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Lady Luck 2 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Lady Luck 2 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Lady Luck 2 February 2020 Update After Ansh and Bhoomi’s performance, Yuvraj praises them and says now a dhamaka will happen. Sayantani Ghosh starts dancing sensuously on wallah mera ashique wallah…song.. and dances around Ansh. She tries to give her poisonous injection, but Bhoomi comes in between and syringe falls down.

Sayantani continues dancing and slits Ansh’s throat with poisonous knife and leaves. Blood falls on Bhoomi’s hand and Ansh falls down. She shouts Ansh…Whole family gathers and rushes him to hospital.

Lady Luck 1 February 2020 Update

At hospital, Bhoomi cries vigorously and asks Varun to save Ansh as he is doc. Ansh says special team handles these cases and asks her to have faith. Badi maa asks he to relax. Yuvraj comes and badi maa is right. Bhoomi shouts how dare he is to poison Ansh. Badi maa asks how is Yuvraj involved. Bhoomi says he did all this. Yuvraj says he organised sangeet, so he should be blamed, but Varun helped him in arrangement, so will she blame him also. She stands silently.

Lady Luck 2 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Doc comes out of ICU and says poison has spread into Ansh’s whole body and changes are very grim. Bhoomi starts panicking and pleads Badi maa and then Varun to save Ansh. Varun consoles her and asks again to calm down. Bhoomi insists to see Ansh right now. Varun requests doc and sends her in.

Bhoomi holds Ansh’s hand and reminisces the promises he made to live with her whole life and says he cannot leave her alone like this, etc. Doc comes and sends her out. She walks out broken. Latha tries to hold her, but Badi maa says let her stay alone for some time.

Bhoomi prays god to save her Ansh and says she changed his life and she is incomplete without him. She sees Yuvraj speaking to peon to finish his work properly. Peon asks him not to worry and leaves. Bhoomi says she knows he is behind all this. He says Ansh is dying because of her, if she would not have got closer to Ansh, he would have been safe. Now, poor Ansh will die. He smirks and walks dancing.

Bhoomi in front of god’s idol in hospital thinks why yuvraj told Ansh’s condition is because of her. She runs out to nearby temple.

Pavitra sees yuvraj busy playing game on his mobile and asks why did he harm her brother, he would have killed Bhoomi instead and if anything happens to her brother, she will not keep quiet. He asks what she will do and says her family hates her and Ansh himself is waiting to strangulate her neck, she should be happy if he dies. She angrily walks out from there.

Bhoomi reaches temple and prays god to save her Ansh. A lady sees her and says if she walks on burning coal and lights up lamp, devi maa will save her husband. Bhoomi thinks Ansh should not suffer because of her mistake and walks on burning coal with great difficult and after keeping lamp in devi maa’s feet falls down. Lady Luck 2 February 2020 Update On Zee World

Ansh heart beat drops and doc after trying to resuscitate his pulse and heart beat with electric shock says he is dead. He then revies pulse automatically after Bhoomi’s pooja. Doc is shocked to see that and starts his efforts.

Lady tells Bhoomi that her prayers would have revived her husband’s life and helps her get up. Bhoomi says she wants to go to hospital soon. Lady say she will take her and walks with her.

Yuvraj laughs seeing Prajapati family crying outside Ansh’s ICU room. Doc comes out and says Ansh is out of danger and he had given hope, but a miracle happened. Lady brings Bhoomi and says it is because of Bhoomi’s tapasya and says she walked on burning coal for her husband’s life. Whole family get concerned for Bhoomi and make her sit on chair and then get into ICU to see Ansh. Yuvraj sits next to Bhoomi and says Ansh will die soon with an accident. Bhoomi says until she is alive, nothing will happen to Ansh.

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