Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

The episode starts with Sikander asks Amyra to promise him that she won’t be jealous of kulfi anymore, and I love you a lot, you are my princess, and will always be, Amyra says I won’t promise, Sikander asks Bebe to rest and leaves with her. Lovely says Amyra you did well.

Kulfi says why won’t I answer big people talk, and what if Baba and Sikander sir fight, I should call Sikander sir. Kulfi tries to make a fall,manager says you should pay then call, Kulfi tries to convince him. Love, your walk to Sikander and asks him to rest a bit, Sikander says not until I find them. Sikander gets the call that master has been spotted, Sikander leaves the house quickly, Lovely gets angry.

Tevar asks DK why did he steal his song and did Sikander know it was his song, DK says whole industry knows Sikander doesn’t sing before he knows all the details,of course he knows and it’s not knew in this industry,and why are you reacting this way, Sikander did this for a come back I must say he is a genius and you can call him and confirm if you want to.

Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Sikander rushes to master and asks where are Tevar and kulfi, master says to leave them alone, why do you want to destroy them more,it’s Kulfi why I am quite or else, all for comeback and teach Tevar a lesson right,Sikander asks what nonsense are you saying, master, says the song you sang was Tevar and his chance for a comeback and earn money but you and this industry didn’t let him survive.

Lovely thanks tony and says let’s celebrate do something let’s party,Sikander applauds, and says well done,you are ones who can celebrate someone’s destruction,tony says lovely wants to celebrate for your success,and I saved you by siding Tevar thank me,Sikander says enough,you have no right to play with someone’s destiny,tony says lower your voice,

Sikander says not anymore,you and your plots, please leave people you already had destroyed our lives before me Lovely Nimrat Tevar and so I had soft corner for lovely but not anymore and now if you dare look at Kulfi I won’t spare you,tony asks who the hell are you,Sikander says you are in my house, tony says don’t tell me I gave you,Sikander says I will finish all the things,Lovely asks tony to leave.

Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019: Amyra sees lovely and Sikander fight, Sikander says lovely how could I trust you and married such shameless women. Tevar gets to the room, the manager tells his room has been handed over to someone else, Tevar asks where is my daughter, he says she was here but, Tevar starts looking for her, Tevar gets violent, and attacks manager. Lovely says I did this for you Sikander, Sikander says you did for yourself, Amyra says dad please stop,

Sikander says Amyra hear me you don’t behave as your mother does it’s wrong, and if this is how we are fighting let’s see who wins and I’m sure I will, Lovely asks why Kulfi always, Sikander says I don’t know and don’t want to,it’s a relation by god and united my music and no one can destroy it especially you.

Kulfi talking to Billo says I wish I could talk to Sikander, she sees manager beaten and asks what happened, he says your father did it, Kulfi asks where he is, he says their police took him away, Kulfi runs behind the jeep. Sikander in contact with akad bakad and master looking for Tevar and kulfi. Kulfi makes a call to Sikander and starts crying, the manager tells him the situation. Kulfi asks the manager how to go police station,he says come I will take you there come. Tevar pleading inspector to leave him, and says my daughter is alone, she might be scared I will get her and then you can arrest me, inspector says you irresponsible father, Kulfi walks in and says dare you. Inspector scolds Tevar for being irresponsible,

Kulfi enters denying he isn’t irresponsible, Kulfi rushes to Tevar and says you wait I will talk to inspector and says he cares a lot for me, he is very worried bow a days but cares a lot for me, all little details about me and cares a lot for me after my mother its just him who has taken care about me. Kulfi The Singing Star 14 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

inspector says but your father has broken the law and he will be punished either has to pay 5000 or 2 days jail,you say now. sikander reaches the police station and sees no one, the inspector asks who they are two you, Sikander says my friend is he all right, inspector says when you have a daughter like kulfi why won’t you.

(kulfi recites a song to inspector, and asks will baba have food and water in jail, inspector says yes, kulfi says good keep him give him food and water, he has given me everything but is hungry since yesterday, inspector says if i keep him here where will you go, kulfi says I will wait for my baba, and I have Billo with me my cow, inspector says sell you will earn, Tevar says she is like sister to her I cant, inspector asks to release Tevar, Tevar hugs kulfi.)
Sikander asks where are they, inspector says I don’t know but it was good to meet them, Sikander says god what will i do now, Tevar must be hating me and angry and what if he takes kulfi away from me in this anger. kulfi trying to convince Tevar for waiting for Sikander,

Tevar says we couldn’t wait, and see for you I went to producer and asked if he knew about song and he said yes and so I don’t want such friend’s now you tell me ,you want your father’s pride or Sikander sir, friends we choose my own and if they break trust we fail to trust on ourself, kulfi thinks I trust baba but also know Sikander sir would never do this. Tevar says I will pay your school fees and will study I will manage.

Sikander talking to principal says I’m sorry for late fees of kulfi, she says we allowed her late admission and she hasn’t come to school after test and if she doesn’t come we will withdraw her admission. Tevar and arrive at a place. Kulfi asks who stays here.tevar says my friend use to till we make further arrangements we will stay here, kulfi enters the room and gets very excited, Tevar asks what’s exciting, there’s no bed no place why do this, kulfi says this is our home and starts singing in excitement,

Tevar joins her,Tevar and kulfi set the house, neighbors knock and scold them for making noise, and ask them not to sing,we are senior citizens singing isn’t allowed.

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