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Lady Luck 16 November 2019 Update – Zee World – Varun tells Avni that he will not miss her and will be happy after her marriage. Bhoomi says he is lying and she saw him crying. He says he was dirt in his eyes. Avni says she will miss them both. Bhoomi asks her not to make her emotional.

Varun says even he does not want to cry as boys don’t look good crying. Avni says if Vikram had a brother, she would have married Bhoomi to him. Moms come and says it is good Vikram does not have brother, else they both would also have been stopped by their mother-in-law to go to their parent’s house on Diwali together. Shanti comes and says they can go their parent’s house together this Diwali.

Shanti asks Rajendar/tauji to tell panditji not to insult them by asking dakshina/fees in front of Avni’s in-laws and take it from her after the function. She then tells Murli that she has taken an oath and he has to keep fast for 7 days. He asks when she has taken oath, why should he. She says she has acidity problem, so he should. He hesitantly agrees. Dhara tells her husband to prepare 5 kg laddus extra for Avni’s in-laws. He agrees.

Vikram comes with baarat on horse. Rajender greets them in. Marriage function starts. Avni tries to dorn garland on Vikram, but his friend stops him and says if he bends now, he will have to his whole life and should dorn garland on bhabhi first. He does. Avni tries next, but Vikram doe not bend. Bhoomi asks what is on the floor, he bends. Bhoomi signals Avni to dorn garland and she does. Varun sees Surbhi staring at him and SMSes her not to. Their converse over SMS.

Lady Luck 16 November 2019 Update – Zee World

Bhoomi’s principal attends marriage and asks her why did she reject her job proposal and says she will not these opportunities again. Bhoomi says her family is not agreeing to let her work out of state. Principal says if she rejects job, company will be irked and will not hire her juniors from college and college’s reputation will be at risk. If she wants, she will speak to her tauji. Bhoomi says she does not want and runs from there. Taju/Rajender sees that and gets sad.

Avni’s marriage rituals start. Avni is brought to mantap by her mom and aunt and she sits next to groom Vikram. Pandit asks to do gat bandhan. Bhoomi ties their veils. Pandit asks Rajender and his wife to come in front for kanyadaan.

Surbhi SMSes Varun to call her name loudly in front of everyone. He SMSes back that he is a doctor and does not want to suicide. She SMSes back that heis a darpok. Guest’s baby cries, Bhoomi picks baby and consoles it. Vasundhara gets impressed seeing it. Surbhi asks Varun to come out.

Avni’s marriage completes with Vikran applying sindhoor on her foreahead. Bidayi starts. Avni emotionally hugs Varun. He says Bhopal is very near and whenever she wants to meet him to just give a call. She then hugs rest of family members. Surbhi and Varun’s SMS chatting continues. She acts as getting angry and he consoling her. She challenges him to meet her. He asks her to meet in backyard in 5 minutes. She silently leaves. Shanti asks Bhoomi to get sweet curds.

Surbhi gifts watch to Varun and asks if he did not like it. He say she is upset as she is going. He asks her to smile and take selfie. They both take selfies intimately. Bhoomi comes there and is shocked to see them together and realizes Surbhi is Varun’s girlfriend.

Vasundhara also comes there and walks towards them. Bhoomi gets tensed seeing her. Vasundhara holds Surbhi’s hand and Surbhi is shocked to see her. She drags Surbhi with her and takes her back to bidayi venue.

Bhoomi joins them. Shanti feeds sweet curd to Avni and Vikram. Vikram and Surbhi are tensed. Avni and Vikram get into car and leave while whole Sharma family weeps. Vasundhara greets goodbye to Sharma family and leaves holding Surbhi’s hand.

Bhoomi asks Varun why did he befriend with Avni’s close relative. Don’t know what will Vasundhara do to Surbhi. Vasundhara asks Surbhi from when she knows Varun. She says he is her college friend. She asks if she hugs he friend. Surbhi says she is thinking wrong.

Vasundhara says she knows the world and she is trying to ruin her family name. Surbhi tries to explain. Vasundhara says nobody confronts her and asks her to leave and says she will speak to parents. She asks Inder if he forgot he has a daughter and asks if he thinks daughter as an office file. She says his daughter is ruining his name and he does not even know about it. She says her mother-in-law used to tell a daugther’s mother should keep her eyes and ears open even while sleeping.

Lady Luck 16 November 2019 Update

She yells how dare Varun try to eye on his sister’s relative and says Avni must be same like her. she says she knows what to do now. Bhoomi suggests Varun to inform about his affair with Surbhhi to family. Vasundhara reaches Sharma house. Shanti sees her and gets happy. She greets her in and says if she had informed, she would have cleaned the house. Vasundhara asks what is all she will clean. Shanti gets puzzled.

Vasundhara reaches Mishra house. Shanti greets her in. Vasundhara asks her to call her whole family. When everyone comes, she tells Varun did a big mistake with her neice Surbhi and says she would have stopped Avni’s marriage, but she did not. Mishraji says he did not know about his grandson’s mistake.

She says he selects astrology stones for everyone, but did not identify coal in his own family. She says to correct the mistake, she wants Varun and Subrhi’s marraige to happen soon. Shanti says Rajender is not at home and once he comes back, she will decide. Vasundhara asks if she is denying her. Shanti says she is just requesting her to give them some time. Vasundhara says okay and leaves. Varun and Bhoomi hear everything standing near stairs. Joginder gets irked and calls Varun. Mishraji asks him to calm down.

Rajender goes to Bhoomi’s office with principal. He asks principal if this company has branches. Principal says they have branches in whole world. HR execute meets Rajender, tours whole office and let him meet girls working there from other states. Rajender gets convinced.

Vasundhara comes back home and informs family that she has fixed Surbhi and Varun’s marriage as she saw Surbhi and Varun’s romance yesterday. Simran asks how can she fix alliance in Mishra family who are poorer than them. Vasundhara says Mishra family is well known in Ujjain and money is not everything. Surbhi says she will not marry Varun as he is just her friend and if she just chats and befriends him, that does not mean she loves him. Vasundhara gets angry and raises hand to slap her.

Simran starts her drama and says she will strangulate Surbhi for misbehaving with bhabhi. When no one has gut to oppose bhabhi, how can she. she drags Surbhi to room and says if she had not yelled at her, they would be kicked out of Vasundhara’s house. She locks door and says she wanted her to marry someone like Salman and SRK, but she chose someone like Rajpal Yadav.

Surbhi says Varun is just her friend and she will not marry him. Simran says if she doe s not agree Vasundhara’s decision, they all will be kicked out. She yells why did she got friendly with Varun and ruined her life. Surbhi asks her to do something as she does not to be in Ujjain after marrying Varun. She asks her to wait for sometime until Vasundhara’s anger dissipates.

HR executes reassures Rajender that Bhoomi will be safe in their company and will provided free food and accomodation also. She shows Bhoom’s desk. Rajender gets happy seeing the desk. Principal tells his children are vdery talented. He says she is right, Varun is doctor now and Bhoomi got job in such a big company. She goes to speak to HR.

Vasundhara calls Vikram’s parents and tells she has arranged pooja and wants Avnni and Vikram to perform it. Mom says it is Avni’s pagh phere today and her parents will come home. Vasundhara asks her to tell Avni’s parents to come tomorrow and asks them attend pooja tonight. They agree and leave. Vasundhara then calls Latha and Suman and asks them to arrange pooja. She then leaves towards Mishra house with family in jeep.

Shanti asks her bahus to prepare food fast as they have to attend Avni’s pagh phere. She gets call from Vikram’s mom who says Pagh pheras will be tomorrow as per bhabhi’s orders. She gets tensed. Lady Luck 16 November 2019 Update – Zee World

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