Kulfi The Singing Star

Kulfi The Singing Star August 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star August 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Kulfi The Singing Star August 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Kulfi starts finding her way out, Sikander out of Davids house, Sikander says I fell Kulfi is close by but where Sikander gets in the car and leaves. Lovely with a face covered starts taking off the posters. Sikander looking for Kukfi again dashes David but doesn’t recognize. Kulfi gets hurt while struggling with window and says I won’t give up and falls down and starts crying. Sikander hears David buy Pagdi, he follows him, Sikander tries to match all the clues they have, and runs towards David and pulls him out of the car and yells tell me where is my Kulfi, Dabid recognizes its Sikander pushes him and runs away.

Tevar strongly believes Kullfi to be his daughter and aims to adopt her. Loveleen is tensed as Sikander plans to get a DNA test done.

Thursday 1 August 2019 – Episode 97
Kulfi strives to escape from David’s entrapment. Later, Sikander attacks David in public and forces him to reveal Kullfi’s whereabouts. Will he confess?

Episode 98
Sikander is disappointed when he fails to find Kulfi in David’s house. Kulfi escapes from David’s house and on seeing Sikander, she calls out for help. Loveleen prevents Amyra from confessing the truth to Sikander.

Friday 2 August 2019 Episode 99
Kulfi hopes that Sikander rescues her. David punishes Kulfi when she offends him. Sikander reaches David’s place and keeps an eye on his activities. Can he tackle David?

Episode 100
David leaves his house along with Suzanne and Kulfi. On learning that David has taken Kulfi to the church, Sikander goes there hoping to find Kulfi. David tries to keep Kulfi out of Sikander’s sight.

Saturday 3 August 2019 Episode 101
David realizes his mistake and frees Kulfi from his custody. She steps out of the church and is delighted to find Sikander. However, Sikander’s joy in finding Kullfi is short-lived. Why?

Episode 102
Sikander pleads with the junior doctor to perform the surgery. He feels shattered as Kullfi lies lifeless during the surgery.

Sunday 4 August 2019 Episode 103
Tevar gets engaged to Minty. Cutie warns Loveleen against having any feelings for Tevar. Sikander tries to revive Kullfi and refuses to sign her death certificate. Nimrat motivates Kullfi to live.

Episode 104
Sikander is relieved to learn that Kullfi is out of danger. Cutie makes a shocking revelation to Tevar. Amyra confides her fears in Loveleen that Kullfi might expose her in front of Sikander.

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Monday 5 August 2019 Episode 105
Mahinder tries to tell the truth about Kulfi to Sikander. Tevar cheers up Amyra who is upset about Sikander not willing to punish Kulfi. Kulfi tells Sikander why she lied to him that she is a boy.

Episode 106
Loveleen overhears Mahinder’s words and finds out the truth about Kulfi and Nimrat’s relationship with Sikander. What will she do about it now?

Tuesday 6 August 2019 Episode 107
Kullfi and Sikander sing and dance. Later, he brings her home. On learning that Mahinder and his mother want to reveal the truth about Kulfi to Sikander, Loveleen threatens them that she will kill herself and Amyra!

Episode 108
Mahinder assures Loveleen that he will not disclose the truth about Kulfi to Sikander. Loveleen makes a disturbing revelation to Tevar. Amyra hates Kulfi but, Kulfi tries to befriend her.

Wednesday 7 August 2019 Episode 109
Sikander decides to visit Chiroli with Kulfi. Loveleen makes him realize that he is making Amyra feel insecure. Kulfi tells him to perform in the concert and asks him for a promise.

Episode 110
Kulfi asks Sikander to promise her that he will perform with Amyra in the concert and also that he let her sing for Amyra. Later, Amyra apologizes to Kulfi.

Thursday 8 August 2019 Episode 111
Sikander enlightens Kullfi and Amyra about Independence Day’s prominence and freedom fighters. Kullfi has a dream about Situ and Nihalo. Sikander postpones his visit to Cairoli. Amyra and her friends belittle Kulfi.

Episode 112
Sikander feels guilty about letting Kulfi sing for Amyra at the concert. Amyra snubs Kulfi when she offers to teach her the song for the concert. Loveleen misleads Tevar into believing that Kullfi is their child!

Friday 9 August 2019 Episode 113
Sikander wants to tell Amyra not to perform at the concert. Just then, Amyra asks him to prove to her that he loves her more than Kulfi. Tevar meets Nihalo and asks her about Kullfi.

Episode 114
Sunidhi Chauhan and Nakash Aziz give rocking performances at the concert, Jashn-E-Hindustan. Sikander and Kulfi share an emotional moment. Kulfi seeks Tevar’s blessings when he comes to the event in search of her.

Saturday 10 August 2019 Episode 115
Sukhwinder Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan entertain the crowd with their foot-tapping songs. Later, Tevar gets furious on learning that Amyra only lip syncs to Kullfi’s songs.

Episode 116
Tevar reveals Kullfi’s singing talent in front of everyone. Amyra and Loveleen watch in horror as Kulfi sings along with Sikander. Later, Tevar does the unthinkable.

Sunday 11 August 2019 Episode 117
Sikander refuses to let Kulfi go and asks Tevar to prove that he is Kulfi’s father. Loveleen pesters Mahinder to send Kulfi with Tevar. Meanwhile, Tevar tries to persuade Kullfi to accept him as her father and come with him.

Episode 118
Tevar strongly believes Kullfi to be his daughter and aims to adopt her. Loveleen is tensed as Sikander plans to get a DNA test done. Amid all the drama, Amyra decides to leave the house. Why?

Monday 12 August 2019 Episode 119
Loveleen blames Sikander for Amyra’s sad state of mind. Kulfi gives Nimrat’s diary to Sikandar as he pesters a reluctant Tevar to get a DNA test done. Sikander reads it and also sees Nimrat’s locket!

Episode 120
Sikander tells Kulfi that Tevar is her father. She agonizes over leaving Sikander. Loveleen is relieved as her plan worked fine.

Tuesday 13 August 2019 Episode 121
Tevar takes Kulfi to his bungalow and takes special care of her, while Sikander tries to apologize to Amyra for his mistakes. Will Kulfi get along with Tevar?

Episode 122
Kulfi misses Sikander. Tevar assures Kullfi of winning the Dahi Handi competition for her. Amyra asks Sikander to win the Dahi Handi competition when he pleads with her to return home.

Wednesday 14 August 2019 Episode 123
Sikander and Tevar compete in the Dahi Handi competition. On learning that Sikander needs to win for Amyra’s sake, Kulfi tries to ensure that Tevar loses to him. Amyra asks Sikander to make a promise to her.

Episode 124
Gunjan eavesdrops on Loveleen’s conversation and learns the truth. Loveleen tries to stop Gunjan from revealing the truth and does the unthinkable!

Thursday 15 August 2019 Episode 125
A traumatized Mahinder decides to reveal the truth about Kulfi to Sikander. Worried about the consequences, Loveleen tries to stop him.

Episode 126
After Kulfi falls sick, Tevar calls up Loveleen when she is with Sikander. He tends to Kulfi and prays fervently for her recovery. Later, Kullfi puts forth a request before him.

Friday 16 August 2019 Episode 127
Tevar criticizes Loveleen for ignoring Kulfi. Mahinder talks to Sikander regarding Tevar. Meanwhile, Tevar makes a request to Sikander for Kulfi’s sake.

Episode 128
Sikander is determined to change Amyra’s attitude towards life. Tevar learns about Kullfi’s attachment with Sikander and decides to surprise her.

Saturday 17 August 2019 Episode 129
An anxious Amyra worries about Sikander’s whereabouts as she fails to find him at home. Meanwhile, Kullfi rejoices as Sikander and Tevar resume their friendship. Kulfi The Singing Star August 2019 Teasers On StarLife

Episode 130
Kullfi is excited about celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, while Sikander prays to find out the truth about Tevar. And then, he gets a clue.

Sunday 18 August 2019 Episode 131
Kulfi feels distressed and asks Tevar to confess his mistakes and apologize to Nimrat. Loveleen is petrified as Gunjan gets discharged from the hospital and returns home.

Episode 132
Loveleen is tensed as Sikander finds a major clue to find Tevar’s long-lost lover. Later, Tevar teaches English alphabets to Kulfi through a unique song.

Monday 19 August 2019 Episode 133
Loveleen is scared as Sikander is very close to learning the truth. Kulfi wins the rangoli competition.

Tuesday 20 August 2019 Episode 134
Sikander confronts Loveleen after he overhears her calling Tevar as Guddu. Tevar comes up with a plan to fulfill Kullfi’s wish.

Wednesday 21 August 2019 Episode 135
Tevar and Kulfi win the competition. He later gives Kulfi a surprise. Loveleen makes a request to Tevar. Sikander tries to learn about Tevar’s girlfriend.

Thursday 22 August 2019 Episode 136
Amyra thanks Kulfi for helping her give a dance performance. The duo team up to win against their friends. Sikander is requested to sing with Kulfi.

Friday 23 August 2019 Episode 137
Tevar is elated as Kullfi calls him father and performs with him instead of Sikander. Will Sikander be able to handle this?

Episode 138
Tevar challenges Sikander to prove to Kulfi that he is not her father. Sikander makes a call to Tevar’s girlfriend’s number but Kulfi picks up his call.

Saturday 24 August 2019 Episode 139
Loveleen advises Sikander. He and Tevar cheer for Kullfi and Amyra when they both participate together against their friends in a competition.

Episode 140
Sikander and Amyra win against Kulfi and Tevar in the competition. Sikander infers that the number he is trying to call belongs to Loveleen!

Sunday 25 August 2019 Episode 141
Loveleen is forced to admit her bitter past. Sikander feels shattered on learning the truth. Will Sikander forgive her?

Episode 142
On learning the truth, Sikander vows to prove to Kulfi that Tevar is not her father. Meanwhile, Kullfi accepts Tevar as her father and bonds with him.

Monday 26 August 2019 Episode 143
Amyra gives a special gift to Loveleen and Sikander. Loveleen tries to persuade Sikander to not reveal anything to Amyra and accept her.

Episode 144
Loveleen asks Sikander if he will stay with her and Amyra. He chastises her for her misdeeds and sets out to visit Kullfi’s native village.

Tuesday 27 August 2019 Episode 145
Sikander visits Kullfi’s village and comes across Situ. He seeks answers for his questions while Kulfi teaches Tevar and Amyra to work as a team.

Episode 146
Situ refuses to talk to Sikander. Loveleen frets on seeing Nihalo at Cutie’s house. Cutie informs Nihalo not to tell anyone about Kullfi.

Wednesday 28 August 2019 Episode 147
Amyra spots Nihalo and decides to introduce Kullfi to her. Later, Sikander requests Situ to reveal the name of Kullfi’s father.

Episode 148
Loveleen fears that Sikander might learn the truth. Nobody sees the slide which has Gunjan’s note about Kulfi’s father. Sikander shares his agony with Mahinder.

Thursday 29 August 2019 Episode 149
Kulfi eavesdrops on Loveleen’s conversation with her mother, while Sikander talks to Tevar and decides to reveal his real daughter.

Episode 150
After realizing that Tevar is fond of Kullfi, Sikander keeps the truth about Kulfi to himself. They bury the hatchet. Loveleen thanks Mahinder.

Friday 30 August 2019 Episode 151
Loveleen is upset about Sikander letting Amyra bond with Tevar. Kulfi and Tevar visit Sikander and have a good time, dining with him and the family.

Episode 152
Tevar, Sikander, Amyra and Kulfi have a gala time together at the picnic. Loveleen fears that Tevar and Sikander may learn the forbidden truth. Kulfi The Singing Star August 2019 Teasers On StarLife

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