Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

The episode starts with Sikandar stopping Lovely from revealing the truth to Tevar. She doesn’t care for anything. She tells Sikandar that she will give him the same thing since he has risked everything by bringing Tevar home. She wants him to experience the same pain. She threatens Sikandar and asks him to throw out Tevar and Kulfi. She tells him that he would be responsible for the dire consequences.

Amyra sheds tears thinking how her life is getting ruined. She thinks of talking to Tevar. She thinks to ask Tevar to leave from the house, along with Kulfi. She finds Tevar with Kulfi. She feels Tevar loves Kulfi a lot, just like Sikandar. She doesn’t want to lose Sikandar. Sikandar feels helpless because of Lovely. He loses his cool over the threatening. He decides to reveal the truth to Tevar and confess his mistake too.

Lovely informs her father Tony Chadda about Sikandar’s unpredictable deed to get Tevar home. She tells Tony to stop Sikandar and Tevar from breaking her family. Sikandar reaches Tevar to tell the truth. He ousts Amyra from Tevar. Amyra tells Lovely that Sikandar has gone to speak to Tevar.

Lovely fears that Sikandar will reveal the truth. She was just threatening to Sikandar. She reaches Sikandar and asks him not to say anything to Tevar. Tevar turns restless. Sikandar asks Lovely what’s her problem. She asks him not to forget Amyra. She asks him to value Amyra. Amyra gets heartbroken that her parents are fighting. She wants to speak to Kulfi and end the matter.

Tevar faces Tony and Cutie and scolds them for breaking relationships. Tevar is proud that Sikandar is still his friend. He praises that Sikandar values people and hearts, not money. Cutie speaks ill about Lovely. Tevar confronts them about Lovely’s helplessness.

Cutie takes out her anger on Tevar. Tevar goes away and then overhears Tony and Cutie’s conversation. Later, Amyra meets Kulfi and scolds her for initiating a fight between Lovely and Sikandar. Kulfi tells her that she has no idea about it. Kulfi cries as Amyra blames her for everything.

Amyra tells Kulfi to leave from the house as she is not invited in the house and wants peace in her family. She tells Kulfi how Lovely is upset with her coming in this house. She requests Kulfi to leave. Tevar gets a big shock finding out that Amyra is his daughter, not Kulfi. His world changes completely. Tevar recollects Sikandar’s lie. He can’t believe that both Lovely and Sikandar cheated him.

Kulfi breaks down that Amyra asked them to leave from the house. She goes to Tevar to tell him about Amyra. Tevar wants to seek answers from Sikandar first. He doesn’t listen to Kulfi. He meets Sikandar and confronts him to tells the truth. He asks Sikandar to speak up, if Kulfi is his daughter or not. He makes Sikandar swear on Amyra and admit the truth. Sikandar is in a BIG dilemma.

Kulfi The Singing Star 16 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Tevar asks is kulfi my daughter, Sikander remembers lovelys words, Tevar says please tell me the truth is Kulfi my daughter, Sikander says no. Kulfi in tears says Jonny dont follow me, im a bad person people who get close to me start having problems, dadi hugs her and says dare you think this way,you are a light of happiness, kulfi says then why do i see sadness when i come to you all, dadi says everyone has their own happiness and sadness, kulfi says lovely doesn’t like me staying here, dadi says its not the thing, kulfi says then why didnt she come to help us, dadi says even i didnt come because we didn’t know about it, Kulfi says she never talks to me like before,did i do something wrong is she angry.

Dadi says stop thinking all this go to sleep and get well,kulfi thinks dadiis just consoling me i have to leave if lovely doesn’t like. Kulfi leaving, Jonny starts barking, kulfi says sorry i can’t stay here i have to talk to baba and leave. Tevar asks so amyra is my daughter, Sikander says she is my daughter, tevar says i heard tonny, Sikander says i know she is your blood but i raised her she is my princess, tevar says because you kept away from me, Sikander says i beg of you,dont take her away from me,

  • Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

Tevar says lovely lied okay but you, Sikander says i learned turth later and till then you were happy with kulfi and so i wanted we to stay together and tell kids truth when they grow up, tevar says and who gave you right to make the decision and what wilp you answer kulfi that im not her baba, Sikander says she knows the truth, she learnt it on diwali and so she was upset so saw the love you had and then accepted you.

Sikander says i know i made mistake by hiding truth but dont tell Amyra,she will break down, amyra loves me a lot i beg you please don’t, tevar leaves, Sikander tries to stop him, tevar says i have to meet my daughter, Sikander says do meet her but dont tell her the truth. Amyra crying in her room, tevar walks in and closes the door, tevar hugs her, and starts crying, amyra says very sorry i said bad words to kulfi,

Tevar says i will talk to her, amyra says i was very angry i know she is ill but when i see mom dad fight because of kulfi i can’t control, tevar says stop crying dont,amyra says if you are my best friend please leave with her, i will give her everything but not my dad, i cant see my dad give her so much love i cant see that, I’m his only princess, Tevar says dont cry i will do all good,your dad loves you a lot, and he will do anything for you, tevar leaves.

Sikander waiting outside, Tevar nods, Sikander thanks him, tevar leaves.kulfi walks to tevar, she holds his hand and walks away with him. Tevar asks what happened,kulfi says lovely doesn’t like us to stay here, even amyra doesn’t like, they are fighting please lets leave, Tevar says do you trust me, Kulfi says completely.tevar says then smile, you said you trust me then all will be fine, kulfi hugs him. Kulfi requests Tevar to sing, tevar sings a song about father-daughter. Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update……………

Sikander with Amyra.sikander thinks I can feel your pain but this fear will always remain what if you tell the truth and my amyra goes away from me. Sikandar wishes that Tevar doesn’t tell anything to Kulfi or Amyra. Kulfi wakes up and look for Tevar. She finds him missing. Sikandar receives Tevar’s shocking letter.

He learns that Tevar has gone. He tells Kulfi that Tevar has left her, he won’t come back and he has abandoned her. She gets devastated knowing this. She wonders how can Tevar disown her. The sorrow gets higher for her, when he tells her that Tevar learnt the truth about her, that she isn’t his biological daughter. He tells her that he will raise her now. He asks her not to worry. She loses Tevar once again.

She feels that she gets some love from a dear one and then loses that person. She misses Tevar. Sikandar tells her that she will get Tevar back. Amyra learns that Tevar has left her forever. Amyra feels guilty that Kulfi is left alone. She worries that Sikandar won’t let Kulfi go away now. She gets scolding Kulfi for calling troubles for her once again. She vents anger on Kulfi. She asks Kulfi to just leave from her house. Kulfi doesn’t want to leave, by disobeying Sikandar. She feels bad when Amyra blasts anger on her.

Kulfi leaves from the house and reaches the temple, where she sings and appeals to the Goddess. She wants the Goddess to give her all the answers she deserves to know. She wants to get her father and gives the big responsibility to the Goddess.

Moreover, Sikandar returns home and feels he can’t find Tevar now. He vents out his anger on Lovely, who acts well in front of him. He tells her that she is a bad omen on everyone’s lives. He holds her responsible for ruining their lives completely.

Sikandar reads out Tevar’s emotional letter. He breaks down that Lovely has manipulated them for her selfish motives. Tevar states that he is leaving Kulfi for her betterment since he isn’t able to give her anything. Kulfi’s prayers get answered when she meets her uncle. She gets happy to meet Situ after a long time. Sikandar tells Lovely that she won’t turn away from Kulfi’s responsibilities. He wants to adopt Kulfi.

Situ apologizes to Kulfi that he couldn’t help her before. She reveals to him that Tevar has also abandoned her, knowing she isn’t his daughter. He tells her that her real father is close to her and loves her too. She gets happy and asks him about her father.

He reveals Sikandar’s name to her, which makes her elated. Sikandar looks for Kulfi at home and learns that even she is missing. Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

It becomes a big moment for Kulfi to know about Sikandar. Sikandar rushes to find Kulfi. Kulfi gets angered thinking Sikandar is the same man who have given a painful life to her mother. She wants to know how to judge Sikandar, over the past and present scenario.

Sattu tells Kulfi that Sikandar is her father. Kulfi gets happy as she thinks about all the past times when she had imagined Sikandar as her father. Kulfi screams that she is Kulfi Sikandar Singh Gill. Kulfi goes around telling everyone that she is Sikander’s daughter. Kulfi thinks about all her past moments with Sikandar.

Kulfi thinks that Sikandar must be as good as her mother. Kulfi remembers her mother’s words that her father had gone away and abandoned them. Kulfi thinks why Sikandar left them and went away although he is such a nice person. Sikandar is worried as Kulfi is not in the house.

Mohender returns home and Sikandar hugs him. Gunjan meets Lovely and tells her that she is fine now. Lovely gets tensed. Kulfi gets angry with Sattu for keeping the truth hidden from her for so long. Kulfi gets angry and says that Sikandar went away leaving her mother.

Kulfi asks Sattu whether Sikandar is a good man or a bad man. Sattu says that he cannot say anything. Mohender tells Sikandar that they will search for Kulfi. Sikandar hears Amayra saying that she is very happy that Kulfi has gone away. Amayra tells Lovely that she made Kulfi go away. Sikandar hears this and gets shocked. Sattu tells Kulfi that whenever he heard Sikandar’s song, he used to think about his betrayal to Nimrit. Sattu says that he did not want Sikandar to know that Kulfi is his daughter as he hated him.

Sattu says that Sikandar does not know that Nimrit is dead and thinks that Nimrit has married someone else. Kulfi tells Sattu that all of them have been lying to her. Sikandar tells Amayra that he is ashamed of her for doing something so mean to Kulfi. Amayra goes away angrily.

Sikandar asks Lovely to stop manipulating Amayra. Lovely tells Sikandar that he does not care about Amayra and he cares only for Kulfi. Lovely tells Sikandar that he is blinded in Kulfi’s love. Kulfi tells Sattu that Sikandar is taking good care of her and has also fought with Lovely and Amayra for her.

Kulfi asks Sattu why Sikandar left her mother. Sattu says that only Sikandar can answer her questions. Sikandar tells Lovely that his and Kulfi’s relationship is of truth and music. Sikandar tells Lovely that she will not be able to separate him and Kulfi. Sikandar says that he will not search for Kulfi as he knows that she will come back to him.

Kulfi tells Sattu that Amayra hates her so much and wishes that she had died. Sattu asks Kulfi to think only about herself and not others. Sattu tells Kulfi that he will do only what she wants. Kulfi The Singing Star 17 September 2019 StarLife Written Update

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