Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019 – StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019 - StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019 – StarLife: Sikander looks at Lovely and says i understand but look its our business and i have some principles too, Lalwani says all these tantrums look good on girls and not that singer who is on verge to finish its your chance to come back.

Amyra walks to Tevar and asks is your mood off,mine too why is it always we have same mood swings,you know mom did it,she has changed a lot,always angry and behind me, Tevar starts laughing seeing Amyra imitate Lovely and says kiddo you shouldn’t stay upset with Mom longer,and she gets upset with one who she loves the most and mom carried you in Tummy or 9 months, Amyra says no no its just 7,Cutie says i was born early like my mom, Tevar thinks is Lovely lying.

Lovely says Sikander why are you doing this iits big show, Kulfi has no problem, Sikander says enough i cant stand this lie anymore, Mohendar says Sikander i get your point but the show, Sikander says we will find other ways but this show won’t be done and i want to find Kulfis father,thats what i will focus on and calls Kulfi,Mohendar says dont rush we will find her father but rejecting show wont be good for your market.

StarLife: Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019

Kulfi asks you called me, Sikander says tell me about your baba, tell us your story,Kulfi thinks ma said i should tell Sikander sir, Sikander asks what place are you from,Kulfi says Chiroli, Sikander shocked, Kulfi asks have you been to my place, Sikander says yes,i had someone there,you don’t worry we will go Chiroli tomorrow.

Lovely gets to her room and sees Tevar and says get out,Tevar says i want just the truth, Amyra was premature baby, Lovely says so just get it she is mine and Sikander daughter, Tevar says if you hide anymore i wont keep quite and leaves, Lovely says why me,what will i do now.

Sikandar in music room thinking of Nimrat, Lovely walks in and says you won’t go Chiroli,he asks why,i promised Kulfi, Lovely says so did you,you promised you won’t look for Nimrat, Sikander says this time i will do it she is my responsibility, Lovely says enough what about Amyra, Sikander says enough,Lovely says you know who did this to Kulfi it was Amyra who sent Kulfi to David, Sikander walks to her room in anger,Lovely says she isnt home,i knew you will react this way,its not her fault,open your eyes and see how you behaving with her since kulfi is here,so is Amyras jealousy,so stop it,why cant you see, Amyra is collapsing but all you care is about Kulfi,punish yourself and not Amyra,if you go you will never get Amyra .

Kulfi hears Bebe and Mohendar talk,Bebe says Sikander is doing right,if its Kulfis voice she should get recognition and not amyra,Mohendar says but he is llossing shows because of it. Kulfi goes to Sikandar and sees that he is sad and pacifies him. Kulfi tells Sikandar why he is missing concert to take her to Chiroli to search her uncle. Sikandar says that right now nothing is more important for him than searching her father. Sikandar tells Kulfi he will do anything for her. Kulfi makes Sikandar promise to sing in the concert and let her sing for Amayra.

Kulfi asks Sikander to swear on her and let her sing for Amyra, Sikander gets angry and leaves. Sikander gets in touch with kapoor for recording,he says only after his next show Sikander will get recording. Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019 – StarLife

Kulfi sings for Sikander to cheer him up,and asks him to sing as well. Lovely gets to her room, and calls Tevar, Tevar asks what you want, Lovely says you will never get answer to your questions and your actions will put me in difficulty please stop it,believe me Sikander is Amyras father,he lift her in arms first time in city hospital.

Kulfi says Sikander sir please agree to this,i know Amyra thinks i am taking you away from her,she has her dad with her unlike me please agree. Tevar at City hospital and asks receiptionist for help,she says sorry sir,he says i know all that please but its a request,she says okay,he says Lovely Sikander Gill,She says sir all her records are deleted dean sir did it few minutes ago.

Sikander says i cant do it,Kulfi says please and hugs him, Sikander says i feel my god sent an angel in you,Kulfi says i dont have wings and cant do magic as well, Sikander says i have seen your wings,why do you wnat to share your success and happiness,Kulfi says happiness increases on sharing so its good thing and people will be happy when you will sing,please agree

Reciptionist says a madam came and deleted all hard copies too,Tevar shows Lovelys pic and asks was it her,she says yes. Sikander calls Amyra Lovely and others,and says Amyra i know you did David thing,Amyra scolds Kulfi, Sikander says your mom told me,Amyra says okay whats my punishment, Sikander says enough Amyra and you know its my fault,you wanted my time and so did that and so we both need that change,give me your gadgets and apologise to Kulfi,Amyra says Sorry kulfi.

Sikandar hugs Amyra and says im so sorry,a good person is better than all happiness and sucesss get it my princess, and i know you all want me to sing in concert and its condition to cheat my music but Kulfi convinced me and yes i will sing with Amyra. Tevar asks do you remember any slight details,like 7 months or 9 months,she says file was in 9 months normal delivery and you will get babies details in register, Tevar says god my baby is alive,Love you didn’t do good lying to me.

Today: Kulfi The Singing Star 7 August 2019 – StarLife

Mohendar says Kulfi you did a good job dear, Sikander says Amyra thank Kulfi she did it for your happiness,Kulfi says I’m thankful to you all as well, Sikander says forst chiroli tomorrow and then rehearsal. Lovely panics

Sikander thinks about ustad and his music that deserving person should always get the name. Kulfi walks to him with Amyra and Amyra Kulfi start discussing about how they will manage about show, Sikander says we will rehearse tomorrow go sleep now, Kulfi requests him to sing one song, Sikander starts singing, Amyra sleepy, Sikander unable to concentrate,he starts singing looking at Kulfi and Amyra.

Amyra says sing like Tevar cool songs this is too much Hindi, Sikander asks Kulfi you think same, Kulfi says no actually im not able to connect, Sikander says its about independence day. Kulfi asks meaning, Sikander says come let me narrate you a story about independence day. More  Update Coming Later…

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