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Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019 Update – Tevar meets Lovely and confronts her for not seeing Kulfi. He asks her why is she not concerned for Kulfi, if she loves Amyra. He asks Lovely if Kulfi isn’t her child. He criticizes her for not having any emotions for Kulfi. He still believes Lovely’s lie. He reminds Lovely that Kulfi is their daughter, Kulfi needs both of them.

Kulfi meets Lovely and hugs her. She gets happy and asks Tevar not to be angry on Lovely. Kulfi misses Sikandar. Lovely tells her that Sikandar is fine. Kulfi wants to send flowers for Sikandar. Lovely wants Tevar and Kulfi to leave from their lives. She asks Tevar to take away Kulfi, so that they aren’t connected further. Tevar asks Lovely if she has lost her mind that she hates her own daughter. Lovely keeps her lie and gets frustrated within. She dumps the flowers given by Kulfi. She wants to stop Mohendar from instilling doubt in Sikandar’s mind.

Tevar finds ways to cheer Kulfi again. Sikandar also spends time with Amyra and wishes he gets her back like before. Amyra gets delighted that Sikandar’s time is just dedicated to her. Though happy, he misses Kulfi the same way like Kulfi misses him. Mohendar alerts Sikandar about Tevar and tells him that Tevar isn’t Kulfi’s dad. Sikandar tells him that he is assured that Tevar is Kulfi’s dad. Mohendar tries to lend him some sense. Sikandar tells him that he will try to find out. Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019 Update

Lovely asks Mohendar to look after his wife and not bother them. Mohendar is sure that Sikandar will reach the truth and get Kulfi home to give her all the rights. Lovely compels Sikandar to think of just Amyra and nobody else. Sikandar is ready to do anything for Amyra. Lovely fears that Sikandar may meet Kulfi again.

Kulfi doesn’t get sleep. Tevar tries some bedtime stories to put her to sleep. He finds Kulfi too innocent and feels proud that his daughter has a clean heart. He attempts to be a good father.

He comes up with a good story, which brings a thought in his mind too. She tells him that her situation is also the same. Tevar doesn’t want to see Kulfi’s pain. He tells her that he also understands her pain and wants to do something for her. He feels failing as a father. Kulfi doesn’t like Tevar crying. They pacify each other. He decides to meet Sikandar. Sikandar gets suspicious about Tevar.

Tevar meets Sikandar and tells him about Kulfi. Sikandar wants to know about her. Tevar tells him that Kulfi is too upset, but tries to hide her sorrow behind her smile. He makes a request to Sikandar. He asks him not to hurt Kulfi’s heart again. He claims to love Kulfi a lot. He asks him to meet Kulfi once, being far away, and reaching her by a song. Sikandar sings a soothing song for Kulfi Amyra wakes up and finds Sikandar recording a lullaby for Kulfi. Sikandar decides to verify Kulfi and Tevar’s bond.

Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019 Update

Sikander singing songs in bathroom, Amyra knocks door, Sikander clears chat history and asks why you singing in bathroom, Sikander says you were sleeping so.Tevar puts Sikanders song on music Kulfi wakes up and tries to look for him,she walks to speaker, Tevar hiding and watching her, Kulfi hugs the speaker and goes to sleep,Tevar smiles looking Kulfi in peace. Tevar on terrace crying and says what is my mistake that my daughter is near me vut close to Sikander,i cant even put to sleep and Sikander can give everything whats wrong in my love i won’t loose i will win her love she will realise only i am her dad.

Bebe says Mohander i know you are going against lovely,do you think kulfi will be happy here and not with Tevar,Mohendar says i just know she will be happy with her father,

Sikander says you are right,Tevar is her father,i know i love kulfi a lot and know one will like i do but Tevar understand her pain she hasn’t slept past three nights so last night Tevar came to me and asked for help, Lovely hears them talk.

Kulfi talking to picture says i know Sikander sir you aren’t upset so we will be friends again, Tevar walks in and says look i got so many clothes choose, Kulfi says oh this luxury life there’s always i have to choose for,it was so easy in village, Tevar says if we walk on one path when will we see the world, Kulfi says problem isnt that its i have to choose between you and Sikander sir please get on one side so i don’t have to be in this state, Tevar says elders world isnt so easy and leaves,Kulfi says i have to work on this and get them patched up.

Lovely stops mohendar and says how do you feel losing and now look Sikander accepted the fact too so why dont you, and now see Tevar loves kulfi and is working hard to get along with her,so you get it too, Mohendar says thats not the point,i want Sikander to know the truth and i will make sure he will and leaves, Lovely says oh this man.

kulfi in kitchen,Tevar gets angry and says kids dont come in kitchen, Kulfi says im used to work in kitchen,and do all the hosue hold,mami use to make me do everything, Tevar feels bad, Amyra making excuses and says mom i dont eat one thing everyday, and throws tantrums, Sikander hears that and says Amyra enough you won’t talk to mom this way,your lucky you have everything to eat and so finish your breakfast,few people are so unlucky,Amyra says like kulfi.

Tevar says you won’t enter kitchen,Kulfi says taste this,Tevar says they are yumm and kisses her hands and says only my mom use to make it. Amyra says dad you always talk about kulfi,im leaving now, Sikander says enough Amyra its not kulfi its about food its wrong and if you leave there wont ve food for you, but if you apologize i will have breakfast with you, Amyra says sorry mom, Sikander hugs her.

Kulfi says Sikander sir likes and you too,so patch up and get friends, Tevar thinks my daughter is so innocent and says things aren’t so easy,Kulfi says i had an thought so i made an attempt. Sikander has breakfast with Amyra,he gets call from Tevar but ignores it.

Tevar and Sikander meet, Tevar hands him a tiffin, Sikander opens it, and in tears he tastes it, Tevar says kulfi made it so that we patch up,and my problem is why did you love my daughter so much, Sikander says she gave me love i didn’t, Tevar says im trying hard to connect but it’s taking time, i know one thing Amyra has asked you not allow kulfi enter house but you can come to kulfis house.

Kulfi The Singing Star 16 August 2019 Update ends as Kulfi prepares her bed,kisses her and Sikanders picture. Sikander walks to Tevars House, Kulfi feels it and runs out, both see eachother,Tevar watching them, Kulfi runs to Sikander and hugs him.Sikander in tears.

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