Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 July 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 July 2019 Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 3 July 2019 Update

Kulfi thinking about her bag, and says ma what will I do now, Sikander passing by and has played a song in his car, kulfi hears that song. Amyra dancing in front of left-right, says that dirty boy is gone I’m so happy, lovely walks to Amyra and says what are you doing, amyra says that dirty boy you threw him out I’m so happy, I’m gonna party,lovely says Amyra it’s an important day Roshan kumar will be heated and you can’t sing so bad, Amyra says mom what did you say, amyra about to have a colddrink, lovely says stop and says Amyra you won’t have anything cold till this meeting,amyra says enough mom and throws the glass,what’s your problem mom you scolded dada first and then me,what’s my fault if I can’t sing,I hate you and everyone and leaves.

Dadi hears that and says lovely calm down she is a kid, lovely says she never listens, dadi says situation is what makes her angry, lovely asks what, dadi says your separation act made her upset and I know it was Sikanders fault, and remember don’t bring it to amyra that will upset her like now, lovely says okay.

Kulfi with the BMC uncle,he asks where is your house tell me I will drop you there,kulfi remembers mama asking her not to tell anything about her village or parents,uncle says don’t worry if your parents hit you I will drop you to police station and they will talk to your parents,kulfi thinks oh know if this happens and they take me back home mama and his hard work all will go in vain and I don’t even have moms bag.

Amyra says mom I’m practising since morning and tomorrow,lovely remembers dad asking not to include Sikanders parents and since dadi is near by says so that tomorrow you will be big star and Amyra when I was my way back a little baby was singing so well why can’t you sing like him,and you are Sikanders daughter, amyra says ok then go get him and make him sing,lovely says okay then I will make him sing then.

StarLife: Kulfi The Singing Star 3 July 2019

Lovely gets down and stars looking for who that boy was,a man passing by says his name was kulfi,lovely thinks oh god kulfi is that boy,and says are you sure and explains the look,he says yes exactly same and BMC person took him away,lovely about to go,Sikander comes there and asks where to,lovely says nothing you go home I will be back in 5.
Kulfi at signal slowly gets down the van, lovely sees the BMC van and runs towards it, she checks in the van and sees no one and asks the person where is kulfi, he says right behind, lovely says stupid couldn’t look after a little boy, lovely starts looking for kulfi all around.

Sikander asks jagira,how is kulfi,lovely scolded him is he fine, jagira says he left the house,I don’t know where,Sikander says what do you mean by that quickly go look for him, jagira says he cried a lot, he won’t come, Sikander says give me his picture I will look for him, jagira says I will look for the pic,j agira comes out of room and says god I’m stuck now,Sikander tries calling lovely.
Lovely finds kulfi sitting in a corner and gets very happy and says thank you god and walks to her, lovely says I know you are angry I scolded you right,I’m sorry and elders do mistake too,and cmon you can punish me,kulfi says ok stand on one feet, lovely says ok and stands on one feet,kulfi says ok enough,and I know it’s tough,we kids know that unlike you elders, you threw me out of the house and tells her what all happened.

Lovely walks to her and wipes her tears, kulfi hugs her and starts crying, lovely hugs her back and says cmon let’s go home, and picks her in her arms and takes her home,security says she is all in mud how did you maam,lovely smiles puts her down and with pipe pours water on kulfi,kulfi enjoys it,lovely thinking about kulfis voice,and asks maid to take kulfi and dry her up. Kulfi asks her will you help me find my bag,lovely says yes promise.

Sikander about to leav eto look for kulfi,Jonny comes with her bag,Sikander about to open it sees his servant and hand sit to him,lovely and kulfi come there,Sikander happy to see them,Jonny runs to kulfi,kulfi says did you miss me I did too,love,y says Sikander I’m already guilty about being rude to kulfi and you were right about our marriage and I hope you still respect me,Sikander says yes I do,Mayra walks to them and asks why is he back again,lovely says he will stay with us for few days,Amyra says no ways first singing pressure and now this torcher.

Sikander says no Amtrak you shouldn’t say all this,lovely says kulfi come let me take you to your room,get changed or else you will catch cold and even your throat may be affected,Kulfi says my room,lovely says yes yours come and picks her up and takes her along with her to show her room,amyra says for whom should I be superstar and gets angry and leaves. Kulfi The Singing Star 3 July 2019 Update

Kulfi says I can sleep in small place too but such big room, it’s so beautiful,I can see the sky from here,lovely says you liked it,kulfi says yes,lovely says then it’s yours, and till your bag is found stay here, you are my guest and your comfort is my duty, kulfi hugs her and says you are so sweet, lovely says thank you now change I will get you food,lovely leaves.
Kulfi starts jumping on the bed.lovely says thank god I found him now let me record his voice and Amyra will just do lisping it’s a perfect plan,kulfi whole dancing her pagdi comes off,kulfi sees mirror and says oh no now I’m a girl,lovely knocks the door and says kulfi come out food is ready,kulfi gets scared,she starts looking for pagdi and remembers mama words that she won’t be a girl unless she meets her dad, lovely says ok coming in.

Sikander walks to angry amyra, and asks what’s wrong with my princess, amyra says my life is over, Sikander starts laughing,amyra says stop laughing didn’t you see mom, she doesn’t love me, Sikander says she is just helping that little boy,his mom isn’t here so,she loves you a lot,she picked him up but never me,Sikander says because I’m here for you, and she loves you the most in the world, amyra says I don’t want to talk about that dirty boy and do you love me,Sikander says yes I love you,Sikander says then promise me you won’t love any other baby except me.
Kulfi says don’t come in, I’m not fully ready, lovely says I will help you like I help amyra, kulfi says but we aren’t same she is girl and I’m boy, lovely says ok I’m going you come soon, lovely says when will I record him and when will amyra learn lyrics amyra can’t loose this chance.

Kulfi checks whether lovely soft and comes out and starts looking where her pagdi is.sikander says promise,I will love amyra she is my daughter and dances with her, kulfi sees them together and while looking at them the towel from her hair comes off, kulfi in tears. More Update Coming Later…

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