Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 5 August 2019 StarLife Update

Kulfi The Singing Star 5 August 2019 StarLife Update

The episode starts with Lovely panicing after knowing Kulfi is a girl and says I have to tell this to Sikander and walks to him, Mahendra says Sikander I want to talk to you, Sikander says yes tell me, Mahendra says look this will make you angry but please listen to the whole thing first, Sikander says don’t scare me is Kulfi fine, Mahendra says she is fine,Kulfi isn’t a boy she is a girl, she isn’t any random girl but your and, Mahendra sees Amyra and Lovely and keep quite.

Sikander says Kulfi is with us since so many days one minute and leaves, Amyra says mom Kulfi is a liar and now dad has to punish her. Sikander gets in Kulfis room, he sits beside her, Sikander lets her hair loose and says what secret is it, kid that you couldn’t say, you have a beard so much my dear but still always had a smile, you truly

a lioness and my princess, Amyra walks in, and asks will you punish her because she lied, Sikander says we have no idea what the reason behind it is, Amyra says when I lied you took my phone away from me but Kulfi you never take her as wrong and starts crying, Sikander says look at her she is in pain,Amyra says now I’m very sure that you love her more than me and im nothing to you and walks away.

Kulfi The Singing Star 5 August 2019 StarLife Update

Sikander says how will I punish till I know the truth. Amyra crying and says I hate her, Tevar walks to her and says where it lost your smile, Amyra says I don’t have time for this, Kulfi is a girl and dad is changed too, dad hates lies but he isnt upset about kulfi lying,like Kulfi is his daughter and I’m not. Tevar says stop crying and hugs her, and says you are the most lovable for your dad and he loves you a lot you are my daughter i mean like my daughter.

Kulfi opens her eyes and says ma, Sikander sits beside her, Kulfi says i saw my ma i spoke to her and then she left, it hurts when people you love the most leave, Sikander says when you kniw that why did you go away from me,Kulfi says by mistake and never will do that im sorry, but why are you addressing me as a girl, Sikander sats this boy has lovely hair,Kulfi says i will have moustache soon, Sikander says how about some dolls and starts laughing, Kulfi thinks god i broke promise he found the truth.

Tevar says you know we have one thing in common,its we hate liars and performs and sings for Amyra and makes her smile,Amyra joins him rap, both dance together,Tevar says you rapped so well where did you learn this,Amyra kisses him and says from you,Tevar emotional hugs her.

Kulfi covers her face and says you found the truth, Sikander removes it and says still you are my tiger, Kulfi says aren’t you upset, Sikander says why did you lie ,Kulfi says mama told me till i find my dad i shouldn’t tell anyone that im a girl and who my mmom is and where i belong too, Sikander says dont worry all is good,i will be back,Kulfi says im missing mma will you get her belongings.

Sikander walks out thinking about Kulfi words, and one kulfi said he wants to learn read and write so he can read wwhats in nimrats diary Sikandar remembers that Kulfi wanted him to read her mother’s diary. Sikandar meets Tevar and Tevar gives him sweets. Tevar asks Sikandar how is your daughter and Sikandar thinks he is talking about Kulfi. Tevar thinks that Lovely has to admit Amayra’s truth. Mohender tells his mother that he will tell Sikandar the truth about Kulfi being his daughter. Lovely sees Mohender and his mother talking and wonders what are they talking about. Sikandar meets Mohender and his mother and tells them that Kulfi has regained her consciousness. Sikandar says that Kulfi wants her mother’s belongings. Sikandar says that if he sees the diary he will be able to find Kulfi’s father. Sikandar’s mother says that she will get Kulfi’s mother’s belongings.

Kulfi The Singing Star 5 August 2019

Tevar grabs Lovely and asks her to tell the truth. Lovely pushes him away and leaves.
Sikandar goes to Kulfi’s room and combs her hair. Sikandar tells Kulfi that she is his daughter just like Amayra. Kulfi gets emotional. Kulfi tells Sikandar that her mother had told her that her father is near her. Lovely asks Jagira why he lied about Kulfi being his grandson. Jagira says that he found Kulfi in a train from Pathankot. Lovely gives Jagira a lot of money and asks him to leave the house immediately.

Lovely warns Jagira not to tell anyone about Kulfi being from Pathankot. Lovely thinks that Pathankot is near Chiroli. Lovely wonders whether Kulfi has some connection with Nimrit. Lovely thinks to search Kulfi’s mother’s belongings. Lovely asks the servant about Kulfi’s mother’s belongings. Servant says that Dadi took it away.

Lovely is about to leave but Tevar meets her and asks her whether Amayra is his daughter. Lovely is shocked. Sikandar’s mother thinks that she will make Kulfi unite with her father. Tevar is very angry and pleads Lovely to tell the truth. Lovely asks Tevar to take her to the hospital immediately and then she will tell him the truth. Sikandar’s mother reaches the hospital. Kulfi The Singing Star 5 August 2019 StarLife Update

Lovely prays that Kulfi should not be Sikandar’s daughter. Lovely reaches hospital. Lovely sees Sikandar’s mother with Kulfi’s belongings in hand. Lovely presses the fire alarm and chaos starts. Sikandar’s mother gets injured in the rush and she drops the belongings. Lovely takes it away. Lovely removes the diary and reads it and realizes it is Nimrit’s diary. Lovely open a locket and finds Sikandar and Nimrit’s pictures in it. Lovely understands that Kulfi is Sikandar and Nimrit’s daughter.

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