Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 August 2019 On StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 August 2019 On StarLife

Tonight episode starts with David locking Kulfi in the confession box, prayer begins in the church, Sikander addresses everyone and says you all know me, said kids are Gods gift, and I have lost my baby, Kulfi recognizes his voice.

Sikander says my lost baby is little sweet kid, years back I had an innocent person in my life but got separated and remembers Nimrat and says then came this little kid and I felt the same experience, like I met myself again after ages,and I couldn’t guard gods this gift, I had promised him i won’t leave him,he is named Kulfi, he came here with a man,in white ambassador, I know you guys will understand my pain,please help me find my Kulfi and I promise i shall not let him go away from me.

David says that he will get Kulfi before anyone sees him. Susan stops David and says that Kulfi is not their Joshua. Susan says that she knows what happened with their Joshua Flashback shows that David is with his son Joshua who forgets his water bottle before going to school.

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 August 2019 On StarLife

David goes to get a water bottle and Joshua gets hit by a bus. Flashback ends. Susan says that she was angry when Joshua died. Susan says that Kulfi is a special child but it is not right for them to keep Kulfi as he is not happy with them. Susan pleads David to let Kulfi go. David walks towards the confession box. Sikandar goes away from church and cries.

Sikandar thinks about his moments with Kulfi. David opens the confession box door. David pulls out Kulfi. Kulfi pleads David to let him go. David leaves Kulfi. Kulfi says he will pray for Susan and she will be fine soon. Kulfi leaves. David smiles at him. David hugs Susan and cries. Lovely tells Minty that she cannot come for her engagement party as Kulfi is missing. Kulfi The Singing Star 3rd August 2019 On StarLife

Minty scolds Lovely for missing her engagement party for that village boy. Lovely says she will try to come. Tevar tells Minty that he knows she will come. Minty asks Tevar how he knows Lovely so well. Kulfi runs to find Kulfi. Sikandar sees Kulfi and both get very happy and open their arms for each other. Kulfi runs towards Sikandar. Kulfi gets hit by a van and she falls unconscious. Sikandar holds Kulfi and screams.

Sikander with Kulfi in arms runs everywhere asking for help, he asks a coffin van to help him and on his way drops his phone, and it gets crushed by a car. Lovely sees the ring, cutie walks in and asks why aren’t you ready we have to go to Mintis engagement, Lovely says mom I don’t think Minti has done the right choice, Lovely asks how do you know, Lovely says I just know and leaves, Cutie says I guess last night she walked out of Tevars house and now this what’s wrong.

Media at City hospital covering news and sees Sikander with Kulfi, Sikander meets doctor and Kulfi taken for examination, Sikander fills Kulfis admission form, he writes his name in place of father’s name and gets in, media walks in and tries to take details but gets none. The doctor says Kulfi needs to undergo surgery, she needs to be taken to another hospital because all doctors are busy with omi Kapoor heart case, please take him somewhere else, Kulfi will collapse otherwise.

Minti and Tevars engagement party, Tevar says cutie can I say that because I don’t feel like calling you aunty, Cutie says why not and blushes, Tevar tries to gel with Amyra and Cutie. Tevar says 7 years back i never thought i would see this day this successful house and a woman is always behind a successful man because she never chooses an unsuccessful man, Cutie finds this line fishy.

Sikander loses his calm, Doctor asks him to.calm down, the nurse says doctor kulfi is collapsing, the doctor says we are trying but internal bleeding is more and we cant do it please understand, Sikander begs them to help Kulfi, Doctor says we are juniors please understand, Sikander keeps begging.

Lovely tries calling Sikander, Tevar snatches her phone and says what childishness is this, Tevar says say it you don’t want me to marry Minti, Lovely says o don’t care, Tevar says liar, Lovely says I’m worried about Sikander. Dr. Niti looks at Kulfi and says arrange for the operation we will give it a try, the nurse asks Sikander to sign risk form, Niti starts operating Kulfi, Sikander locks another doctor out to avoid interruptions.

Tevar says Amyra is proof that Sikander doesn’t care about you two, and we can give everything and you know it, Lovely leaves, Tevar says she is still stubborn as before, Cutie sees all that.

Niti says Kulfi is very uneasy we need to calm her down, anesthesia won’t work. Sikander remember how Kulfi makes a song and sings for her, Niti sees Kulfi has calmed down and begins operating, Doctor says I’m sorry sir. StarLife: Kulfi The Singing Star 3rd August 2019

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