Married Again Update

Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update

Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update

Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update Saritha fall on vikrant and he scold her asking whether she is playing some kind of game ? , and says that he will no catch her next time if she falls down.she says he will catch her even if she falls down 100 times. he asks why, she says because men always wants excuse to touch women.vikrant is mad at this example and asks about that.. she makes him touch her and says , see like you touch me now.. and vikrant gets embrassed.

she again makes her self fall down and vikrant catches her just in time. She confirms with him that she won,this bet as he caught her … Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update

She goes to meet raj and places a lot of conditions and says to save money so that they can settle in Sweden.. he is perplexed by all the conditions. she asks him not to say anything to divya also..he questions that one ,to which saritha says she also will run away with him with out telling anyone (vikrant and abhi). so he also have to forget everyone from his family and think only of her

Raj is in his home and his sister comes to him, saying their father fell down in bathroom. he asks whether she called doc, to which she confirms divya called for one.doc diagnoses his father with some condition.. and raj is tensed

She returns home to see vandana who blackmails her and says she will call vikrant.. saritha says please call him, as i aslo want to let him know who told raj about our where abouts when we were in mumbai.. vandana is shocked and stops calling vikrant

Vikrant gets ready for office , and tries to get out with out eating breakfast. Saritha says he is settign bad example for abhi by doing that and says he is the boss and everyone is scared of in office, so he can be late and no one will leave meeting. Vikrant is forced to oblige and he eats and appreciated the taste of food ,that saritha made. vandana and kajari is so jealous.

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While sarita is serving them brekfast, kajri reminds vandana that she is slowly stealing her way to vikrant’s health. Sarita taunts vandana inetentionally, tht she should eat healthy and not oily stuff. When vikrant complies, sarita gets her bland porridge, that she has specuially gotten made fro her. Vanfdfna is irritated. Sarita gets Raj’s call and she excuses herself. Sarita is shocked to her about soham’s condition.

Divya says that would know completely aftr the test reprots. Sarita says that she would come straightaway. Then sarita gets abhi to go and get HW done, so that they can play later. After he leaves, Vandna taunts sarita that she is so frequently indulging in adultery. sarita too lashes back at her, just to irritate her. As they leave, vandana is fuming. Kajri too adds ghee to her fire. Vandana resolves to teach sarita a lesson.

Scene 2:Location: Jagotia’s residenceSarita reaches the mansion, just when divya too reaches. Divya relieves her by saying that the reprots came out normal. Divya offers to call Raj, but sarita stops her saying that they wont tell him that reports were normal. Divya asks what she means. Sarita sys that this would make him realise that he is connected to his family. Sarita asks divya to overexaggerate, so that raj relaises his responsibilities towards his family. Divya understands her plan. Sarita says that this is what needs to be done.

Divya is still doubtful. Sarita says that this might actually be true too, even is the reports are normal right now, and at hat time, raj would be needed here, and he needs to understand that what he is doing is wrong, and to do that, they should even take the wrong road, if possible. Divya is convinced and thanks her for being with her in this.

Scene 3:Location: Raj’s shopRaj is working in the shop, dealing with customers and delares, who speak about Raj’s father and his hard work and express his sympathy at soham’s bad condition. Raj wonders if what he is doing is wrong, given the circumstances. Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update

Scene 4:Location: Vikrant’s residenceAs vikrant comes home and doesnt find anyone, vandana seizes her chance and tries to b*t*h about Sarita, when abhi comes in axcited about his roky in a play, and then gets on asking about sarita, his mother. Vandana begins again, but is shocked when she finds sarita coming from inside. Sarita taunts him for coming home early, and missing her already. Abhi and sarita get to discussing about his role, and vikrant watches in pleasure and amazement at her handling. Abhi leaves.

sarita asks vanadna to say what she wanted to, but vandna gets awkward and says that she didnt need to say anything. abhi asks vandnaa to get laddoos. She levaes. Abhi tells sarita to stay here while she is statue here only. abhi leaves, while sarits, in her statue position, finds vikrant staring at her, romantically and spellbound. She gets conscious. he asks him ewhats he looking at, and if he needs coffee. He gets conscious, and says that he was looking at the wall instead. sarita expresses her confusion, and says that he’s problematic that he’s staring at walls. this gets into a verbal scuffle with them.

Abhi comes back and reprimands them for fighting like this again. Abhi asks them to hug and make up, as his teacher instructs them to. They say that its for the young people and not elders. Abhi says that he wont act till they hug, and doesnt budge from his stance. As vikrant progresses, sarita is tensed and conscious of his proximity, all the while in an eyegaze with him. Abhi asks them to forget about fighting and vikrant and saritha get tensed, while abhi clicks a picture of them looking into each other’s eyes. Abhi leaves, and sarita asks vikrant, to let go, as abhi is gone. he complies, while she goes after Abhi. Married Again 11 January 2020 Daily Update

Scene 5:Location: Jagotia’s residenceWhen Raj asks how is he, the doctor says that what was feared has happened. He tells that the hand is at the risk of paralysis again, and hence he has to take rest. Raj maintains that he wouldnt let anyone touch him, and would take care of soham himself only. divya is touched. Sohan says that his physiotherapy would cost more, at home, but raj reprimands him saying that they would spend whatever is needed. Divya thinks that she can lie a thousand times for this effect, and thanks sarita, in her heart and wishes the best of marital life for her and vikrant too.

Scene 6:Location: Vikrant’s residenceSarita is helping Abhi rehearse the play, while vikrant watches, even though being involved in his work. Abhi tells vikrant that he is just smiling and doing his work, and not helping sarita. Vikrant says that he is working on some important projects, and answering to emails. Sarita too taunts that for his father, work is ore important and hence is busy in it, and abhi’s play isnt that important for him. Vikrnt starts fuming, while sarita is amused.

Married Again 11 January 2020 ends when Abhi too agrees with sarita. Vikrant denies that, and asks what does he need. Abhi says that he needs a good dialogue for a joker, so that people start laughing. He says that he would get it rightaway. Sarita says tht for this, she would get coffee for vikrant, and abhi to demands for hot chocolate. Saruta agrees and leaves. Abhi finds vikrant staring at sarita, wiht a longing look. The screen freezes on Vikrant’s face.

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