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Lady Luck 18 November 2019 Update Zee World

Lady Luck 18 November 2019 Update Zee World – Rajender takes Bhoomi’s side and requests Shanti to let Bhoomi work for 6 months. Janaki also requests Shanti. Dhara apologizes Bijender for not taking his side, goes and stands with Bhoomi and Rajender.

Murli praises Rajender for his thinking towards girl child and says as an elder of family, he is on Rajender’s side. He says when we call girl as beta/son, why can’t we follow it, when Varun can go out and earn, why can’t bhoomi. Rajender promises Shanti that Bhoomi’s marriage will not be affected and Vasundhara will not know about Bhoomi’s job.

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Murli says he will go with Bhoomi. Shanti says he his brain has become stone selling astrology stones and says she will go with Bhoomi. Everyone comes on Bhoomi’s side except Bijender. Bhoomi goes to Bijender and says until he agrees, she will not do job. Rajender says girls are like this, whole family is with Bhoomi, but she is with him, asks why is he so rude that he cannot see his daughter’s tears. He smiles and hugs Bhoomi. Rajender says they have to send Bhoomi to Indore before her office hours at 9 a.m. tomorrow.

Latha asks her husband if she can call Maan and inform about his marriage. He says when Vasundhara has asked not to, they should not and let Maan study, anways Bhoomi is a good girl and when they all have accepted her, Maan will also accept her. She says she is worried about Surbhi as Suman has not accepted Varun. He says Varun is handsome and is doctor, he is from a good family and they will not feel the difference as Bhoomi will replace Surbhi here. Latha says she will take care of Bhoomi as her own daughter. He jokes that she is the first mother-in-law who will cry on her bahu’s bidayi. She smiles.

Lady Luck 18 November 2019 Update Zee World

Dhara and Janaki prepare snacks for Bhoomi. Murli asks them to pack more ladoos as Bhoomi likes them. Shanti comes and asks to go out. Bhoomi hugs Janaki and tells she is sad about leaving house. Janaki says she should be happy as she is going for a good cause.

Murli gets ready and sings song. Shanti says she knows he wants to meet his old girlfriend Vimla. He asks her to stop insulting him in front of children. Murli jokes with Varun and says Vimla is his just friend. Shanti says both dada pota are same. Rajender comes out getting ready to drop Bhoomi. Bijender also comes and they both ask each other to drop Bhoomi.

Shanti decides that whole family will go to drop Bhoomi. Varun says he will drive car, then looks at Bijender and says he should drive. Bhoomi says he has exams, so he should stay home and study. He hugs her. Shanti asks Varun to bring Bhoomi’s bags. He brings bag and jokes that it very heavy. Whole family leaves for maha kaal temple darshan.

Vasundhara is also on her way for maha kaal darshan. Sharma family reaches maha kaal temple and prays there. Rajender asks pandit to pray for his daughter’s job. Vasundhara enters temple with her devar. Sharma family sees Vasundhara coming and get tensed. Vasundhara sees them and asks how come they are here. Shanti says they come here every other day. Vasundhara says she stayed here to perform pooja. Shanti says she would have stayed at her house. Vasundhara says she don’t drink even water of daughter’s house as per rituals.

Vasundhara sees Dhara tensed and asks if she is fine. Shanti says she has stomachache and her sugar level goes down. Pandit comes and gives prasad telling he did pooja for Bhoomi’s new job. Vasundhara asks what job. Shanti says he is confused with other girl. Vasundhara says she wants to perform pooja with her bahu/bhoomi. Rajender says they are going for a marriage and are already late. Lady Luck 18 November 2019 Update Zee World

Vasundhara gets angry. Shanti says Rajender that baarat won’t run if they go late and sends Bhoomi with Vasundhara. Rajender gets that that they are getting late for Bhoomi’s job. Vasundhara comes out with Bhoomi and blesses Bhoomi that her wishes will be fullfilled. Sharma family gets into car and rushes toward Bhoomi’s office.

At Bhoomi office, manager tells new joinees that their induction will start in 10 minutes and asks secretary not to register anyone after 9:30. Sharma family rushes.

Receptionist says she cannot register her as per her boss’s instructions. Rajender goes and requests boss as it is only 5 minutes late and they came here from Ujjain. Lady who took Bhoomi’s interview gives her last chance. Bhoomi and Rajender thank her. Receptionist registers bhoomi, gives her appointment letter and flat keys. Rajender takes him and congratulates Bhoomi. Bhoomi thanks him and hugs him. Rajender goes out, shows letter and flat keys to her family and takes Shanti and Murli’s blessings. Whole family then leaves back home in car.

Bhoomi’s presentation starts. Boss gives company’s introduction and asks Bhoomi to introduce herself. She tells her name, etc. Her roommate identifies her.

Surbhi and Varun chat on social media and their romance continues.

Bhoomi starts lunch with her roommate and serves her bitter guard. Roommate says he does not like it. Bhoomi says it is very tasty. Roommate likes it. She gets a call and gets tensed. Bhoomi asks her not to worry. Roommate says she has arranged transport, mess food, weekend entertainment, etc.

Shukla family reaches Bhoomi’s flat. Shanti hugs Murli. He says he will not go to meet his girlfriend. She says she saw chockroach. He prays god to make him cockroach in his next life as Shanti only is afraid of it. Whole family get busy preparing food for Bhoomi. Dhara and Janaki discuss how will Bhoomi shop. Murli says he will shop and Shanti will cook for Bhoomi.

Shanti says it is already 6:30 and asks Bijender to go and pick Bhoomi from office. He calls Bhoomi and asks her to wait in office until he comes. Roommate asks her to tell that she will come with roommate. Bhoomi tells that and Rajender signals Bijender to permit her. Bijender says okay and asks bhoomi to SMS him auto or taxi’s number.

Bhoomi walks on road with her roommate and gets into taxi. A man starts following their taxi and repeatedly calls roommate. Roomamate gets tensed. Bhoomi asks to register her name in do note disturb registry. She says she will.

Shukla family gets worried for Bhoomi. Bhoomi reaches her apartment and walks in with her roommate. A man stops his bike and clicks apartmnet’s pics. Room mate enters flat, sees it clean and well decorated and says it is not her flat. Bhoomi says it is her flat and introduces her to her family. Bijender asks if shattered items where hers. She says sorry. Dhara stops him. Rajender asks how was her first day at office. She says very exciting and she has a lot to inform her. Rajender says they will talk at dinner table as they have to go back to Ujjain.

Vasundhara asks Suman and Latha to call jeweller to select Surbhi’s jewelry and also call Bhoomi to Bhopal to select her jewelry. They nod yes. Lady Luck 18 November 2019 Update Zee World

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