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Lady Luck full story, Plot summary and Casts

Lady Luck full story, Plot summary and Casts on Zee World

Lady Luck series tells the Story of a bright girl called Bhoomi, whom sees at the end of her school career, and looking forward to entering the workplace, And must contend with the age-old tradition of becoming a stay-at-home wife.

Lady Luck Full Story/Plot Summary:
This Tv series is all about a young woman named Bhoomi who has to choose between her married life and professional life after she got Married to Anshuman “Maan” Prajapati from a rich traditional family.

And However, Bhoomi soon dies and Divya takes over her responsibilities in the Prajapati household. She and Anshuman(Maan) pretend to the family that Divya is in fact Bhoomi as Bhoomi’s death was likely to destroy the entire family. However, as Anshuman(Maan) and Divya start loving each other, Divya’s former husband, Yuvraj, threatens to destroy their happy family to get Divya back. Meanwhile, the real Bhoomi who is shown to be in a coma, gives birth to her and Anshuman(Maan)’s daughter Muskaan.

Lady Luck full story, Plot summary and Casts

Anshuman(Maan) and Divya continue keeping her secret from the Prajapati family. Divya becomes pregnant with Maan’s child but Yuvraj returns. The show ends with Yuvraj murdering all the members of the Prajapati family except Badi Maa. Badi Maa is shocked when Yuvraj exposes Divya’s true identity. After Yuvraj shoots Maan and Divya, Badi Maa manages to kill him. A dying Divya gives birth to a daughter. Badi Maa, despite her hate for Divya and what her past life brought on for her family, decides to leave with Muskaan and her other granddaughter who she sees as Anshuman(Maan)’s blood.

Lady Luck Cast

Aruna Irani as Vasundhara Prajapati “Badi Maa“, matriarch of the Prajapati familyLady Luck

Varun Sharma as Anshuman “Maan” PrajapatLady Luck

Simran Pareenja as Bhoomi, Anshuman’s first wifeLady Luck

Anupriya Kapoor as Divya, Anshuman’s second wifeLady Luck

Sara Khan as Pavitra Shukla, Anshuman’s sisterLady Luck

Barkha Singh as Surbhi, Anshuman’s sister, Varun’s first wife
Abhishek Malik as Varun Shukla, Bhoomi’s cousin
Ashita Dhawan as Suman Inder Prajapati
Ali Raza Namdar as Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s father
Shweta Gautam as Lata Agrim Prajapati, Anshuman’s mother
Anil Dhawan as Murlimohan Shukla, Varun’s father
Rita Bhaduri as Shanti Shukla, Bhoomi’s grandmother
Chetanya Adib as Bhoomi’s father
Sanjeev Jotangia as Bhoomi’s uncle
Shalini Arora as Bhoomi’s aunt
Akanksha Chamola as Avni
Sumit Verma as Vikram, Avni’s husband
Gulfam Khan as Kaveri

More information:

  • Name: Lady Luck
  • Other Name: Bhagyalakshmi
  • Network: Zee World Africa
  • Start date: 14 November 2019
  • Seasons: 1
  • Episodes: 220


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