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Married Again 14 December 2019 Update On Zee World

Married Again 14 December 2019 Update Sheela reminds Raj of the relationship he and Sarita shares, then with folded hands beg Raj & Sarita to leave her alone and don’t enter in her life as she can’t live without Rohan or else she will kill herself, Raj is shocked to hear this. Sohan then end his call, while Kamla ask if everything is okay with Rohan’s family hoping they didn’t call off the wedding. Sohan told her everything is okay, Kamla thank god. Sohan then told her she should make sure Raj & Sarita doesn’t spoil Sheela’s wedding.



Tears roll down Raj’s eyes as he remember Sheela’s words, Sarita then bought food for Raj, Raj blames himself he can’t give peace and happiness to no one not her Sarita or Sheela. Sarita then tell him they need to save Sheela from this relationship and they need to exposed Rohan with proof. Tomorrow is the mehendi ceremony and they need to behave as if they are happy with the marriage and everything is okay but they also need to find proof to expose Raj. Sarita then beg Raj to eat, she feeds him.

Guest start arriving at the Mehendi Ceremony, Rohan mom arrive criticizing Kamla and her family. She then saw Sarita and told her just how Sarita made Raj slap Rohan that how she will also be slapped, right at the Mehendi ceremony and that person will be her own sister in law Sheela. Sarita says Sheela may be angry but she can’t never disrespect her. Rohan mom then say we will see who wins.

Married Again 14 December 2019 Update

Rohan is adoring Kajri Mehendi, she told him that Sheela will also have Mehendi in his name but hers will be more colorful as she knows Rohan loves her very much, Rohan then said that is why I am getting married after all. Rohan’s mom calls his cell to be on time.

Sarita is dressing up, when Raj arrive she ask how should she keep her pallu, Raj told her to leave it down she then looks into the mirror, Raj then notice her blouse isn’t hooked, Sarita asked what is wrong? He told her to look at herself, so she did. Everything is okay to her. Raj then hesitantly told her the blouse is open, she immediately turn around. Raj then signal her he will help her. As he touches her back, she closes her eyes and she plays with her fingers. After Raj finish, she leaves.

Rohan deliberately walk into Sarita and hold her hips. She remove his hands, he praises her then told her she was saved but who will save Sheela as she will soon be his wife. Till now Sarita have done nothing and she will never be able to do anything he then leave. Sarita is angry.

At the Mehendi ceremony, Rohan tell Raj he is happy Raj is part of his happiness. Sarita then comes, Rohan & his mom shared a look. Rohan mom then told everyone they have a ritual where their bahu bhabhi is apply the mehendi on the foot first. Sarita then go, but Sheela say she wants some water. Kamla tell her to get the water. Married Again 14 December 2019 Update

Sarita arrives with the water and Rohan’s mom puts her foot out and make Sarita tell on Sheela and the water fell on her hands, Sarita is shocked. A woman than say that is not auspicious, Rohan mom then say when one mind is bad it is inauspicious. Sarita the turns to Sheela only to get one tight slap from her leaving everyone shocked & Rohan mom happy, Sarita just keep looking at Rohan’s mom. Raj begin to walk but his dad stop him to not create a scene on Sheela Mehendi ceremony as he must remember what she said. Sarita the began crying and leave as Raj watch helplessly.

Sarita wipes the haldi, with water running from the tap, as she remembers the slap. She comes to her room, where she is faced with Shiela and her taunts again, who accuses her of stealing her happiness, and demands to know why is she doing this, as she herself always supported her. sarita is about to reach out, but shiela stops her saying that she’s lost the right to wipe her tears. she leaves from there.

sarita wonders how to explain that it wasnt her fault today too. Rohan comes to tease her, saying how would she understand, and that she’s trying so hard to do good for shiela, and she herself is falling prey to all of this, and her character is being maligned. and if not for her husband, she would be out of the house now. He reminds her of the slap that she just received. Sarita asks him not to be happy, as the marriage is still two days apart, and therefore she has sufficient time to expose him till then. He gets going wishing her best of luck for her effort.

Sarita says that the weakest link to this game is Kajri and she would have to reach out to her. she is surprised when raj comes in, and says that he didnt like that sheila slapped her. Sarita says that she’s young and immature and therefore she shouldnt feel bad. He apologises but she says that for the truth, they have to exp[ose Rohan ASAP. She says that she would have to go to that place where she saw kajri with rohan. Raj offers to go, but sarita says that would arouse suspicion, and it would alarm rohan, and akss him to take care of shiela. Raj thanks her and also saying that she would definitely be successful, he tells her to go.

Outside, Rohan’s mother says that shiela should quieten now, as they can apply the mehendi again. Rohan says that their love mightnt reflect in mehendi, but it would exist. He says that nothing can break this relation. sarita stealthily leaves the mansion, while rohan and shiela are discussing as to how nothing can come in their way.

Sarita reaches that place, where there’s strict security and wonders how to get inside the building. As she ses a vegetable vendor, sarita asks for some vegetables in abasket, and draping a pallu over her head, she tries to get inside, with the vegetables. The guard lets her in. She rings the doorbelll, and kajri comes out to see. sarita asks her to see the vegetables, under her veil. She forcefully enters despite kajri telling her not to.

Zee World: Married Again 14 December 2019

Kajri is surprised to see sarita there, and sarita taunts her that the servant is wearing jeans and T-shirt. Sarita tries to explain how kajri is stupid to love a person who’s getting married, and why doesn’t she marry him if they are in love. Kajri surprises her saying that she wants rohan to get married.

Kajri says that she would never know why, and that this marriage should happen, and would happen. She thanks her for being so crucial in making their plan succeessful, and that she’s responsible for her sister in law’s condition. Sarita slaps her saying that now its on her only to rectify the mistake that she has made. Kajri asks what proof does she have.

Sarita jersk her aside saying that she has come for that only. Sarita gets on to search for any proof, and finally finds a photo. Sarita shows a pic of Kajri and Rohan to Kajri, saying that she finally got the proof, and this is what they were trying to hide. She says that now she wouldnt let this marriage happen at any cost, and that her game is over now. Kajri is tensed, at being caught red handed.

Munni and rohan are teasing each other, while they give rohan a thirty second count down to find his name, on shiela’s hand. He keeps getting kajri’s call, but he doesnt pick up. finally he picks up the call, and is shocked when she tells him everything. Shiela is surprised to see him tensed. Rohan excuses himself to attend, while his mother is tensed.

Kajri explains that sarita doesnt know why the marriage is happening. His mother goes to rohan, and asks him to keep shiela and her famil engaged in banter, while she thinks of something. She says that she would see what is to be done with sarita. She is frustrated. As sarita enters, she is pulled by the hair, by rohan’s mother, but sarita shows her the photo, and says that now nothing can stop her from exposing them. Rohan’s mother instantly changes her tone, and pleads that she should not spoil rohan’s life by doing this. She changes her tone again and says that she would do this drama infront of her family and then they shall see who is believed. She agrees that she’s lying, but her family would believe hr blindly.

She says that this pic is actually fake, and that this has been made for her, so that she gets it here, and a new drama can be created, and she can be thrown out of the house, or shiela might try to suicide and succeeds this time. she takes the photo from sarita’s hand and tearing it, she says that she wont be able to destroy her son’s life. Rohan’s mother leaves, but then comes back saying that this photo was real, and he actually had landed on some proof, but she turned it to strips. she taunts sarita and leaves.

Later in the night, kamla and sohan are dicussing about shiela’s marriage. Seeing raj pass, they call out to him, and ask why is he tensed, did his wife leave him. He asks him to think about shiela, as he is about to spoil her life, by doing the same mistake that he did ten years ago. Sohan instigates him into marrying on the same day, and get divya back too, and throw sarita out of the house. Rajk is angered and leaves from there. Raj sees that sarita isnt in the room. He thinks that she’s in the bathroom, and vents out his anger fromk outside, asking her not to do anything about her sister now. Sensing no response, he enters inside, and sees that Sarita isn’t there, and is tensed as to where is she.

Married Again 14 December 2019 Update On Zee World
Sarita gets another copy of the same photo, by the bits that she had brought. The photographer asks her why is she so interested in this photo. Sarita is disappointed but brightens up when the photographer tells her that he took this picture, and recognizes them as Rohan and kajal, who got married three years back, and he covered that too.

Sarita is shocked to hear this. He confirms this news, saying that they were an indecent and vulgar couple. Sarita remembers Rohan’s lies, and then she is determined to find out what’s the reason to be lying when they are so in love with each other. The screen freezes on her tensed face.



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