Lady Luck 15th December 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Lady Luck 15th December 2019 Zee World Daily Update Latha shows her designed bedsheets to Bhoomi and asks her not to inform about it to anyone. Ansh sees his files missing from his laptop and shouts Bhoomi’s name. Bhoomi runs to his room. He shouts that he made a mistake by giving his laptop and she deleted his important files.

Vasundhara calls him and asks to mail her files soon. Ansh continues yelling at Bhoomi. Bhoomi says she knows to use laptop and did not delete any files. He says then where did files go. She says she knows a bit of software work and will try to recover his files.

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Ugly Suman senses the opportunity and informs Agram and Inder that Bhoomi deleted amusement park’s files and shouts that she does not know how to use laptop and because of her, Swastik industries will lose crores.

Bhoomi takes laptop and tries to recover file. Vasundhara calls Ansh again and asks why did not he send files yet. He says he is reviewing them and will send soon. He calls Pradeep and asks howmuch time he will will it take to remake presentation file. Pradeep says 1 day at least. Latha goes down and asks Agram and Inder to leave for office while Maan will join them later. Agram says he heard about Bhoomi’s mistake. Latha says Bhoomi is an engineer and is busy recovering files now.

Bhoomi asks Ansh what is his laptop’s password. He says BHOOMITHEBEAUTY. She gets happy hearing that. He says he set that password before their marriage.

Lady Luck 15th December 2019

Varun comes to his room and is shocked to see Surbhi tearing his gifted designer saris. He asks why did she tear them. She says she is making kurti’s from them and says it will be become double special for her. She shows her designs to family and asks their opinion. They are shocked to see her wearing nightie on leggings and daadi ask what kind of dress is this. She says it is kaftan and says she will buy clothes from market and later will open her own workshop. Daadi permits her with a condition that she will prepare dinner everyday.

Surbhi thinks nobody can get to her on work and she will find some way out. Bhoomi recovers Ansh’s file. He happily hugs her, but then gets conscious and part ways. She requests to take a selfie with her. He says he helped her, but that does not mean their relationship is back to normal. He asks her not to dream big and leaves, leaving Bhoomi sad.

Surbhi sets her boutique in lawn and asks servants to move tulsi plant in the corner of lawn from center. Shanti gets irked and says tulsi plant will not move from center. Surbhi says if they keep it near door, customer will enter taking its blessings. Shanti angrily permits.

Ansh reaches office and shows his presentation to clients via conference call. They praise him and tell Vasundhara that her nephew is very intelligent. Vasundhara suggests a common name for amusement park. They ask to suggest some different name. She suggests, Surbhi, Suman. They don’t like it. Ansh suggests Bhoomi and swarna. Client likes it and says their amusement park’s name would be called Swarna Bhoomi. Vasundhara agrees but fumes.

Ansh reaches home at night and sees Bhoomi sleeping on sofa. He reminisces her selfie request and takes her mobile. She sleeps on his shoulder. He takes selfie and thinks he should delete it before she wakes up. He senses her waking up and runs to his bed without deleting selfie. Bhoomi wakes up and gets happy seeing selfie. She thanks him for taking selfie and not deleting it. He goes to change his dress and goes on bed wearing night dress. She smiles looking at their selfie.

At the Shuklas, Surbhi tries to escape from preparing dinner starts as writhing with migraine headache. On dinner table, she says she cannot even bite a piece and Varun continues pampering her. Daadi says she should go and rest. Surbhi thinks she somehow escaped today, but cannot tomorrow. Daadi thinks she should do something now.

Ansh comes home after finalizing amusement park contract. Agram congratulates him and Ansh touches his feet and takes blessings.

Bhoomi is busy cooking in kitchen. Latha comes there with ugly Suman and praises Bhoomi that she is bhaglakshmi of this house and because of her, Ansh’s business is booming. Ugly thinks she is durbhagyalakshmi.

She gets Surbhi’s call who tells her about Daadi’s condition of cooking dinner everyday. She yells that Bhoomi is enjoying lavish life here and her daughter is suffering her. Surbhi suggests her to come there for some days. She says she will and thinks she will give off to all servants and make bhagyalakshmi work.

Bhoomi tells Latha that Ansh’s business is booming because of his hard work and talent. Latha says along with hard work, luck should also be there and she is his luck. Latha gets sad that she could not pursue her designer bedsheet business and was happy that she could pursue her catering business at least for some days. Bhoomi suggests her that she can start online business and she will design website for her. Latha gets happy. Ugly comes back and gets jealous seeing them happy. Lady Luck 15th December 2019 Zee World Daily Update

Latha takes Bhoomi to her room and Bhoomi makes website and takes pics of her designed bedsheet. She asks her to play music for some time as no one is at home. Latha agrees and says they should finish work within 1 hour before anyone comes. She thanks her for making her realize her value, etc.

Vasundhara reaches home as her meeting finished early. She knocks door, but no one opens it. She opens door with her lock and enters home. She hears music from Latha’s and thinks when no one is at home, then who is playing music.

Surbhi comes down in the morning happily. Shanti Daadi asks if her headache is gone. She says yes. Shanti asks if she likes raw jackfruit dish. She says it is her favorite dish. Shanti gives her jackfruit and asks her to cut it. She tries unsuccessfully. Ugly reaches there and asks what is she doing. Surbhi hugs her and says she is cutting raw jackfruit. She shouts why is she doing it. Daadi says it is surbhi’s favorite dish. Ugly shouts that she did not let her daughter cut even carrot, but they are making her cut jackfruit. Daadi says someone has to teach her, so she is. Ugly keeps mum.

Bhoomi keeps latha’s website name as Latha’s and Latha likes it. Vasundhara opens door angrily. Bhoomi and Latha get afraid seeing her and switch off music. Vasundhara asks what is this Latha’s. Bhoomi tries to explain, but Latha stops her and says she was shopping bedsheets online and found this website. Vasundhara shouts that their family bahus don’t play loud music and do online shopping and asks if she is so lazy now. Latha apologizes her and leaves. Vasundhara shouts at Bhoomi not to spoil her family members and don’t forget that she is a guest. Lady Luck 15th December 2019

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