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Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update

Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update



Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update – Bhoomi enters and says badi maa is telling right and she herself saw someone entering her room yesterday night. She calls Pavitra and says whenever badi maa sees someone, she was missing. Pavitra gets nervous and says she did not do anything. Bhoomi says even now she was missing when badi maa saw book in her cupboard. She says she saw same tattoo on her neck which she saw on shawl person’s.

Pavitra hesitates and asks if she wanted to kick her out of house, she should have told directly instead of creating this drama. Bhoomi says if she is true, then why is she hiding her neck. Pavitra shows her neck and Bhoomi is shocked to see her neck clean. She tells Agram that she is sure Pavitra is trying to harm badi maa.

Pavitra says she will sit in hall for 24 hours and nagin maami/suman will guard her and if something wrong happens to Vasundhara, it will be proved that she is mad. Bhoomi says she will be with vasundhara and will prove her wrong and accepts challenge.

Bhoomi and Ansh drop vasundhara to her room and walk out closing door. Ansh says he is with her and she has to be careful.

  • Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update

Agram tells Inder that he cannot believe someone is troubling bhabhimaa when they did not find anything. Inder says Pavitra and Bhoomi are trying to prove each other wrong. Agram asks Inder how can he involve Varun when he does not know anything. Inder says Varun will also learn business like they did and says he wants partition of business so that they can live their life freely. Agram asks how can he think of partition when badi maa is ill. Ansh enters and says he will give Varun whatever department he selects.

Suman with Surbhi gaurds Pavitra. Pavitra munching watermelon taunts Surbhi that she must be waiting for Varun and played a good game by insulting Bhoomi, now she will see how Bhoomi will face her brother.

Vasundhara sadly tells bhoomi that she is troubling her and Ansh unnecessarily. Bhoomi says she is not and asks her to tell her past’s secret which is haunting her now. Vasundhara gets tensed.

Bhoomi asks Vasundhara to tell about her past which is haunting her. Surbhi comes, says Varun came and asks Bhoomi if she will not meet her brother. Vasundhara asks Bhoomi why Varun came here.

Bhoomi says just to meet them. Vasundhara asks to tell truth. Bhoomi says chachaji/Inder wants Varun tho join business. Vasundhara says Varun is doctor and how will he handle such a big business. She says she will go down and meet him. Bhoomi locks door and says Pavitra’s hands are tied and not her brain, so they cannot take any chances. Once they leaves, someone checks everyone’s room’s duplicate keys and picks Vasundhara’s room keys.

Varun meets everyone and touches elder’s feet. Pavitra ties Suman’s sari pallu to her pants and says she wants to prove herself innocent, so she cannot leave her. She then starts flirting with Varun. Surbhi shouts at her. Vasundhara comes down with Bhoomi.

Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update…. Varun says Bhoomi that Daadi is very angry when he came here, he came here just for her sake. Surbhi asks Bhoomi if she is not happy seeing her brother. Ansh sigals her to nod yes and she nods. Vasundhara asks Varun to go and rest and asks Agram and Inder to come to her room. She asks Inder why he called Varun here and wants to make him ghar jamai. Inder says he also needs support like Agram has Ansh. She says Varun can join business only if Agram and Ansh agree. Agram says he does not have any problem. She asks them to go and rest now.

Ansh and Bhoomi enter Vasundhara’s room. Ansh describes how he was surprised when he saw Bhoomi as his office caterer. Vasundhara says she know realized why Ansh took Bhoomi’s side always and apologizes Bhoomi for her mistake. Bhoomi says she did what she thought right, so she should not apologize her. She then asks them to go and rest. Bhoomi says still 12 hours are left and Pavitra may trick her again. Ansh asks her to stay while he meets Varun. Vasundhara opens her cupboard and panics seeing a puppet doll in her cupboard.

Ansh and bhoomi asks her to calm down as it is doll and not man. Whole family gathers hearing her shout. Pavitra also comes along with Suman and says she told jagatmaata is mad. Inder says this proves someone is troubling bhabhi maa. Bhoomi says it is pavitra and she will prove it. She then says Agram she should not have doubted Pavitra as it may be someone else.

  • Today’s Update: Lady Luck 5 January 2020

Kaveri starts her fake mad acting and suggest to get some black magician at home. Latha takes Vasundhara to her room and Vasundhara says she was very much worried seeing a doll in her cupboard.

Varun sees everything and asks what happened to badi maa. Ansh says even he does not know. Bhoomi says she will explain him everything and asks him to go and rest till then. Ansh goes to throw doll and asks Bhoomi to stay with badi maa.

Varun speaks to his dad and says Bhoomi is fine and once things settle down, he will come back with Surbhi. Surbhi says it is her first office day, so she will ask servant to get his breakfast ready early. He gets engrasped in thoughts and asks what did she say.

Ansh asks bhoomi if he should stay with Vasundhara and her as situation is worse now. She says she will take care and suggests they should get CCTV cameras installed in house to know who the culprit is. He says he will call engineer tomorrow and says they should keep it secret, else if culprit is family member, he will know about it.

She says she also worried about Varun as he came here leaving his job. He asks her not to worry and asks if he should go now. Bhoomi says she does not want to send him, but there is no other go.

Pavitra gives money to a shawl man and says she is happy with his work. Man leaves in dark. Kaveri asks how did she become so intelligent. Pavitra says she learnt it from her. Kaveri says Prajapati family is doubting her, so they should execute their plan ASAP. Pavitra asks her not to worry.

Bhoomi comes out of bathroom with wet hair. Water drops fall on Ansh’s face. He wakes up and says he wants her to wake him up daily like this his whole life and tries to get romantic. She says she has to go to badi maa’s room now. He gifts her jewelry. She says he does not need to give her gift. He says he will daily till her birthday. Pavitra peeps in and thinks her brother is getting too romantic and she will help him now.

Bhoomi gives tea to Vasundhara and leaves. Kaveri sees that and asks Pavitra when will she start her plan. Pavitra says bhoomi does not know she mixed her pills in tea powder. Kaveri asks what if people doubt her. Pavitra says her people are all around and will help her, she should just wait and watch. Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update

Vasundhara sips tea. Agram comes with Inder and Ansh and wishes her good morning. She replies. He gives her contract papers and asks to sign them after reading. She starts reading, gets visual hallucination and throws paper shouting there are lots of worms on it. Agram checks and says these are contract papers and not worms. Vasundhara walks towards her room. Bhoomi sees that and follows her. She clashes with surbhi unknowingly and her juice falls down. She fumes. Inder says they should wait till tomorrow and gets bhabhi maa’s sign when she gets well. Inder says they have to, else their will incur huge loss.

Surbhi complains Varun that his sister is very careless. He asks what happened. She says Badi maa’s got a panic attack and she ran to her room. Bhoomi trying to get into her good books ran behind her and dropped juice on her sari, she is very inauspicious and spoilt her mood. Varun gets irked hear his sister’s insult. Surbhi senses it and starts getting romantic. She asks him to go down while she changes her sari and join him.

  • Zee World Update: Lady Luck 5 January 2020

Vasundhara tells Bhoomi that she is right Pavitra and Kaveri are playing a trick against her. She does not why Kaveri is brainwashing Pavitra against her. Bhoomi suggests she should speak to Pavitra directly. Vasundhara goes to Pavitra’s room and says she should forget the past and think of a better life in Prajapati family. Pavitra asks if she will accept her as her daughter. Vasundhara stands silently. Pavitra says until she accepts her, she will not keep quiet. Vasundhara asks why she is not understanding that her life will be very good with family. Pavitra asks what about her mother, when will she accept her and also tell who is her father.

Vasundhara stands still again. Pavitra says she cannot as she is selfish woman and cannot tell who her father is. Vasundhara asks her not to come to any conclusion without knowing anything. Pavitra says she knows the truth of her birth and asks when she cannot speak truth, then how can she ask to speak truth and says she is a characterless woman.

Bhoomi enters and slaps her. She says her mother came to speak to her, but she knows only to throw poison through her dirty mouth. She apologizes vasundhara for sending her here thinking Pavitra would change, but she was wrong. She takes Vasundhara from there to her room.

Vasundhara tells bhoomi she saw how Pavitra insulted her. Pavitra on the other side tells Kaveri that bhoomi did a big mistake by slapping her, now she will see how she will ruin her birthday. Lady Luck 5 January 2020 Zee World Update



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