Married Again 24 November 2019 Update – Zee World

Married Again 24 November 2019 - Zee World

Married Again 24 November 2019 – Zee World – Divya too senses some tension, at his proximity, and in that the driving license of Raj slips from her hand, and as she bends down to reach for it, she finds Raj’s photo in it, and is pained and stunned. Before she can react, Gaurav comes saying that the person who she needs to thank has come.

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Divya is scared and leaves from there. Gaurav turns to Raj and says that his bail has been done, and wishes him the best of luck.

Divya runs and sits in his car, and Gaurav comes back to her, and asks what happened, and is greatly disturbed that she’s crying. Divya turns and says that the guy, they just released, is Raj, her first love. She tells him that Raj taught her how to live life and attributes her success to him and is shcoked that he has become a Raddi wala now, someone who was the best Creative Director, in college, but he has turned to handling his family’s business. She is very upset and Gaurav too is hurt seeing her like this.

Raj arrive home while Sarita has known the truth about Raj’s first love being Divya. Sarita remembers her wedding night which went completely opposite to what she had expected. Raj comes in and takes a pillow and walks out. when Sarita ask what happened, He says that she shouldnt expect anything from him, as they would forever be strangers, even being together for their whole life.

Remembering that, She cries on the bed. She thinks that it’s because of Divya that she has been alone for the past 10 years, even after her marriage with Raj. She thinks that she’s still a virgin after being in matrimony for the past 10 years.

As the haldi ceremony is on in full swing at Divya’s residents everyone is giving haldi to Divya, lots of fun and laughter is in the air. Divya too is happily enjoying the function, while the ladies gossip about how good Choti Bahu will be as a Bahu in real life. When one of the guests call out that if an unmarried girl is left to put haldi on Divya, then she can come now, as that would get her married sooner. A voice calls out that she wants to do so. Divya is shocked, when Sarita with vermillion in her head comes to put Haldi on Divya.

Sarita asks if she can get the left over haldi? Divya is shocked to see her. Sarita comes there and opens her hand in front of Divya.The women in the ceremony mock the situation, Divya introduces Sarita as her childhood friend. Then she takes her into a room and closes the door. She asks her why she has come here and to leave the place. Sarita refuses and asks for the left over haldi.

Divya replies that haldi is only for the unmarried girls. Sarita replies she is also unmarried. She told her mangalsutra and sindoor has become a drama. She ask Divya whether she can see Raj’s love in her eyes. No its only loneliness. At Jakhota’s residence everyone is mocking Bubly for being too fat, then Dadi call Sarita for breakfast but Kamla says she is not at home. Shila thinks in her mind that she knows where Sarita has gone to.

At Divya’s residence, Sarita tell Divya that she is still untouched. Divya asks her to stop her drama. Sarita replied that her life has become a drama for the last 10 years. Sarita contiues her taunts and mocks Divya. Sarita accuses her for being a mean human being. Divya stops her and replies that because Sarita Raj has become a scrap dealer leaving his art behind. He has forgotten how to smile. Sarita laughs. Married Again 24 November 2019 – Zee World

Outside all are tensed in Divya’s family. Sarita replies that Raj is like this not because of her but because Divya left him. Choti Babu in real life is a big vampire. She is responsible for Raj’s and Sarita’s condition. She explained that Raj has never touched her because he still loves Divya. Sarita tells she was also very sweet spoken when she married. She has heard so many dirty things regularly for the past 10 years.

Divya is in tears. Sarita continue that she has become like a prostitute. How much she dresses up no one will look at her. Divya tries to leave the place but Sarita does not let her go. Divya thinks to herself why Raj has not given any rights to Sarita yet if he has married her.

At Raj’s shop police has come there to meet him and tell him that his family wants to meet Divya who has done the bail for him. Raj learns that it was Divya. Divya apologizes to Sarita and tells that she was unware of these things because of her Sarita’s and Raj’s life has become like this. Sarita says she will never be happy in her life after giving her pain. Divya stops her and asks not to wish her bad. She was actually unaware.

Raj comes to the venue. Gourav spots him. Divya promises Sarita to help her. She says if she will talk to Raj and he will agree. Sarita replies she have to come to her house and she has to stay there and make Raj love her.Then only she can marry. She mocks her that she is being a statue of sacrifice, so what can she sacrifice for her Souten.She has to do the PV of her and her husband 1st and then only she can marry.

The ladies who are trying to listen to Divya and Sarita conversations outside the closed doors taunt Sarita when she comes out of Divya’s room as Divya comes out, they ask her what happened. Divya says that they met after a long time, hence old memories were relived, as she begins to leave, the relatives stop Sarita and ask her to stay for the haldi ceremony. Divya wonders what does fate want from her, earlier it was Raj and now its Sarita, who she has to face. Married Again 24 November 2019 – Zee World

As Divya is taken out for the holy bath, Sarita comes in saying that it’s very good for a married woman to take off haldi from the would be bride, by giving her a holy bath. Sarita wishes her that she should get as much love from her husband as she got from hers. Divya is shocked, while Sarita pours down water on her, taking away the haldi. Divya remembers their talk in the room. Sarita then pours milk on her, as is part of the ritual, and completes her bath. she leaves in a huff.

At Gaurav’s residence Raj begins to approach Gaurav, He is taken to the priest by his mother. Raj looks on, The arti begins. while people comment on how good their spouses are, Divya and Gaurav’s. While one comments on Gaurav’s luck, another comments on Divya having landed a lucky catch, like Gaurav, at the end of her career. Raj hears all this, and is upset.

Later, Gaurav meets Raj and is about to talk when his brother comes and talks about wedding plannings with the Choti Bahu, as Divya is fondly known. After signing off the check that his brother asks him to for payment, he asks what is Raj here for. Raj returns the money that he had given for bail, saying that he never keeps others offerings, and asks him to use this money for their marriage. He says that Gaurav might be in the habit of doing this not him. He congratulates Gaurav on his marriage, and leaves.

Raj walks out and thinks that he had waited for 10 years, and he tortured Sarita too for this. He thinks that he had thought that Raj and Divya would change the definition of love. But instead of waiting for him, or even considering meeting him, in Bhopal after having come for 10 years she just got engaged at the first chance she got. He kickstarts his motorbike and goes off.

Sarita walks out thinking why would Divya help her, forgetting how could a lover give away her love to her Sautan. As she is walking, Raj zooms past, her and she runs after him, but he doesn’t listen, She runs incoherently and stops after a awhile, breaking down into tears. she looks upto god, thinking that its enough, and she can’t stoop any lower. She thinks that now’s the time, that what didn’t happen in the last 10 years, she would do it now.

Gaurav’s mother gets them to the temple, Divya and Gaurav and emphasising on the ritual and the puja that needs to be done, explaining the rules to them, as to how they should pray devotedly for their marital life, and Goddess’ blessings on the same. She gets a call from a relative, and asks Divya and Gaurav to go ahead while she attends to it.

Divya and Gaurav, perform the puja in the temple, by a priest’s aid who asks them to call out their spouse’s name three times for the puja’s completion. while Gaurav does so, calling out Divya’s name. Divya, is all the while wondering how can she agree to Sarita’s wishes, by staying in Raj’s house and getting Sarita Raj’s love. Divya, when asked to do the same, instinctively calls out for Raj, surprising Gaurav and Divya herself then she rectifies herself, and calls out Gaurav’s name three times. The priest gives them prashad, while Gaurav is still stunned. He walks out of the temple, after Divya.

Sarita storms in Raj’s shop, the helper asks her to stay here, as she doesn’t need to go inside and he would get Raj. Sarita however is undaunted by this and walks past. She trips, and falls on the ground, with Raj on top of her, with a mesh covering them. They enter into an eyegaze each confused at the situation they are placed in.

As they regain composure, Sarita says that she needs to talk to him, and maybe this isn’t important for him but it needs to be said, as it would decide the future course of their relationship. Raj looks at her, and asks why is she talking like this to him.

Gaurav asks Divya if she still loves Raj. She says that she doesn’t know. He asks to clarify, as this means that she doesn’t want to answer. He asks if she loves him. Divya is perplexed, and asks why is he asking this. He says that this is a simple question, and the answer is either yes or no. Divya says that theirs is an arranged marriage and love happens after marriage in such cases.

Gaurav agrees that she’s right but says that its a one way love marriage, as he fell in love the first day he met her. He apologizes her for putting her at discomfort and drives off. As they reach Divya’s home as she is about to get off he says that he’s willing to wait for her love, for his entire life, and she should know that. After she gets down, as Gaurav drives off, Divya looks on longingly.

Sarita tells Raj that she doesn’t have any other option, she tells Raj that she’s leaving his house and his life forever, after 10 years, to her father’s house, in Vidisha, as she turns around, Raj stops her, giving Sarita a ray of hope that he might stop her from going but then he crushes it and says that Babloo would book her tickets and leave her at the bus stand. He also asks to be forgiven if possible he apologize and leaves. Married Again 24 November 2019 – Zee World

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