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Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – In the jail, the police tells raj that they cant let anyone meet Rohan. shiela says that maybe rohan isnt inside, and they are trying to cover up. Sarita says that maybe they too are corrupt, and maybe they would also be facing a lawsuit fr this. The inspector gets instigated and takes them to the cell. raj and shiela and Sarita are shocked to see roham behind the bars. Shiela is highly puzzled. Rohan too is
surprised to see them there.
He says that this punishment would be over in some days and when he is out once, he would have his revenge on all of them. They are all tensed. He tells shiela that he would kidnap her, and this time noone would save her. raj asks him to stop or he would beat him in this cell only. when rohan persists to argue, the inspector asks him to shut up. raj leaves with the ladies.

Location: Jagotia’s residence
raj reprimands shiela, munni and the fatso for being so trivial. Shiela tries to prove her
point, but kamla dismisses her. raj asks her to calm down and think straight. Sarita takes
shiela inside. raj asks them not to talk to shiela about rohan, and if she talks, then they
should gently ignore, so that she isnt hurt.

Inside, shiela tries to tell sarita, but she thinks that shierla is scared and maybe its her misunderstanding. But shiela insists that it was rohan. sarita is shocked. shiela asks her to go to the shopping mall and find out. She is convinced that rohan is following her and has some evil play in mind. She is determined to prove that it was rohan.

Abhimaan and the butler lay out clothes for vikrant to choose what to wear at the engagement. Vikrant asks what is this. he says that he too needs to look beautiful next to his mother. he makes him try clothes. Vikrant sees sarita’s photos, and thinks about what raj said in the shop, while trying on the coat. Abhi looks on. He then asks him to try
something else, but vikrant is preoccupied with raj’s statements.

Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – Zee World

He accidentally throws it on the flor. abhimaan says that he is somewhere lost in sarita’s
thoughts as he loves her like he too does. Abhi then gets a new cloth for her, with sarita’s
favourite colour, to try on.
Vikrant says that sarita cant betray abhimaan and actually loves him. Vikrant tries on the coat given by abhi. He remembers raj’s words about them being good friends and not being in love. vikrant says that he is doubting unnecessarily as noone would have consented if they were in love. He thinks that she would wear what he chose for her, and he what she chose out for him. He smiles. The next morning, shiela is going out and is asked by munni where is she going. Shiela says that she’s going to that same shop again. kamla asks shiela not to go there, as she has
chosen another one for her. shiela doesnt like it, and kamla says that she would get another set, and that she doesnt need to go to that shop. Kamla and munni both ask her not to go, but she leaves nevertheless. Raj excitedly says that today he would dress her up. Sarita asks why, as after all what is she to him. Raj is rendered speechless while sarita gazes at him.
Bubbly, the fatso is complimented by munni and sarita that she has put superb mehendi. the fatso leaves with munni to eat something. Sarita’s supatta falls, and being with Mehendi, she cant take it overherself. raj comes to her rescue and is surprised to see her in this new avatar. sarita says that she doesnt wear such dresses fopr this reason only, and
decides to wear what raj chose for her.

Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Raj says that if she doesnt wear what he likes, vikrant would feel bad. sarita asks if he
wouldnt feel bad. raj drapes it over her and says that she has to live according to him, and
that she is loking very beautiful. Raj leaves, but sarita stops him asking how would she eat
now. Raj himself feeds her the apples laid on the plate. She eats happily.
shiela looks around for rohan’s lookalike, and when she doesnt find him, she asks the
shopkeeper about him. He says that she must have misunderstod that day, as he is a very
needy person and his records as he had checked were very clean. She asks for his address.
He asks her to let the matter be, as iot must have been his mistake that day. shiela clears
that she wants to apologise as she might have been mistaken and therefore wants to clear
it up. The shopkeeper than gives the address. Shiela decides top go there, and find out for
herself, if its actually guru, or rohan’s evil plan.

She goes to that area and begins asking for guru and is shown his house. she reaches the
house, and is shocked to hear a lady’s voice reprimanding guru badly, while he keeps trying
to prove his innocence. Shiela feels very guilty as his bhabhi reprimands him severely.
Shiela remembers her accounts with guru, and is confused.

Raj passionately dresses up and does sarita’s makeup, while keeping her eyes closed. When
he’s done, he asks her to open them and see for herself. she is overwhelmed when raj
stops her asking her not to cry and spoil her makeup. She says that she looks like Raj’s
sarita today. She says that she would always remember this compliment. Kamla comes in
and is marvelled as to how beautiful she’s looking. She leave asking them to get ready
soon. Raj teases her saying that vikrant too would be like this, and he wont be able to take
his eyes off her. He leaves to get ready.

Shiela is very guilty hearing guru being taunted by his bhabhi. As he walks out of the
house, she hides herself so as not to be seen. While crossing the road, shiela accidentally
collides into Guru, who starts taunting her for spoiling his life. She apologises profusely, and
makes her undersatnd the reason of her confusion, and says that she has talked to the
shopkeeper, and he can have his job back if he so likes. She leaves while he is still tensed
and confused as to what happened. Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – Zee World

While vikrant is attending to the guests, abhimaan comes to him and compliments that he’s
looking very beautiful. Abhimaan leaves to welcome guests. Raj’s family arrives, where
soham and kamla think about what a rich person sarita has landed. Seeing sarita, abhimaan
comes and hugs her tightly. She gets conscious, while he goes to tell vikrant that she has
arrived. He sees her, while raj tells her that he cant take his eyes off her.
Vikrant remembers that sarita isnt wearing the dress that he had chosen for sarita, and
thinks thjat she rejected his choice and accpted what raj chose, on a day when she’s
engaging with him. He compliments her, and she asks if he isnt taunting actually. Sarita
says that this is due to raj, as he helped her in dressing up. vikrant compliments that he
didnt know raj had these talents too.

Shiela tells munni about her confusion of guru not being rohan. Kamla asks shiela about a
guy, who looks like a nerd, but is very rich. shiela asks her to behave, but kamla says that
she came here for a prospective groom. Shiela is reminded of guru.

Vikrant says that he hopes that there’s no fault in the party. sarita says tht there can be
none, as he has invited the distinguished people of bhopal, and they have come out of fear
of him. He says that there’s one person who doesnt listen to him and can do the mistake of
not doing what hew says. When she asks who, he names her. Vikrant tells her about her
dress, and says that neither does he have the temperament nor the habit of listening to no.

He asks her why she did this. But before she can answer, he is distracted by other guests,
who get busy drinking with him. She feels awkward standing there, and raj comes to talk to
her. As vikrant turns around, he find her chatting with raj. before he can react, abhimaan
takes him aside. She asks raj if he found vikrant’s behaviour strange. He says that its
nothing of that sort and its just initial awkwardness.
Vikrant assures abhimaan that his granny is coming, and he has already sent his car for
her. Kamla asks him why the delay in marriage. vikrant says that nothing can stop him,
when he has decided once, and tells that he’s just waiting for his late-wife’s mother, and
that only she is the elder in the family, and henbce they would start after she’s here. Raj
comes and appreciates the gesture.
Vikrant says that he’s coming for abhimaan only. Just then, he gets granny’s call, and
leaves to attend it. Kamla expresses her tension about sarita having a mother in law, but
raj dismisses it aside. When he leaves, kamla is still unsure as to why the attachment with
late-wife’s mother so much, for vikrant, and thinks that definitely she’s going to have a
tough time with this step mother in law.

Abhimaan says that till granny doesnt come, he would sing for his mother. all apreciate
while he performs. He then says that sarita would dance for everyone. She grows
conscious. But Raj comes for her relieving, and assists her dancing. sarita and raj enter a
romantic dance number. Vikrant is angry seeing this.
Later, Abhimaan announces the arrival of his granny, and sarita and her family are shocked when it turns out to be rohan’s mother. She too is shocked to see sarita. Vikrant gives a formal introduction while the ladies look at each other with hatred and shock and confusion too.

Vandana remembers sarita’s harsh words. He asks for her blessings. He asks sarita also to bow down to touch her feet. He complies. vandana says that before the engagement happens, she wants to talk to her alone and testify that she is deserving to replace her late daughter. The screen freezes on sarita’s shocked face. Married Again 25 December 2019 Update – Zee World

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