Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 - StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Sikander gets in the lift and goes to chadda house,but before he rings the bell,Lovely opens the door,hoping for him, Sikander sees Amyra and rushes to her and hugs her,Sikander he,is amyra get ready for school.

Lovely in tears watching them, Kulfi waiting for Amyra at the door. Amyra gets angry. She leaves Sikander’s hand and rushes to lovely. Kulfi sees Sikander missing Amyra and lovely.lovely missing Sikander. Mahendra and Gunjan waiting to go to blood donation camp, Sikander says I will join too, Gunjan says are you sure you want to join Lovely and her family will be there too you may find it awkward.

Mahendra says there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. Kulfi asks where are you all going, Sikander says let’s go. Lovely says I don’t wish to go, tony says stop behaving this way, this is good opportunity to make an image so let’s go, Lovely says I get your point but leave me alone, amyra hears all this and gets upset.

Kulfi says to Sikander all are so happy donating, Sikander says it is happy task because they will be saving someone’s life, Kulfi says like you did mine. Sikander looks around for Amyra and lovely. Kulfi asks you all do it every year. Sikander says yes everyone, Kulfi says but I don’t see amyra and lovely, gunjan says I don’t think they will come,Sikander says come let’s go register,Lovely and Amyra arrive, amyra asks are you looking for dad, Lovely says no I’m looking for register area, Sikander giving bites to news channel. Kulfi says even I want to donate, Sikander says you have to be 18 for that, Kulfi says okay.

Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019

Lovely arrives at registration area and sees sikanders names and starts looking for him, she sees him walking with Kulfi and writes just her name.kulfi sees syringe and gets scared,nurse says you are Sikanders daughter you should be brave, amyra in next wing hears that and walks to them, and says I’m his daughter not her, Kulfi feels bad and leaves, nurse asks Amyra to leave as well. Sikander sees lovely and remembers she killed Nimrat, the nurse tells Sikander that he has high stress and should control, Lovely is told same and both aren’t allowed for blood donation.

Sikander asks lovely to go for a stress test, love,y says as you care, you should have thought about it when you said yes to divorce. Sikander says you asked for it,Lovely says you know I was angry and do stupid things but you always calm me down, why didn’t you this time, Sikander says I was out of control especially after knowing you killed my Nimrat.

Kulfi getting energy drinks for Sikander and lovely, amyra stops her and takes her away, Lovely says Sikander we were together for 7 years but Nimrat is yours I am not, why is that, lovely says may be because your Nimrat understood you unlike me who didn’t. Bebe asks tony and cutie have they seen lovely and Sikander, Tony says yes Sikander must be begging to love,y that he can’t live without amyra, gunjan says why will Sikander,Lovely will and her crocodile tears won’t matter.

Lovely says Sikander I never told you truth because our relationship was very weak, because I knew you will always choose Nimrat and not me and that scared me and you would never trust me that it was an accident. Sikander says lovely it was us, it was our fault, let’s take it nimrats death was an accident,but kulfi why do you keep doing that to her. Kulfi asks Amyra why she hates her, amyra says because I can’t share my dad, Kulfi asks if you had siblings,Amyra says you aren’t and never will and leaves.kulfi says god please help.

Sikander says okay let’s take nitrates death was an accident but kulfi, lovely says I have no issues with her but you p, you give her more important to her than me and amyra, then tell me what to do, Sikander tries to calm lovely,and asks is she taking medicines on time, Lovely says you never have asked me before, Sikander says because we never were apart. Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Tony and Gunjan get into an argument, media gets around and starts recording. Lovely asks Sikander, will he break them,won’t he give her a chance, Mohendar tries to calm gunjan. Sikander and lovely hear people talk about their families fighting and runs out. Sikander warns tony not to insult his family, Lovely says lower your tone Sikander, sikander says you wanted an answer here it is, your family keeps insulting mine,

Lovely says and what about your family no one likes me there,they hate me,Sikander says you deserve it, Lovely says few minutes back you were different once your family is involved you change, and if there is problem why don’t you leave me,give me divorce,Sikander says take it, amyra and kulfi watching all this.

Lovely hands Sikander his ring,amyra starts crying, media records everything, Sikander leaves, Kulfi follows him and says why didn’t you think about Amyra before doing that, Sikander scolds her and says why don’t you understand you are a kid behave like one and leaves,amyra asks Lovely she promised she won’t take a divorce then why now,

Lovely scolds her and asks her to leave,Kulfi says please talk to me sikander sir open the door, don’t do this to amyra and lovely, Mohendar scolds gunjan, gunjan says how could you forget what Lovely did or keeps doing, nimrats death or my accident and I won’t keep quite I will raise a voice, Mohendar says think about the kids, they are suffering. Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Kulfi with billo, says I’m getting no answers instead was scolded,and all is a mess, I wanted to ask him why he left me and Ma,but now he is about to leave amyra and Lovely and if he turns to be bad person what will I do,if he can’t be Amyras father how will be he mine, I’m missing Ma so much today, how will I find my answers.

Sikander gets a message,and he wakes up,he checks news, it’s about their divorce all over the Internet and news, amyra watching all this starts crying,cutie says Amyra come let’s go to your room,let the elders talk. Bebe asks kulfi to stay in her room till elders finish talking, Kulfi asks this isn’t happen right. Lovely scolds news channels for telecasting wrong news, so does Sikander, both are told the other one has confirmed,love,

Lovely says dad how could sikander do this, how will me and amyra will live without him,tony scolds her,and says he insulted tony chadda and his market and you going back to him,lovely says he is my husband,tony says fear that if he looses his calm he even might reveal that you killed Nimrat and Amyra isn’t his child too so think about all this.

Sikander says i don’t think Lovely wants a divorce, Mohendar says it’s chadda definitely, Gunjan says is she a kid that gets influenced, Mohendar scolds Gunjan, Bebe says you take lovely alone with you and talk to her you will find a solution, Sikander says you are right.

Lawyer walks in and says Adi Irani,lovely lawyer here are divorce papers for you. Tony to lovely look Sikander is very angry that you killed Nimrat and so he will take revenge and so before he does something we have to, so sign these papers and show them that you aren’t weak, we will make Sikander beg for you, Amyra watches lovely and says mom please don’t, Tony scolds Amyra, Lovely signs the papers. Kulfi The Singing Star 21 September 2019 – StarLife Update

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