Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019 StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019 StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019 StarLife Update

Kulfi hugs Rocket, kids play music Kulfi sings to motivate him, Ama walks in, all stop, Ama says I see you guys have taken interest in music since 186 is here, so now prepare a song, we are going to a party and you will sing that song and entertain guests there.

Rajan asks Ama when she hates music so much,what was your motive behind asking kids to prepare a song, Ama says a rich man had come here few days back he called us and offered money,Rajan asks who, Ama says Sikander Gill. Rocket says this is great opportunity, Kulfi says I know, many people in the party and so we can escape,.

Sikander gets Amyra blindfolded, to her room, Amyra opens her eyes and sees new princess dress and asks is this for me, sikander says yes it’s a princess dress and we have only one princess, amyra says it’s worlds best dress I love it, and I will look a real princess right, Sikander says you are a princess, Sikander puts crown over her head, she hugs him.

Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019 StarLife Update

Rajan address kids and says be ready on time, and you will wear these clothes in party and don’t stain them, Vaishali and Bansi get in argument, Kulfi says stop it focus on planning, Kulfi says I don’t know why I feel like I’m gonna see baba, Sikander in his room, removes one more dress, and says kulfi I wish you were here with me with your baba you would look so pretty in it.

Amyra’s birthday party begins, Amyra very happy and says it’s a fairyland here, sikander says it’s your fairyland, Lovely leaves goes asked and starts crying, Amyra’s friends give her birthday wishes, Sikander walks to lovely and says it’s my daughters birthday don’t spoil her mood with all this, doctor here’s that and says Sikander don’t worry I’m nearby I will keep an eye on her, Sikander leaves to check stage arrangement.

Kulfi and kids arrive at the venue, Sikander gets in the stage. Rajan address kids and says Ama will arrive soon, don’t create any nuisance I will go meet manager, Bansi says this is like a dream, rocket says it is but focus on escaping. Sikander with other guests sees Amyra on stage signing him, sikander says yes baby, Kulfi hears that and says baba, and pulls a man thinking it’s Sikander.

Amyra hugs Sikander,Kulfi says sorry and leaves saying good I’m missing him so much. Ama says Rajan why did you get them here, make them wait in waiting room, Ama says kids wait here we will go meet the organisers and the gentleman.

Bansi says Ama has Locked the door, Zinda says bathroom may have a window, Kulfi sees everyone rushing here and there and says we will find an opportunity to escape calm down, Lovely gets emotional seeing amyra happy and thinks my baby is happy after so long god please don’t separate us, Sikander greets Ama, she says thank you, for calling us, Sikander asks where are kids let them enjoy, Ama says they are little shy, and awkwardness may harm their performance too, once they are done I will let them enjoy here

Sikander says okay can I see them, Ama says sure, Bansi gets to the door and says when will we run.sikander and Ama proceeds towards the waiting room.

Ama walks to waiting room along with Rajan and Sikander, Sikander about to get in gets a call and leaves, Ama walks to kids, Amyra asks Sikander to come back and hold her hand be there for her all the time, Sikander asks Rohan to talk to Ama and look after the kids, Ama tells kids soon they will be called on stage, Sikander der sends snacks for kids,

Ama says stop starring it’s not for you it will spoil your stomach. Sikander thanks everyone to join celebrate Amyras 8th birthday party, lovely very emotional, and says I’m very lucky to have a daughter and may she have my life, Mohendar walks in, Bebe asks him to calm himself, Mahendra asks is this true, Bebe says she will be hurt to se enough this way, don’t make her feel it,

Mohendra walks to Amyra, Amyra hugs him, Amyra asks why are you so late, it’s my last birthday, Mohendar says no there are much more to come, we will fight away this illness, Amyra asks why are you crying, Mohendar says I met you after so long, Sikander says let’s cut the cake.

Amyra says dad like every year I will blow off all the candles at once and my wish will be fulfilled, Sikander says okay, Amyra tries but has breathing problem, Sikander says we will do it together,lovely start crying, all wish amyra happy birthday, everyone gets emotional, Bebe says Sikander have cake, Sikander says my Kulfi won’t be having how will I. Ama says Rajan keep an eye on them, I will go check stage Rajan says can I have snacks, Ama says Okay and leaves.

Rajan offers kids snacks, all have happily, Rajan says I always wish to give you such delicious food but this job gives me money and so I have to ill-treat you I’m sorry, kids say we understand you.

  • Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019

Mohendar says baby I couldn’t find kulfi and Amyra this is happening, Ama asks shall I call the kids, sikander introduces lovely to Ama,Ama thinks I find her voice so recognising, and calls Rajan asks him to get kids on stage, Sikander addresses guests and says we kids here to perform a song specially on Amyras birthday. Rajan wishes kids all the best, Rohan asks do kids have problem with focused lights, Rajan says no, rocket says kulfi idea.

Kids get on stage, rocket dims the light, kids take their positions, and begin singing, Sikander thinks why does that girl remind me of Kulfi, Kulfi thinks why do I feel like Baba is there infront of me, Amyra starts having panic attack, Sikander leaves with her and doctor, Kulfi starts singing, Sikander hears her voice.

Doctor starts examining Amyra, sikander missing kulfi, Kulfi missing Sikander, doctor says she is just tired nothing serious, amyra says dad the fun is outside, can’t go, doctor says let her but Amyra you have to sit calmly and not tire yourself, amyra says promise. Sikander der gets amyra out. Lights go off and come back again, Ama shocked to see no one on stage, Rajan asks Ama where are kids…Kulfi The Singing Star 25 October 2019 StarLife Update

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