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King of Hearts 9 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

King of Hearts 9 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Tonight’s episode starts with Nani recalling Roshni questioning her, why she didn’t take care of Ayesha, and cries. Sid comes and says Pushpa I hate tears. Nani asks do you need anything. Sid says I was searching for something, but couldn’t find. He holds face and says your smile is lost somewhere. Nani smiles. She says I don’t know how I did a mistake. Sid says you know your granddaughter well, and I am bearing her. Nani says my granddaughter is not like this. Sid says you know her well then why you are getting upset.

Nani says she went out for DD’s work. Sid says it is okay, every one of us do mistakes. Ayesha is fine, and what else do we need. He asks her to make sweets. Nani goes to make Gajar ka halwa. Roshni gets ready and tells Sid that she didn’t know if she should really go with him. Sid says mom and dad are not here, so we should go. Ayesha comes and hugs Roshni, asking her to make her ready.

Roshni does her make up and make her wear bangles. Sid says my Ayesha has become lovely girl. Roshni tells Ayesha that they are going out and asks her to stay at home. Ayesha says she will stay like a good girl. Nani comes and says Ayesha will have food and sleep like a good girl.

King of Hearts 9 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Ayesha says yes. Roshni apologizes to Nani. Nani asks why she is apologizing? She asks them to go. Nani Maasi looks at Ayesha and thinks she is painting after troubling us. She thinks to troubles her and ruins her painting with her leg. Ayesha asks why you have ruined my painting? Nani Maasi says I will slap you and raise hand. Nani comes and holds her hand.

Nani Maasi asks how dare you to hold my hand for street child. Nani asks you are raising hand on a small girl. DD asks Nani, why she is not teaching her manners. She says you are arguing with us and taking her side. She asks Ayesha to go and sleep. Ayesha goes. DD says something will happen to make Ayesha leave the house. Ayesha keeps toy box in Nani Maasi’s room and says it will be fun now.

DD looks as she leaves and opens the toy box. She gets an idea and looks on. In the morning everyone sits for breakfast. Nani Maasi shouts and cries. Ayesha says yes and gets happy. Sid asks why you are getting happy. Nani Maasi comes out and says her hand is bleeding. DD asks how did this happen? Nani Maasi tells that she opened a box and get her hand injured with the knife kept inside the box. Ayesha says she didn’t keep the knife in the box. DD tells Roshni and Sid to take care of their upbringing after a lot of thinking.

Ayesha says she just kept joker in it and have not done this. Sid says she might be right. DD asks them to give her punishment, else they can’t be good parents. She says this girl came from the street, but you have to groom her so that she can stay in our society. Ayesha says NM is a liar. DD says how dare you? Roshni says Nani Maasi is elder than you. I will slap you and asks her to shut up. Just then adoption centre women come there.

The woman stops Roshni and says it is not seen that you are going to adopt the baby. She says we have done all the formalities, but now have to think again. Sid tells the women that they love Ayesha, but want to teach discipline to the girl. She says we have to make the child learn right and wrong. The woman says unfortunately this girl is not yours. Look at the girl, she is so scared. King of Hearts 9 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

Nani says there is nothing as such. She takes Ayesha inside. The woman says you didn’t fit you our adoption paramters. They leave. Roshni hugs Sid and cries. Sid assures that everything will be fine. Ayesha comes to Roshni and tells her that she kept joker in the box.

Roshni asks him to tell the truth and swears not to scold her. Sid calls Ayesha and shows kitchen set which he brought for her. Ayesha gets happy. Sid asks him to make tea for him and bring water. Ayesha goes. Sid asks Roshni, why she is getting upset? Roshni says you should not pamper Ayesha much, and says DD scolded her very much. She says she got hurt and was teaching her right and wrong. Sid asks her to have patience and says she is a kid.

Roshni telling that she has to do Ayesha’s work and she is very busy. Sid says you forget your husband after getting a daughter. He says I won’t let you forget me. He runs after her and they fall on the bed. Mere Rubaru plays. They get romantic. Just then they hear DD’s voice. Sid says don’t know why she comes whenever I get intimate with you. He asks why she is shouting. DD says she couldn’t find her expensive earrings.

Nani Maasi brings doll wearing DD’s expensive earring and tells she got it at the poolside. Ayesha says the doll is hers, but she didn’t make doll wear it. Sid says it is okay. Roshni asks Ayesha to accept her mistake. DD says it is not her mistake, you both will take time to teach her discipline. She might tell anything wrong infront of adoption centre people and goes to keep the earrings. Roshni says I don’t know how to handle her, she is lying again and again. Krutika apologizes to the model and says don’t know how it got stained. The model refuses to wear a dress.

Yash comes there. Krutika says when I gave this dress to her, there was no stain, and I didn’t call the makeup artiste. Yash says he will manage. The model calls Sam and tells I did your work. Krutika will not roam around your husband now, and he will fire her from job. Sam thanks her. Ayesha tells Sid that Mumma is angry with her, but she didn’t do anything. Sid gives her icecream and asks her to tell the truth. He says I will not do anything.

Zee World Series: King of Hearts 9 September 2019

Ayesha says I have not done anything and it is done by Alabonda…..Sid laughs and says I will save you from him. Ayesha says Mumma is angry with me and will throw me out of home, then what I will do. Sid says your Mumma loves you a lot, and can’t stay without you. DD asks Roshni to think again about her adoption decision. She says I can understand your emotions being your mum, we don’t know anything about Ayesha’s background, upbringing and past etc. Roshni looks on.

DD says you might be doubting your decision and asks if she really want to adopt this girl. She says you don’t want to adopt. Roshni says she is trying to teach discipline to Ayesha, but don’t know if she will be able to become a good mum. DD says decision is yours. Ayesha hears them and thinks Papa was lying to me. DD hopes Ayesha goes away from their life. Ayesha thinks Mumma don’t love me. She throws the doll in anger. DD eyes her and asks if you are taking anger on the doll? She says nobody loves or likes you here. She says your real Mummy went away from you. She says Roshni doesn’t love you and Sid just lied to you. She says Alabonda came and told me those bad things will happen with Ayesha if she stays here. Ayesha believes her.

DD says Alabonda said that he will drop her in jungle. She scares her and asks her to go to room. She thinks she can’t bear this girl. Ayesha comes to room and sleeps on bed being upset. Roshni covers her with a blanket. Sid comes. Servant brings milkshake for them. Sid says Ayesha would have to drink it if she was awake. He gets a call and he leaves for office. He asks her to drink the milkshake.

Sam comes to Khurana’s house in the night and holds Krutika’s hand, blaming her for trying to steal her husband. She warns her not to come near her husband else…….Beeji asks have you gone mad? Sam puts champagne on the ground and lights the fire. Beeji asks what have you done. Krutika asks if you try to trap my husband then I will see you. Krutika looks on scared. Beeji helps Krutika get up and tells Sam she knows how to blow the fire and warns not to blame Krutika. Sam tells your daughter knows how to snatch others husband.

Beeji slaps her hard and asks her to get out. Sam warns Krutika and leaves. Beeji asks Krutika if she is fine. Krutika hugs her and cries. Bua Dadi thinks she can’t let Khurana family name ruined because of this girl. Ayesha leaves the house thinking about DD and Roshni’s conversation. A car comes.

Sid gets down the car and looks at her. He asks where she is going so late in the night. Ayesha hugs him and cries.

Bua Dadi badmouthing about Krutika’s blood and tells her that she didn’t think before trapping someone’s husband. She says Sid is a good man as clean blood is running in her blood. She says you are just Simran’s mistake. Krutika asks her to stop it. DD scares Ayesha for returning back home and threatens to drown her in swimming pool. She says if you tell this to anyone then I will tell to Allabonda and bad thing will happen.

Ayesha gets tensed. Yash reads Krutika’s resignation letter and thinks she left without informing me. Bua Dadi comes to him and slaps him hard saying Sam came to their house and blamed Krutika for trapping him. She blames him and takes Krutika’s side, asks him to control his wife.

Bua Dadi thinks she wants Krutika to leave her house and for that, she has to continue working at your place.

DD thinks Ayesha should leave and sees Sid sitting in her room. She asks what he is doing here? She asks him to take his shoes off from her bed and tells it will be strained. Sid says you have strained a girl’s mind and wanted her to leave the house. What a game plan? I thought this work is done by Nani Maasi, but I forgot that clever player is you. I am surprised and don’t know that you can stoop so low. DD says you are blaming me and asks him to get out. Sid says I thought you love your daughter very much, but I was wrong. DD asks him not to take her name.

Sid says you have to answer me? He asks didn’t you scare her and tries to make her leave the house. DD refuses. Sid says I knew it that you won’t accept it, this is really sad. He says you needs proof naa. He shows the recording where in DD threatens to drown Ayesha in the pool. Roshni comes and hears that. She is shocked too and claps. Roshni says you are such a brilliant actress. I have nothing to say…..

Seriously you always amazed me with your new drama, hats off to you. I am not surprised, as you feigned heart attack. She says Ayesha is a 6 year old kid, and you played game with her, don’t you have a heart or emotions. She says Ayesha didn’t know how to talk properly. She says Ayesha didn’t know why she is being scolded and blamed for the things which she didn’t do. Roshni apologizes to Ayesha and says I didn’t know that culprit is someone else. She says you always let me down. She says Ayesha is y daughter and I will tell 1000’s times.

Nani Maasi asks what happened? Roshni says DD is playing games with a six-year-old girl. She warns DD not to harm Ayesha anymore, and says she will leave the house where people play dirty games with a kid. DD is shocked.

Roshni asks Sid to come with her and says they will leave now itself. Sid asks her to listen. Sid stops Roshni and asks her to listen. She says Ayesha is their daughter, but she needs elders’ love also. He says if Ayesha doesn’t have the right to get her Nani’s love. We will make Sasumom understand. Roshni asks are you serious and ask not to stop her as she is a mum now. Sid asks her to listen.

DD tries to stop her, but Roshni says enough mum. Just then Adoption centre woman comes and asks if she is going somewhere? Roshni says she was going to make Ayesha meet her grandparents. The woman says this is not possible as the adoption process is happening at this house. She says you can’t go anywhere and have to stay here. DD takes a sigh of relief. King of Hearts 9 September 2019 Written Update On Zee World Series

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