Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update

Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update

Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update – Pavitra shoots Vasundhara, but Bhoomi comes in between to protect her and she gets shot. Kaveri takes Pavitra with her. Bhoomi falls down on the floor unconscious. Ansh and Vasundhara are shocked to see her in a pool of blood and rush her to the hospital. Docs operate on her and get worried as her bleeding continues and her pulse falls. Vasundhara prays god to return back her Bhoomi’s life. Just then, she and Ansh see a man rushing his daughter on a stretcher and requesting doc to save his daughter.

After some time, doc comes out of operation theater and says the operation is successful and she is out of danger, they can meet her in ICU after some time. Ansh and Vasundhara hug each other happily hearing this good news. Vasundhara thanks god for saving Bhoomi’s life.

While traveling in the car, Pavitra tells Kaveri that she will sleep peacefully today. Kaveri says whole life is peaceful now. Pavitra gets call from her aide that Bhoomi is alive and informs Kaveri. Kaveri says the whole hospital has to repay for Bhoomi’s life. She calls her aide in hospital and orders to kill Bhoomi. Aide peeps into Bhoomi’s ICU room and says Kaveri her work will be done.

  • Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update

Bhoomi wakes up and calls Ansh. Vasundhara calls Ansh. Ansh asks Bhoomi to rest and says he thought he would lose her and asks not to leave him alone in life. Man’s daughter is placed next to Bhoomi’s bed and doc says man that she took whole bottle of sleeping pills, but she is saved now and he has to be careful. Man asks Vasundhara to care of daughter while he brings medicines. She agrees and he leaves.

Kaveri’s puppet sees man at reception, enters Bhoomi’s room and asks Ansh to bring medicine. Once Ansh leaves, he calls his junior puppets and says they have to finish their work in 15 minutes before Ansh comes back. Suman sees Latha preparing food in kitchen and taunts that she is trying to take over Bhabhi maa’s place. Latha says she is not working to show off like her and not lazy like her. Suman says her acting wont work on her and asks her to stop dreaming about owning this house.

Kaveri’s puppet mix chemicals and sends another puppet with medicine slip to give it to Vasundhara and send her out of room. He hands over slip to Vasundhara and asks her to bring it soon. Bhoomi asks her not to worry about her and go and bring medicine. Puppets finish their work. Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update

Vasundhara and asks her to bring medicine right now. Vasundhara says she cannot leave her bahu alone. Bhoomi say she is fine now and will take care of herself until she comes back. Vasundhara leaves.

Next bed girl asks Bhoomi to give her water. Bhoomi says even she cannot get up from bed. They start conversation. Girl says how she was betrayed in love, etc. Bhoomi tells her story how her in-laws rejected her at first and with her honesty and hard work how won their heart and continues encouraging her. Kaveri’s puppet peon enters to mob floor. Bhoomi asks him to give water to the girl and he does.

He then drops kerosene on floor in lieu of cleaning, walks out of room and sets fire. Fire starts spreading whole room. Hospital staff start shouting. Vasundhara and Ansh hear that and run towards room. Ansh tries to enter room to save Bhoomi, but peons hold. Someone says girl inside burnt completely.

Hospital staff sets off fire somehow. Bhoomi gasps for air. Doc try to save her, but she dies. Puppet peon informs Kaveri that he did his work and Bhoomi is dead. She and Pavitra celebrate hearing this.

At Prajapati house, Pavitra dressed like Vasundhara and wearing mangalsutra. makes Latha mop floor like a servant and steps on her feet. Latha starts crying. Varun comes down and she calls him lollipop lallantop and reveals that she married him after forcing him to divorce Surbhi. She orders Latha to serve food.

Agram and Inder also join. She yells at her and says they are all her servants and if she backs off, their creditors will not spare them. Inder and Agram walk out without having breakfast. Pavitra forces Varun to have breakfast with her.

Surbhi enters wearing a mini dress. Ansh gets emotional seeing her. Pavitra yells at Surbhi and asks her to stay away from her husband. Surbhi angrily walks towards her room. Suman wearing a servant sari tries to speak to her and holds her hand. Surbhi asks her to leave her hand and back off.

Latha starts crying. Agram tries to console her, but she continues. Suman shouts she should have prepared breakfast well. Inder asks her to stop. She enters Vasundhara’s room and asks her to stop Pavitra as she is torturing them a lot. Agram says god is punishing them for not trusting them. Latha asks if this torture will not stop. Vasundhara says she does not have any answer for this, if Maan and Bhoomi would have been here, they would have handled everything. Because of her, Bhoomi died and Maan left home in her memory, now only she can pray god to send his avatar to end this evil Pavitra. ….Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update

A lady gets out of car and asks driver if he sent flowers. He says yes and within 15 min, they will also reach. Pavitra comes down holding Varun’s hand and shouts where are her servants, she does not give them salary to relax. Latha and others get afraid hearing her yelling.

A man comes and gives Pavitra a flower bouquet. Pavitra says her lallantop/Varun must have bought it. Varun says he did not. Man says Bhoomi sent it with a message. Pavitra shouts how can it be. Driver calls on land line. Latha picks and driver says Bhoomi sent bouquet and will reach home in 15 min. Latha is also shocked, goes to Vasundhara’s room and says someone called and told Bhoomi is coming back.

Agram, Inder and Suman are shocked and ask how can it be when Bhoomi is dead. Vasundhara says whenever sin increases on earth, god takes an incarnation and comes back on earth. Pavitra reads shloks written on card and shouts at Latha and others that it must be their drama.

Door bell rings, a lady enters and says she is Bhoomi Prajapati, this house’s bahu. Pavitra says bhoomi is dead. Varun says he can identify his sister among 1000s and knows she is not his sister. Police and lawyer enter and says she is bhoomi. Pavitra shows Bhoomi’s pic and says she is dead. Lawyer says Bhoomi got plastic surgery. Bhoomi says she got burnt in fire accident and had to undergo plastic surgery. Pavitra says she will not accept and will call commissioner. Inspector says he came here on commissioner’s order and she has 15 days to prove this lady is notBhoomi. Bhoomi thanks inspector and lawyer and they both leave.

Pavitra holds Bhoomi’s hand and drags her. Bhoomi stops her, twists her hand and says dare not to touch her again, this is her house and nobody can dare to send her out. Varun tries to interfere, but Bhoomi asks him to stay out of it.

Vasundhara calls Bhoomi. Bhoomi says Agram and others that she will come and meet them later and goes to Vasundhara’s room. Vasundhara sees her and says she cannot be her Bhoomi. Bhoomi says her face burnt during fire accident and she had to undergo plastic surgery. Vasundhara says Pavitra must be tricking her and sent her here, she cannot sense dearness in her and will not accept her and asks her to get out. Bhoomi walks out sadly.

Suman massages Pavitra’s hand and asks how can she be Bhoomi. Pavitra says she is an intruder. Agram says she has every proof. Pavitra says she will call Ansh and will kick this intruder out.

Lady Luck 10 January 2020 Daily Update Varun stops bhoomi and asks her to prove she is Bhoomi. Bhoomi tells about Shukla family. He asks her to tell something which only he and Bhoomi knows. She tells about a childhood incident when she was 9 and insisted him to buy icecream. He took her to market 1 km away and brought he carrying. Varun says she has done nice homework, but he will never accept her as his sister.

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