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Kundali Bhagya 13 February 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 13 February 2020 Written Update starts when Sarla threatens Sherlin to never say anything against her daughter as she knows what to do, Sherlin asks her the reason she always hates her as she thinks that Sherlin is a liar, Sherlin then tries to explain that she is not that bad and is trying to tell them that they are being setup then she explains that karan is trying to manipulate them so will do all that he can to stop Preeta from being released and is a fraud.

Kundali Bhagya 13 February 2020

Sarla is not listening to them and tries to leave but she says that she is admitting that she hates her daughter but this does not mean that she trusts Karan as he is not worthy of their trust still Sarla believes that Karan will help Preeta, Sherlin pressurizes her and explains that she believed karan when he left them at the moment where she needed him, he left the court to be with Maira on a lunch date and also hired a foolish lawyer, she fills her head against Karan then pleads with her to make Preeta forget Karan as he will neve come back to her and he can cheat anyone for Maira, she feels that Sarla has listened to her and so her plan will be successful, she thinks of what she can do now.

Karan comes running to Preeta, the inspector does not let them talk and are about to take stop Preeta but she is taken away, he apologizes to her saying that he tried his level best but was not able to do anything, she then starts to cry explaining that she knows he did his best then she is taken away. Kundali Bhagya 13 February 2020 Written Update

Ramona hugs Maira but she is still unconscious, Karan then comes after which Maira hugs him, she apologizes to him explaining that she wanted to take his side and save Preeta but was not able to do anything, Karina explains that she feels Maira is not well and so orders Rishab to bring the car.
Karan and Maira are hugging when Sarla comes down the stairs with Sherlin, who explains that she explained that Karan will never help Preeta as he is in love with Maira which is why they are hugging each other without even thinking that the entire family is watching them.

Sarla gets really mad then slaps karan after separating them both, everyone is shocked to see this, she is constantly slapping him when Rakhi pleads with her to stop it, she is not listening to anyone then they are forced to come in between but he stops them saying that they will not say anything as she is right, Sarla asks why did he cheat them when he promised Preeta that he will make sure Preeta gets released but he lied and was not able to do anything.

She explains that Preeta would have been declared as a criminal because he was not able to fulfil his promise, she explains that they trusted him even when they knew that he had deceived them before and left Preeta on the road side but she admits that it is their fault as they should know how he was, she explains that he will come to know what it feels like when someone whom he loves will cheat him. she asks why she always believes that he is true after which he deceives them.

Ramona warns her to stop saying anything as they are saying that they tried to help them, Karan shouts at her ordering her to stop saying anything more, Karan tries to explain that he did not cheat them after which she starts to cry, Karan then explains that he is telling the truth and he even convinced Maira to help save Preeta but she was abducted on her way and so they were not able to reach the court on time, Maira also supports him.

Kundali Bhagya 13 February 2020 Written Update continues as Sarla however is not believing them explaining that she does not believe in their lies as Preeta has always considered their family as her own and even when Rakhi considers her as her own daughter even then they did not take her side, she then explains that she only wants to curse them but Rakhi stops her from saying anything further. She then explains that her god will take the revenge from her mother. Dadi then takes them all away.

Shrishti comes and is worried to see her mother crying, she asks what has happened to which Sarla exclaims that they have been deceived once again.

Preeta is being taken when she remembers what karan had said to her and what she feels when she is near him, she thinks of how he was not able to help her, the car is stopped which angers the inspector and when he asks what has happened they are told that the road is blocked and so they are forced to take a u turn.

Shrishti asks who she thinks deceived them, Sarla takes the name of karan to which Shrishti gets shocked and when she learns the name of the person who told them this then wonders why Sarla is listening to Sherlin, Sarla is adamant o believe her words saying that she knows Sherlin is really an awful person but is true with regards to karan as he ahs always hurt them and the reason he wants Preeta to remain in jail is so that he can marry Maira, She starts to cry while leaning on Shrishti, the entire family is in extreme pain.

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