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King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World

King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World – The episode starts when Later in the night, Raghu’s daai is about to leave when Sid says you are a mother. A mothers job is to give life but you even saved me from death. My every breath is indebted to you. I am Sid for everyone but for you i am always Raghu.



Raghu’s daai seeks permission to hug Sid once and when they do both Sid and she are in tears. Sid says am still Raghu for you. I wont change ever. For you i will be Raghu forever. I cant pay you back for your favour. I am very lucky to have 3 mothers. DD pulls Sid’s ear and says and one of the mom’s is special. Am your mom – in – law and u din tell me about the plan. Simran says even i knew about the plan but Sid din want anyone to know. Sid explains that i wanted to keep you safe. Coz of this drama i got to know how much you love Sid. Sid fakes Raghu’s accent.

Nani asks Mona to get something. DD says i was freaked out watching Shabnam firing on you. Sid says it was hologram. Am not crazy to get shot myself. Nani says alls well that ends well. She feeds him sweet. DD says he is your Krishna. Always making entries. Sid says your mom is beaming. What a day. Note this date, moment. Kesar approaches DD and seeks forgiveness. Roshni too supports him. Nani too. Sid says its not his fault. Shabnam had captured everyone so not his fault.

DD says coz Sid said, am forgiving you. Right then Raj comes and says i wont forgive Sid ever. Raj says only you and i were in blank all knew. Nani says i din knew either. Simran says me knew a bit. Raj says you will be punished and for sure. Your punishment is to take Roshni with you and to come home with us. DD says yes we should do Roshni’s bidaai. Nani agrees. Sid says you just wanna get rid of me. DD says are you a girl acting so dramatic. Sid says yes, am your dramatic bahu. They all disperse.

King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World

Nani’s phone rings. She gets some message and is in shock. Sid asks her the matter. Nani stammers. She says not feeling well. Roshni offers to stay back but Nani asks them to leave. Nani suggests to plan some holiday for Sid-Roshni. Sid asks what happened. Right then his phone rings. He is in shock too.

Shabnam screams saying i will kill everyone. She is in a confined room. All watch shocked. Roshni says this looks like split personality disorder. Cop says yes, she is been like this since she came here. Lawyer says no judge will send her to prison now. She needs treatment. DD says she is faking it. Sid says Shabnam is sick, we should treat her. DD is appalled.

Sid says i know what i am doing. We have seen Shabnam’s sick persona. But this Shabnam is weak. She is a patient. We need to help her. Sid offers to contact someone to help him. DD says your kindness will cost us one day. Sid says if this is true then i am ready. Sid says if we dont help her today what is the difference between her and us.

Later in the night, Nani says we all can look after Shabnam, whats the need for Sid-Roshni to hold up their trip. Mona-Raj are confused about Nani’s insistence. Nani contacts DD to tell her about her suggestion.

Next day morning, Nani brings DD aside. She says we should send Sid-Roshni away before its too late. DD asks why. Suddenly drums are playing. Sid-Roshni watch curiously. A gujarati family enters doing dandiya.

The lady in the gujarati family calls out Nani as Alaknanda and greets her. Roshni says we dont know you. Who are you. The lady pets Roshni and says am BANSI, your grand- mom -in – law. Sid and everyone are shocked. Roshni is shocked too.

Bansi asks her to take her blessing. She forces her. Sid interrupts too. Bansi says i will teach you all the rituals now. DD-Nani are mum. Sid says Roshni’s grand-mom-in-law is my grand mother and thats not you. Bansi says who are you, not that i care. Roshni says enough, time for you to leave.

Sid offers to see them out too. Bansi laughs. Sid asks why are you laughing. Seems like i need to call security. Roshni agrees. Bansi says ENOUGH. If you speak one more word will cut your tongue. Bansi walks upto DD and slaps her. All are shocked.

Bansi fumes on DD for not raising Roshni right. She says on your promise we returned Roshni to you. But if mother is so shameless, what can we expect from you. Roshni fumes on Bansi and asks her to get out. A guy with Bansi holds Roshnis hand and says this is not the way to talk to elders.

Sid fumes on him and says dare you touch my wife. He threatens to get security and beat Bansi and her family up and throw her up. Bansi is furious and asks how dare DD get Roshni remarried. Kesar and Sid asks all to throw these people out. Bansi says this is not right Durga. If we leave without Roshni you will regret it DD. Your old secret will be out. DD-Nani are speechless.

Roshni gets angry on Bansi Maasi and asks how dare she raised hand on you. DD says whatever Bansi Maasi said is true. She says Kunal is your first husband. Nani says you was married at 5 years of age. Roshni says they are talking about child marriage. Sid says Roshni is his wife and says nobody can claim his wife to be theirs. DD says nothing is in my hand. Sid asks Roshni to pack her bag and leave with him. King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World

Nani tells DD that if Roshni and Sid don’t stop here then Bansi can’t speak out the truth which is hidden since years. She asks DD to stop her. Roshni and Sid are leaving the house. DD follows them and sits on floor with folded hands. Nani also folds her hand. Sid asks them to tell what is the option left for them. He asks Nani to tell all of the truth and asks what is this nonsense.

Bansi Maasi says I will tell truth. DD gets tensed. Bansi says you thought you will hide with our eye sight, and says we will get our Roshni anyhow. She says we should tell truth to everyone. She asks Roshni to come near her, and says Nani is her childhood friend. She says your Nani brought you to my village and got you married to my grand son when you was 5 years old.

Everyone was happy. She says your mum promised that they will keep you as our amanat and will do vidaai at the right time. She says we agreed, but your Nani and Maa had changed and changed the city, house etc. She says you might be thinking why your mum did this….and is about to tell…Nani asks her not to tell further.

Bansi says I have to tell truth. DD stops her and says not now. Bansi says what you have thought that we will not find you. She says you went to jail and that’s how we found you. Roshni and Sid are shocked and annoyed. Bansi holds Roshni’s hand and asks her to come with her.

Raj stops Simran and says he will stay with her always. He brings flowers and asks her to give to Sid and Roshni as they like it. Simran tells Krutika that their Roshni is coming home. Krutika is happy and says she will pamper her brother. Simran asks her to check in the kitchen. Bunty comes and says everything will be fine once Sid comes. Simran says yes. King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World

Bansi tries to make Roshni wear the shagun chunari. Roshni refuses. Sid asks Bansi and her family not to do anything with Roshni else he will go mad and will tell her something which he may repent later. Bansi says Roshni is Kunal’s wife and not yours. Bansi asks Roshni to pick the chunari. Roshni refuses and says she is very stubborn. She raises her hand.

Sid asks her not to think them weak and says he is talking with respect. Bansi asks her relatives to take Roshni forcibly. Nani collapses and falls on floor. The men hold Sid. Seeing Nani’s condition, they leave Roshni’s hand. Roshni, DD and Sid take Nani inside the room.

Bansi’s son tells her that if Roshni doesn’t come with them with her wish, then Lakshmi will also not come. Bansi says we have to do something. Roshni asks DD and Nani, how can they get her married in her childhood and says you people are so progressive, but you did this. Sid says we will go from here, but I will take care of Nani. Kunal comes and says he can help them. Sid says she is my nani and I can take care of her.

King of Hearts 8th October 2019 Update – Zee World



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