter, and sugar. She tells him to leave! He tells her he won’t tell anyone. He shows her a piece of toast and spreads butter and jam on it. She tells him to go! As soon as he leaves, she takes a bite. King of Hearts 8 June 2019

King of Hearts 8 June 2019

Sid comes back and says it’s very nice and she didn’t thank him.
She tells him to go again, then she calls him back to tell him to keep it a secret! Sid tells her not to worry, but she has to allow him to drink water directly from the bottle whenever he wants. DD agrees.

Grandmother is in her bed, listening to music on her earphones with her eyes closed. Sid pulls one ear and tells her she’s a very good singer. He joins her in the bed and she tells him she has noticed a change in his plans and she knows he wants her now to be a part of her plan. Sid says that’s why he loves her. He asks if she has noticed that Mother and daughter are getting closer? Grandmother says he’s the best Son-in-law. He tells her that he just saw her daughter having bread, butter and sugar in the Kitchen. Grandmother laughs and says that’s been an old habit of hers. Sid asks why DD is the way she is?

Grandmother says a long time ago, things were different for them and DD had to work hard to get to this position, but she seems to have forgotten the old habits of the past. Sid says they will bring back the old memories. Grandmother asks how? He whispers in her ear. King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update

In the morning at breakfast, DD is reading the newspaper. Rajveer sees an ad for Khuranas and Sons. He tells DD that he has something to dicuss; he is thinking about taking back theoney for the deposit she made on a flat for he and Samaira. DD says she doesn’t think it is refundable. He says he wants to try; he can’t let her lose all that Money. He asks for the office details. She tells him to go there and ask for Prashant Kulkarni.

Sid comes to the dining, and smiles looking at Grandmother. Rajveer thinks to himself that how much Sid smiles every time; he can enjoy the moment because he will soon reveal the secret about him and his father!
Grandmother announces that nobody will go to work today and instead, they will all go to the temple in a town near Bayanda.
DD says she has an important Client to see. Roshni says she has to go to her NGO. Samaira says the place is too far.
Grandmother says nobody listens to her, so they can all go out then come back to find her dead body!
DD says okay, they will all go with her.

Grandmother is happy, she tells them all to go and get ready. When they all leave, Sid gives her the thumbs up.
Roshni sees him and he lies that his thumb hurts. Roshni suspects something is going on between Sid and her grandmother.

King of Hearts 8 June 2019

Raj is talking to Sid on the phone. He tells him to talk to his Mum, but not to push her too much. Simran takes the phone and Sid says she doesn’t call him anymore; he says she has forgotten about him already. Simran says she hasn’t forgotten him. Sid says he was only joking and he hopes Krutika is not disturbing them?

He tells her that he’s going to Bayanda. She asks why he’s going there? Sid says she sounds upset and if Krutika is bothering her, then he will come and deal with her! She gets an irked hearing that and says she is not troubling her at all, and she can stay in the house as long as she wants, as this house is also hers! Sid is surprised to hear that. She then changes words and says Krutika is her best friend’s daughter, and can stay with them as she wants. Sid asks her to calm down.
Raj tells Sid that Simran is not feeling too well, but he will come to Bayanda to wait for them in Prashant’s house.

After Sid hangs up, Raj tells Simran that since their marriage, for the first time, he feels guilty, and it seems they are now used to lying and he can’t keep lying to Sid about Krutika. Simran says she will also go to Bayanda because Sid needs her as well; he and Krutika are her only 2 Children. She says Krutika hasn’t had a good life, so she is trying to make up for it. She asks him if he will stand by his wife? Raj says if she thinks he is too hard on Krutika, then he will apologise to her now.

Bablu is driving. DD, Grandmother, Sid, Roshni and Pratima are all in the SUV. Grandmother tells Bablu to stop the car because she needs to use the bathroom. She gets down and DD tells her to try and hold on because there is no bathroom around them.
Grandmother says when DD was a kid, she also used to ask to use the bathroom at odd places. Sid says he knows a place where she can use the bathroom; his Parents’ house.
They all get back into the car.

Raj enters Krutika’s room and doesn’t find her. Simran enters and calls fo Krutika but there’s no response. They ask the Maid and she says Krutika hasn’t been home since last night. Simran panics and tries to call her phone, but it’s switched off. Raj assures her that they will find Krutika.

Sid and the family arrive at Prashant’s place. He gets worried that his dad is not there, and he can’t get the keys.
They all climb upstairs and when they get to the door, it is locked. Sid doesn’t know what to do.

Simran blames herself for Krutika’s disappearance. They hear a vase crash to the ground. Krutika stumbles in and Simran holds her. Raj tells her Krutika is drunk.

Grandmother asks Sid if he can’t open the door for her to go in?
Prashant’s grandmother suddenly appears and gives Sid the key. She complains that he has come to stay in her house again, then she walks off. DD asks who the rude Woman was?
Roshni says she’s a neighbour and Prashant gave her the key to give to Sid.

Sid opens the door to Prashant’s house and they all go in. Grandmother asks for the bathroom and Sid shows her. When she comes out, Sid tells her to pretend her back hurts. She falls to the ground like she fell for real, and complains of her back. DD says it’s because the bathroom is wet and slippery, since this Chawl people don’t know Cleanliness! DD tells them to call a Doctor!

Sid pretends to call a Doctor, but he is actually his friend. Prashant’s Grandmother and some of her friends peep to see Grandmother and they laugh at her. They decide to have some fun at the expense of the rich people.
The Doctor comes to look at Grandmother. He says she needs to rest. DD tells Bablu to call their family Doctor so he can send an ambulance! The Doctor says that will be fine. Sid kicks him and he changes his tune to; she can’t move, she needs to rest. The Doctor leaves and DD says they can’t all stay here?

Sid asks Grandmother if she will be able to spend the night here? She says she can.
DD says she will go home as she cannot stay here! Grandmother says her Mother is dying, even then, she doesn’t want to stay with her. DD says she will stay and asks her to stop her melodrama! DD begins massaging Grandmother’s head and tells her to rest. She sends Bablu to go and get a hot water bottle from the Market!
Grandmother smiles at Sid. Sid thinks his plan is working well, as he wants DD to realize Poor people are also good, and until then, will he tell her the truth about himself. King of Hearts 8 June 2019 Update

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