Kulfi The Singing Star 5th March 2020

Kulfi The Singing Star 5th March 2020

Kulfi the singing star 5 March 2020: Kulfi asks a man did he see someone pick gold coin, he says no, and gets busy selling eggs. Kids walk back home heartless. Amyra says what will we do Kulfi, kids convince eachother to forget about it. Sikander asks what’s wrong why is everyone so upset,

Kulfi says we lost gold coin, Raju mummy says it’s gold coin, forget it, someone might have taken it, Sikander says it’s impossible to find it, Kulfi Amyra say but you always said not to loose hope, Sikander says then don’t, go find it, hustle find it. Sikander thinks I know you will pass this test of mine, I have to teach you these life lessons before I go.

Sikander shows girls how all chawl mates are celebrating Dhanteras, and it’s hope in them that they are keeping up, so shouldn’t we, sikander leaves. Kulfi Amyra pray and says we won’t give up. Sikander Raju and Sandy look at Mohsin khans jewelleries and black money. Sikander meets Mohsin khan later and proposes idea to make song and feature in it, Mohsin agrees and says Ram Mohan Lakhan Pal raided my house, Sikander says he is my uncle, Mohsin says please talk to him.

  • Kulfi The Singing Star 5th March 2020

Sikander says Mohsin my uncle agreed to return you your stuff. A man comes running to Yusuf for help, and tell him about his bike being stolen and someone who eats 100 eggs have taken it to his Akhada, Kulfi has an idea.

Raju as Ram Lakhan Pal, gives Moshin his stuff and then asks how much you taking from sikander, he says nothing for free. Kulfi talks to her friends says our coin may be with Mahabali Akhada we need to take it from them.

Raju asks Sikander why this amount as bribe we took, sikander says we will use it for my new album. Raju gets call he informed Yusuf about bike.

Girls at Mahabali Akhada,Raju gets call from bike man, there is a mistake. Wrestlers hitting Yusuf, girls see that and get scared,Raju tells Sikander that Yusuf has no Brains fan into wrestlers and is being hit. Girls and kids rush to wrestlers and ask them to stop. Kulfi scolds wrestlers, Mahabali walks to kulfi and says how dare you come here and mess with me, this is my area, kids get scared and leave with Yusuf.

Mahabali starts seeing what everyone has robbed, Kulfi sees their gold coin in it.

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