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Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update – Zee World

Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update - Zee World

Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update – Vasundhara reaches Banaras to meet the lady and reminisces lady telling her address. She reaches lady’s house and rings bell. A lady comes out and asks who is she and what he needs. Vasundhara says she is Vasundhara Prajapati and wants to meet an old lady.

Lady says she is staying here since 5 years and this house is allotted to her judge husband. She asks if she knows name of old lady. Vasundhara says she does not know, but neighbors may know her. Lady says everyone are new here and nobody would know old lady.

Ansh in the morning tells Bhoomi that he is worried about Badi maa as she is alone. Bhoomi hopes she meets her evidence in Banaras. Ansh hopes they could help her. Pavitra hears their conversation and thinks who is this new evidence.

Vasundhara reaches temple and prays god to show her a way. Baby Ganga from Ganga serial enters temple and tells idol that she will not accept defeat so easily.

Kaveri hires goon and asks him to and finish Vasundhara and her evidence old lady. Man says he knows old lady is called Ammaji. He will go and tackle them. Ansh and Bhoomi hear Kaveri and Pavitra’s conversation and Ansh says they cannot trust these 2, so they should follow them. They both follow them in an auto.

Vasundhara sees ammaji’s pic at baby Ganga’s house and asks if she has ammaji’s younger pics. she shows another photo. Vasundhara says she is same lady. They hear someone knocking door and Vasundhara says goons have come to kill them. Ganga says she will tackle them and drops marbles on floor.

Goons enter and fall on floor. One of them sees Ganga and runs behind her. Ganga drops plant pot on him and he falls down. Vasundhara holds Ganga and tries to run, but goons surround them. Ganga then sprays kerosene on them and Vasundhara holding matchbox asks them not to touch them, else she will burn then. Goon step aside and they both run.

Kaveri’s puppet goon sees them coming out of house and try to follow her, but stops looking at ammaji and her grandson. He asks his goons to bring car and kidnaps them. Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update

Bhoomi and Ansh continue following kaveri and Pavitra. They both get out of car and enter puppet goon’s car. Vasundhara meets ammaji’s daughter-in-law/bahu on road and tells she came from bhopal to meet ammaji. Bahu says ammaji went home with her grandson. Ganga describes her everything. Bahu runs towards home with vasundhara and ganga fearing goons may harm her ammaji and her grandson.

They reach home and don’t find ammaji and grandson. Kaveri calls on landline and asks bahu to give phone to Vasundhara. She then tells vasundhara that she has kidnapped ammaji and her grandson and to come to an old factory alone without informing police or anyone. Vasundhara tells this to bahu and says she will go alone. Ganga insists to accompany her, Vasundhara says she is a kid and should stay at home. Ganga follows Vasundhara once she leaves.

Kaveri and her puppets reach old factory with ammaji and grandson. Ammaji identifies puppet goon as Chandrakanth and asks if he is still alive. He says he is and now he will kill her and Vasundhara. He asks goons to take them in. Ammaji curses that he will be punished soon. Pavitra asks Kaveri who is this old man. Kaveri says he is also Vasundhara’s enemy.

Ansh and Bhoomi also reach old factory following kaveri’s car. Chandrakanth kidnaps Bhoomi while ansh gets busy searching them. Ganga reaches there and introduces herself. Ansh also introduces himself. Ganga says she came to search her mai/Vasundhara. He asks where did she go. Ganga says she will show him and takes him along.

Vasundhara reaches factory and sees ammaji and grandson tied and asks Kaveri why did she kidnap ammaji. Kaveri laughs and says bran also grinds with wheat. Vasundhara pleads to free ammaji. Chandrakanth brings bhoomi. Kaveri signals him to take her away. She then tells Vasundhara that her chini ki gudiya is also here. Vasundhara pleads to call her.

Ansh reaches spot with Ganga. Kaveri and Pavitra get tensed and order goons to kill him. Ansh beats goons. One of them hits him and he falls on Vasundhara’s feet. He then gets up and beats goons again and asks where is Bhoomi. Chandrakanth enters holding Bhoomi on gunpoint and says his wife is here. Vasundhara identifies Chandrakanth. Ansh tries to move, but Chandrakanth asks him to stay right there. He asks goons to tie Ansh.

  • Zee World: Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update

Ansh asks Kaveri how can she harm her own family. She says she can do anything for her benefit and orders Chandrakanth to kill everyone. Chandrakanth says he will start with bhoomi and shoots. Ansh and Vasundhara shout Bhoomi…Chandrakanth falls down and it is inspector who shots bullet on Chandrakanth’s hand. Ammaji’s bahu brings police on time.

Kaveri escapes with Pavitra. Ansh asks inspector to arrest even Pavitra and bua, but finds them already escaped. Ammaji tells good big culprit Chandrakanth is caught and says years go, this evil misbehaved with Vasundhara. She reminisces that she had gone to a marriage with her husband and son and while traveling heard someone shouting from a room.

When she reached room, she found this man trying to kill Vasundhara. She rescued Vasundhara and hit this man on head. He fell down and then again stood up after some time, so she ran away from there, but now she is seeing this culprit today.

Ansh tells Vasundhara she is proved innocent, so can go home with them. Vasundhara nods yes and thanks ammaji for her help. Ammaji says she did her duty. Ganga tells Vasundhara that she told not to lose hope.

Vasundhara thanks her and says she would not accept any gift, so she will give charity to her school so that orphan kids can get educated. Ammaji asks Ansh to take badi maa home carefully as Pavitra and Kaveri are still not caught. He asks her not to worry, he will send police force to catch them and will protect badi maa.

Kaveri tells Pavitra that she should kill her mother Vasundhara now. While traveling in car, Ansh tells Vasundhara that he will tell whole family that she is innocent and make them realize their mistake. Vasundhara says Kaveri and Pavitra brainwashed them, so they reacted. Driver says there is an old temple on the way and can do its darshan. Ansh says they will miss flight. Badi maa says it will take just 5 min and insists. Ansh agrees.

Driver drops them to temple and leaves in lieu of freshening up. Panditji asks Vasundhara to join pooja. Ansh calls Agram and tells he is in Banaras and is with badi maa, she is innocent. Kaveri’s goon hits his head with rod and he falls down. Goons then kidnap Vasundhara and Bhoomi and force them into car. Ansh tries to get up and run, but goon hits him again and he falls down. Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update

Ansh calls Agram and informs him that badi maa/Vasundhara is innocent and he has proof of it. His call disconnects and goons hit him on his head. Goons then kidnap Bhoomi and Vasundhara. Agram tells Latha that Maan informed that babhi maa is innocent and he has proof. Latha says if Ansh is telling it, he must be having some proof.

Goons take Vasundhara and Bhoomi into a jungle and throw them in front of Kaveri and Pavitra. Kaveri says Vasundhara she cannot accept proving herself innocent and will have to pay for it. Pavitra asks Bhoomi to sign documents that she is returning her power of attorney back to Vasundhara and Vasundhara is transferring her property to Pavitra and Kaveri.

Bhoomi says she will not sign it. Pavitra slaps her and says it is her revenge. She says if they both don’t sign, Ansh will be killed. She calls her goon who acts as holding Ansh over gun point and torturing him. Vasundhara asks why is she doing it. Pavitra asks her to cut the crap and if she does not sign before she counts 10, Ansh will be killed by her goons. She counts 10, Vasundhara stops her and says she will sign.

Bhoomi says she should not sign. Vasundhara says Ansh and her life is more important to her, let Pavitra and Kaveri take her wealth, she will start a new life with Ansh and Bhoomi. They both sign and return papers to Pavitra.

Varun tries to call Bhoomi, but her phone is not reachable. Latha asks why is he tensed. He says Bhoomi’s number is not reachable. She says bhoomi is in Banaras with Ansh and they have proof of Vasundhara’s innocence. Varun says it is a good news. Latha says once Pavitra and Kaveri come back from satsang, they will forgive Pavitra. Surbhi hears their conversation and informs Suman.

Vasundhara asks Pavitra and Kaveri to free her and Bhoomi as they have signed papers. Pavitra says she always wished to kill them and now her wish has come true. She points gun on Vasundhara. Bhoomi pushes her and runs with Vasundhara. Goons start following her. Vasundhara falls down and says she cannot run more and asks Bhoomi to leave her behind a tree and escape. They both hide behind tree. Kaveri and her goons come there and start searching them. Once the leave, Vasundhara asks Bhoomi to go and get some help. Bhoomi leaves, but goons see her and start following her.

Lady Luck 9 January 2020 Daily Update ends as Vasundhara hides behind tree. Ansh comes and holds her shoulder from behind. She gets worried, but relaxes seeing Ansh and asks if he is fine. Ansh describes how he escaped from goon by hitting him and says he could not inform her over phone fear her and Bhoomi’s life.

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