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Lady Luck 21 November 2019 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 21 November 2019 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 21 November 2019 Zee World Update Varun gets tensed after knowing Swastik textiles belongs to bhabhi maa/Vasundhara. He tries to call Bhoomi, but her phone is not reachable.

Vasundhara asks his PA if Symbosis girls came. He says not yet and their phone is not reachable. She says she will not tolerate anyone coming late. Bhoomi and Ria reach the venue and meet PA. PA scolds them for coming late and take them in.

Varun calls Rajender and informs him that Bhoomi has gone to bhabhi maa’s company. He gets tensed and calls Bhoomi, but she cuts call. He then calls Murli and Shanti that bhoomi has gone to Vasundhara’s company. Shanti gets tensed. Rajender asks her not to worry and he will keep contacting Bhoomi.

Bhoomi and Ria sit outside Vasundhara’s cabin and hear her scolding someone. Varun calls Bhoomi and asks her not to enter the company as it is Bhabhi maa’s, so she should run from there. Bhoomi sees Vasundhara’s nameplate and her inside cabin and panics. She tells she is outside bhabhimaa’s cabin. PA goes in to inform Vasundhara. Bhoomi tells Varun that Vasundhara will meet her in 30 seconds and will hate her after this.

Lady Luck 21 November 2019 Zee World Update

PA comes out and informs Ria that meeting is cancelled as madam’s mood is off. Bhoomi informs Varun and relaxes. Ria asks PA how can madam cancel their meeting when they have come from Indore. He says it is their mistake that they came late and asks them to wait until next meeting. Varun informs Rajender about things sorting out. Rajender informs Shanti.

Bijender says he will not let Bhoomi work in Symbosis, what if bhabhima reaches her office, their whole family’s self-respect will be ruined, so he will go and bring parents and Bhoomi back. Rajender sadly goes to his room. Janaki brings him tea. He says he does not know what is happening in Bhoomi’s life.

Suman scolds Surbhi for patching up with Varun instead of breaking up. Surbhi says if she wants her to make him agree on the knife’s point and says she will make him dance like a monkey.

Shanti asks Murli to pack bags soon as Bijender is coming here anytime. Bhoomi comes home. Murli says he will speak to Bhoomi first. Bhoomi says she does not want to work now as her family’s dignity is more important for her, she cannot see her tauji being insulted, so she will resign. Shanti says she knew her bhoomi is very intelligent and says she was unnecessarily getting tensed. Bhooomi says she will resign tomorrow. Shanti asks him to go and rest.

Surbhi chats on social media to her friend who invites her for a coffee date. She writes back she will think and inform. She calls Varun who picks call and says he was waiting for her. She says she wanted to test him. They continue their conversation, she demands to get him moon and stars like fairy tale stories, etc…

Ansh taunts Saurabh for patching up with Ria and asks him to give him a treat out. She resists at first, but then agrees. Shanti packs bags. She sees watch and asks what is it. Bhoomi who is engrasped in thoughts says she is writing engagement letter. Shanti says she is talking about watch.

Bhoomi sees it and reminisces Ansh wearing it. Ria comes and says it is her watch. Shanti says she found it in bhoomi’s bag. Ria says she must have kept it by chance. Shanti says it is men’s watch. Ria says it is her family watch, her grandpa gave it to dad and dad gave it to her and says she saved her. Shanti asks her to be careful and goes out asking them to come and have tea. Ria tries to cheer up bhoomi, but she is very sad. Lady Luck 21 November 2019 Zee World Update

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