Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update



The episode starts when Kulfi asks Amyra is she doing well, Amyra says you are the reason there will be divorce, Kulfi says he won’t leave you, Amyra says he choose you, wants to live with you, Kulfi says it was lovely’s decision to leave the house, Amyra says in the whole world you found my family, and why you want to be my friend my sister, Kulfi says enough I am your sister, Sikander is my father too. Sikander asks to open the door, Lovely says first open Amyra’s class, lovely yells at peon,Sikander says don’t do this calm down, let me go check.

Kulfi says my mama told me he is my father, I came back to find why he left my mother, and yesterday I found my answer, Amyra asks did you tell him you are his daughter,Kulfi says not yet, Amyra says don’t please, Kulfi says why shouldn’t I, I came Mumbai to find my father, why should I hide, Amyra says my mother will die, me and mom knew about this truth.

Sikander and peon looking for girls. Lovely finding Amyra. Kulfi asks this is why you hate me, Amyra says yes, if dad finds it he will leave us, and tells about all of lovely’s plot,and why she sent her to Tevar, Amyra says dad loves you so much that he found out Tevar isn’t your dad and so he fights with mom and if he finds you are his daughter, he will leave my mom and she will die as your mom die, Amyra falls in kulfis feet and says I beg of you dont tell mom you are his daughter please, Lovely meets Sikander and says I’m tensed, both are together, find Kulfi, and we will Amyra too, Sikander says calm down I will call her, Sikander shouts kulfi.

Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Kulfi hears it, and starts crying, Amyra hugs her,Kulfi asks why can’t I have my father when will I have my fathers name,I’m dying to call my father, I have him now but can’t call him,am I that bad, Amyra says you aren’t bad, god is bad, he did this to us, if he had given us different mom, he should have given us different dad, then even mom wouldn’t do bad things, god gave one dad it’s all his fault, Kulfi says you are right, Kulfi looses her calm and starts crying and says now I can never call him baba and call him as my daughter, he will be my everything but not my Baba, Amyra hugs her and says thank you.

Kulfi says you are my younger sister will do anything for you, I never had Baba and Ma left me too, and I know how it feels to live without them so I won’t put you in that situation, Amyra says thankyou kulfi. Sikander and Lovely looking for Amyra and kulfi, Amyra says both are together, Kulfi says they are together and will be so happy when will find out even we are friends, like one on one free offer.

Amyra says how are you so stupid, they won’t patch so soon, divorce is very bad, and if they find we are friends, Kulfi says sisters, Amyra says let’s start with friends, they will separate us, Amyra says let’s play our game, we will keep everything a secret and meet secretly, and will give each other information and help them patch up deal, Kulfi says deal.

Kulfi says how will I talk to you, Amyra says I will manage all that, Sikander finds kulfi and Amyra, Sikander gets in the room and hugs them both,lovely comes from behind and asks Amyra is she find, Amyrahugs her,lovely says Amyra let’s go and takes her away, Sikander leaves with Kulfi,Kulfi and Amyra wink at each other. Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Tony shows lovely signed divorce papers,Lovely breaks down, Amyra says mom, Lovely says why did he do that, what will I do without him, Amyra says tear it mom, tony pulls it from Amyra, Amyra says mom no papers no divorce if dad wants Kulfi,let it be I won’t be jealous, I will manage but I want you both please mom, stop this fight, Tony says these papers are mirror, open your eyes, Sikander has no place for you in his life, Amyra says no it’s not, Lovely says call the lawyer, Amyra tries to talk to Lovely.

Sikander studying with Kulfi, says good you are progressing, Kulfi says enough, what you want to ask, I know you want to ask why we fought, Sikander says I want to ask how did you two patch up, Kulfi says you always say never interfere between elders, so don’t interfere between kids, so focus on Lovely and you and get them back, this house isn’t home without them,Sikander says okay and leaves.

Kulfi hears ripping sound, and finds a walkie talkie near her toys, Kulfi hears Amyris voice, Amyra says K1 its a code, this is a walkie talkie so that we can talk secretly, K1 is your code and A1 is mine, Kulfi says let’s name our team too, Amyra says later there’s a big problem dad signed divorce paper and sent it, Kulfi says that’s not possible he did sign it in anger but didn’t sent it, because Mohendar uncle took it from him, Amyra asks who did then.

Bebe asks what’s in the later Sikander, Sikander says lovely’s lawyer sent an meeting invitation and called me with my lawyer, Mohendar says that will happen only when you will send divorce papers,Sikander says they got it, Mohendar says why did you, sikander says I didn’t, Gunjan thinks god I sent it because I want Lovely to be punished, Mohendar says I kept in cupboard and asks Gunjan how did it reach lovely,

Gunjan says I did, Sikander asks why, gunjan says for happiness,Sikander says she is my wife, Gunjan says you aren’t happy neither us, Bebe scolds Gunjan, and says like you even Lovely is part of this family, Gunjan says but Lovely doesn’t, I adjusted Lovely didn’t, Mohendar scolds Gunjan. Sikander says she did send but I got my answers she wants divorce let me get my lawyer no more discussions.

Amyra tells Kulfi I found how divorce takes place on internet and tells the whole story to kulfi, Kulfi says who are judges to decide, we will decide, Amyra says if they would listen to us this would never happen and they will separate us, Kulfi says that won’t happen, we won’t let them reach that place, you stop Lovely and I will sikander. Lovely leaving house, Amyra starts acting, she starts shouting in pain and says my tummy is paining, please stay with me.

Kulfi asks Sikander to help her with studies or she will be thrown out of the class,she doesn’t want this to happen. Lovely agrees to stop and Sikander Agrees too. Cutie asks lovely why didn’t she go, Lovely says Amyra isn’t fine,cutie says you go I will look after her, Amyra says mom please don’t go,don’t leave me,

Lovely leaves. Gunjan says I will help Kulfi study you go attend the meeting, don’t worry this has to happen someday, Gunjan leaves with Kulfi.

Amyra and kulfi talk to each other and share information, they decide to meet at secret place. In the meeting, Sikander and lovely with lawyers, Adi introduces Aprova as India’s best lawyer, Aprova says lovely I will be your lawyer and a best friend in this bad times, Sabha is Sikander’s lawyer, Sikander and lovely look at each other and remember their fights,

Lovely in tears, Aprova says don’t worry I know what you are going through, I know you are worried about what will media do, they won’t bother you, we will have a settlement, Sabha says we need to first talk to them,do you really want divorce.

Girls come to the conclusion that cutie and Gunjan shouldn’t have done that, Kulfi says call me Didi now, like Bholi, Amyra says I’m not bholi, and I call cutie by name as well, and I’m worried what mom and dad are doing. Sabha asks did you have love marriage, both say no, Lovely says he loved someone else and music, Sikander says and she just herself,

Lovely says you are a woman you know weddings are so special,I didn’t even know who my husband was, he left me alone,did you ever try to talk to me, Sikander says I did make efforts, and narrates poetry,

Lovely says you know I don’t understand poetry, Sikander says see you don’t like me, Lovely and Sikander both start arguing. Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update

Sikander says she never had time for me or my family,just keeps partying, Lovely says I did because I was alone in your family and you never made me feel included. Amyra says they keep fighting to keep cribbing the past, Kulfi says even mama Mami use too, Amyra says but if mom and dad are really separate.

Kulfi The Singing Star 24 September 2019 – StarLife Update



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