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Kundali Bhagya 3 January 2020 Written Update

Kundali Bhagya 3 January 2020

Kundali Bhagya 3 January 2020 Written Update starts when Ramona tells Prithvi someone would surely know about Preeta. Prithvi turns to look Sherlin being pointed by Ramona and wonders what if Sherlin finds him inquiring about Preeta. Ramona brings Sherlin out of a group of ladies and asks about Preeta. Sherlin wonders if this is Prithvi.

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Prithvi walks straight out of the hall. Suddenly there was an attack of masked robbers in the hall. Rishab tries to prevent the chaos while everyone ran around. Prithvi hides under a table to save his life. One of the robbers hold Rishab on gun point.

Dadi scolds Shrishti for all her reactions. Rakhi tries to calm her down. Shrishti tells them to accept what they deem right. Dadi insists what they are saying is right. Rakhi asks Shrishti to do what they came for and remove Maira’s henna. Shrishti offers them to check the oil and not blame her later on. Dadi checks on the oil.

Shrishti wipes the henna through cotton and oil. They notice the henna color was fade. Shrishti says Maira’s henna is extremely dull. Karina had said the faster the color, more love there is between spouses. She leaves the room.

There was a bullet shot in the hall. Preeta and Karan were about to enter and were alert. Shrishti was startled, so were the ladies in the rooms. The robbers snatches and collects mobiles. Karan doesn’t let Preeta enter the hall and drags her outside instead. She panics that there must be some problem inside. Karan says they have guns and there can be anything, he inquires about any alternative entry.

Preeta turns towards a window from kitchen. They confirm there wasn’t anyone. Karan wasn’t ready to let Preeta in, and he would go alone to handle. Karan swears her on his life. He gives her the phone to call him if needed.

Kundali Bhagya 3 January 2020 Written Update

Sherlin was hidden under the same table as Prithvi, separated by curtain. The robbers demanded the jewellry from ladies. Rishab spots a phone lying just around Kritika. Kritika reads the signal from Rishab and signals Sameer to pass the phone on. Sameer understands Kritika wants to pass the phone to Rishab.

Kritika throws the phone but it falls under the table. Sherlin got the phone and decides to throw it back, what if someone spots her. The phone hits Rishab’s foot. He understands someone helped him. He sits to make a call. Sherlin regrets throwing the phone, though she could have called police. A robber spots Rishab making the call and grabs him. Another spots Sherlin’s hand and drags her out. Rishab thinks Sherlin threw the phone to help him and was caught, how he can help her.

There, Sherlin thinks Rishab must have thrown the phone and got her caught. The robbers’ companions come to the hall saying they cut the CCTV wires and phone connections. Rishab requests them to spare everyone, there was a Mehndi function going on. The robber laughs that there must be a bride as well. Rishab offers to pay them more money than all the gold, on a condition they don’t hurt anyone. They demand cash.

Rishab says he has no cash, he can transfer money in their accounts. The robbers say they aren’t crazy to get caught. Karina comes as Rishab’s savior but was harassed. Rishab and Sameer charge at the gunned men furiously. The robbers finally caught Rishab, tying him with a chair and his mouth tied. One of them demand Sherlin to give up on her jewellry.

Kundali Bhagya 3 January 2020 Written Update ends when Prithvi got a chance to flee from the hall. He finds a place to hide and goes to the groom’s room. Two men come to the corridor. Prithvi hides himself behind a stool and recognizes them as the robbers. They pass by Prithvi leaving a mask on the floor around.

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