Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 5th October 2019 – StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star 5th October 2019 – StarLife

The episode starts when Sikander and Kulfi treating Lovely with a delicious lunch spread. Lovely asks Kulfi to leave them alone. Lovely gets irked on Sikander as she feels he is forcing her to come close to Kulfi.

Lovely leaves. Amyra comes and tells Lovely that Kulfi likes Nimrat because her name is similar to her mother’s name. Lovely’s mother tries to manipulate Lovely against Sikander. Lovely says Sikander will have to choose between Kulfi and her today itself.

Lovely calls Kulfi to her place. She gives Kulfi a glass of milk to drink and some cash. Lovely tells about her plan to Kulfi. She says she will be in front of a speeding train and Kulfi will be in a train to Punjab, it will be Sikander’s call to choose between the two.

Kulfi The Singing Star 5th October 2019 – StarLife

Kulfi faints owing to the milk she drank. Lovely calls Sikander and asks Sikander to make a choice right away. Lovely tells Sikander that he has an hour to make a decision. Sikander gets scared seeing Kulfi missing. He rushes to find her.

Lovely keeps unconscious Kulfi in the bus to Punjab. Lovely and Amyra walk on the railway track. Lovely calls Sikander and says she is going.

Kulfi gets back her conscious and finds herself in a bus. Kulfi moves out of the bus. Kulfi sees the railway track and decides to find Lovely there.

Kulfi sees Lovely and Amyra on the railway track. Sikander too comes there to save Amyra and Lovely. Kulfi heads towards Amyra and Lovely. She gets her foot tucked on the rail track.

Two trains rush towards Lovely – Amyra and Kulfi. Kulfi shouts for help, Sikander rushes to her, he sees lovely and Amyra standing on the track too, Kulfi shouts baba, amyra shouts dad, Sikander shouts lovely to move aside, and rushes towards her, Amyra tries to pull lovely away but she doesn’t move, lovely seeing train approaching pushes Amyra away, Sikander jumps and saves lovely,

Kulfi has flashes of time spent with Sikander, she sees train approach and shouts, lovely says Sikander you choose me,and not her you came,sikander sees kulfi no where and runs towards her. Amyra hugs lovely and says I’m sorry are you okay, all will be fine, sikander shouts for kulfi, Sikander finds kulfis footwear and starts crying, 3 men approach him and ask what’s wrong. Sikander says kulfi was stuck, my baby where did she go, men say there’s no body nothing where did she go, where did you find the footwear, Sikander points, men say she is fine then, because the train changes track here, so passed from the track aside.

Sikander asks lovely where is Kulfi, lovely says I was sending her Punjab and left her at bus depot don’t know how she came here, sikander says take amyra and go home. Kulfi scared walking alone, Sikander starts asking for kulfi and searching for her, Kulfi remembers all promises Sikander made, and how he had saved her before. Kulfi gets in bus. Sikander with kulfis shoe breaks down.

Sikander sees Nimrat walk with Kulfi and rushes to them,Sikander hugs her and lifts her in his arms, Kulfi remembers Sikander didn’t save her, Sikander kisses her and says you are fine, thank god, please forgive me, I can’t forgive myself. Nimrat says calm down she is fine and with us. Kulfi home unable to forget the incident. Nimrat walks to her and calms her down,Kulfi says train, Nimrat says there is no train, I will get you water, Kulfi says don’t leave me, nimrat says calm down all will be fine, sikander unable to forget what happened.

Lovely walks to Sikander happy and hugs him, and says I love you so much I can’t believe you choose me,you proved yourself, Sikander says kulfi could have died,lovely says she is fine, and you proved your love, I trust you, we don’t have to separate and no need of divorce we will be together forever, now go rest you look tired.

StarLife: Kulfi The Singing Star 5th October 2019

Scared Kulfi walks out, she sees lovely and gets scared, Lovely walks to her, Kulfi asks are you fine, Lovely says yes even after what you did, Kulfi asks what i did, Lovely says go to your room, Kulfi says no, Lovely says so you have decided not to listen a word, Kulfi says I did everything you said, I drank milk, but why did you leave me and go on tracks, lovely asks who are you to question me and why did you get down of bus and on tracks,

Kulfi says to save you, Lovely says you will save me, no my husband will and you want to be hero right. Kulfi says I know you hate me but why send me alone, Lovely says because you have no place in this house but shameless you why don’t you leave this house, keep returning, but I know how to get rid of you and I will, simple Sikander will never choose you but his family and you are nothing to him.lovely leaves.

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