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Married Again 5 January 2020 Update On Zee World

Married Again 5 January 2020 Update starts when Abhi asks vikrant where’s sarita as he wants to have food with her only. but vikrant asks ghim not to insist and finish it up. he shows that vandana has made kheer for him, but the butler corrects that sarita has made it. Vikrant asks him not to serve such calorific food to abhi.

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Sarita asks him to let abhi eat, and that the kheer is very nutritious. she starts to freed him kheer while vikrnat is angry. He asks the butler to pack abhi’s suitcase for 3 days, as he has to go with him to mumbai. Abhi says that all would go, but vikrant tells that sarita wont go. But he says that he wants her to go also. but vikrant insists that she wont come. abhi requests and also asks sarita to say.

Vandana stops saying that sarita has lots of work here, and that he wont go alone, and that kajal would come. Vikrant asks his manager to book another ticket, for kajal on the phone. He leaves. vandana asks kajal and abhi to gop and pack. Abhi tells that he doesnt want to go with her. He asks sarita to talk to vikrant and he complies. She assures him that they would go together. Abhi lights up, and leaves.

Vandana goes to vikrant and thanks him for not taking sarita, as she would have gbeen very tensed, as sarita might have been busy with raj, and abhi would have been susceptible. She says that kajal would take care of abhi like a child, and he neednt bother. Vikrant smiles. After she leaves, she has an evil smile. she is confronted by sarita.

Sarita says that kajal shouldnt have bothered to pack the suitcase, and only she would go with her child. vandana reminds her of vikrant’s descision. sarita says that she too is adamant and that would happen, which she wants. vandana challenges her, and she agrees. They both decide to see how and who would go, with abhi.

Vikrant gets a call, that its an evening flight at 8:00 clock. Sarita sees him and remembers her promise to abhi, and vandana’s challenge. she wonders what to do. She remembers vikrant’s anger last night. she gets an idea from that only. She thinks that she would show him how adamant she can be.

Kajal is upset with abhi, for not getting the stuff for abhi’s packing. sarita comes and asks kajal to let her do this, as she wont be able to manage. kajal leaves angrily. Sarita thinks that kajal would straightaway go to viikrant and he would come to reprimand him. she puts the phone on self calling mode, and hopes that she’s talking, when vikrant comes in angrily.

Married Again 5 January 2020 Update n Zee World

As sarita expected, kajal goes to complain to vikrant, and he rushes to talk to sarita. He comes to the room and overhears sarita, talking to someone about his flight. He goes fuming into his room, wondering whats she upto. he finds a tie kept outside his wardrobe, and he angrily goes to rearrange the wardrobe. Vikrant finds movie tickets in the closet for the 8:00 P.M screening.

He is confused as to who could this be for, as he, kajri and abhi have other plans. sarita is happpy that all’s going to her plan. Sarita thinks that she has created a doubt, and now she has to solidify it, and she would have to show that she has no interest to go with him, and thats the best way to fulfill her promise to abhi. she intentionally talks to raj on the phone, that they would watch a movie and also make an excuse and come home. it has the expected effect on Vikrant.

Later, sarita is tensed that vikrant hasnt asked her to come yet. Vandana taunts her that she should forget that vikrant would come and ask her romantically to come along. Abhi comes to ask if vikrant agereed. But kajal says that she would go with abhi. sarita thinks that she wont be able to fulfill his promise. the butler comes and gives vikrant an envelope. just then, vikrant comes in to say, that she has to come along.

Married Again 5 January 2020 Update – Sarita is excited, vandana is confused, butsarita gets sad when he says that she has to come to see them off at the airport. He asks abhi what if she comes to mumbai wih them. qabhi is super excited, while vandana and kajal are distraught. He says that he was waiting for the tickets to come. saruita pretends that she doesnt have time to pack, and he says that he would buy her anything that she needs. He leave swith abhi, and asks her to come down.

after they leave, sarita taunts vandana that now she knows who won. she asks vanadan to rest for three days now, so that she can plan new schemes to throw her out of the house. she asks kajal to go and help her pack. She leaves. kajal expresses her doubts about this whole thing. vandana falls and sprains her leg. kajal while applying medicine, says that her bad time is on, as everything thats going wrong is on her. vandana tries to say, but kajal says that her plans are all falling apart.

Divya is talking as to how much he and she used to enjoy watching the film together. They all talk about the film that they would go to se. Raj comes and divya asks him to be ready, as she doesnt want the ads to be missed. raj asks who are going. Divya says everyone except granny. raj asks if sarita would be coming too. divya informs him of his flight with vikrant. raj makes an excuse of headache and asks them to leave without him. Divya is sad and hurt too.

Abhi is super excited that they are all going, and is detailing all his plans to them, as to how they would enjoy sightseeing together. Vikrant wonders how would he tolerate her, for three days, while she’s fighting all the time. sarita too is thinking the same, as to how she would cope with this egoist man, and still have fun. the screen freezes on their faces.

Abhi questions vikrant, as he takes him for the night, to his own room, as to why are they not sleeping with sarita. Vikrant tries to give an excuse but abhi isnt convinced.

She says that the other room was booked for kajal, and now if its going to waste, thats why she would be in the other room, and as it is they would spend the entire day together only. He leaves with sarita, while vikrant follows. Abhi finds a couple walking with holding hands, and wonders why dont his parents do the same, apart from fighting.

In the play area, abhi asks Vikrant to play with him, but he’s busy on his business calls. Vikrant is shocked that his client has cancelled the meetings. He is super angry, and then finds abhi looking at other sons having a nice time with their fathers. He takes abhi and teaches him how to play billiards. But sarita comes and distracts him, and they get into a verbal scuffle as usual.

Sarita joins the next table in anger, while abhi and vikrant play together. But abhi is unable to understand, and vikrant gets angry that he isnt concentrating enough. Abhi asks if anyone would understand. Vikrant says yes. abhi asks him to teach sarita then, as if she understands, then they would agree that he’s teaching them right.

He asks her to judge if vikrant knows how to teach. sarita agrees to learn, but also favours abhi that vikrant doesnt know. He starts explaining sarita how to play billiards, all the while getting physically close to her, as the game demands. abhi is happy. She hears vikrant’s teaching correctly. Abhi comments that when they dont fight, they look very cute together. Sarita leaves from there, while vikrant is smiling, thinking that abhi is right, in thin king that its good not to fight with her, and wonders whats happening to him suddenly.

In the night, abhi isnt able to wear his pyjama due to his NAADA being out, and vikrant is told that he wouldnt be able to fix this, after repeated attempts and asks him to go to sarita, as she knows it, and also the other nightsuit is with sarita only. Vikrant asks him to sleep like this only, but then abhi insists that he go to sarita. As he enters her room, he finds her wearing the saree, and quickly turns away, and asks her to lock the door next time.

Sarita says angrily that he should have knocked before coming. Vikrant asks her to come to his room. She says why. He says that he isnt taking for himself for abhi, and explains the problem as they both begin to enter into a fight. Sarita begins to attend to what vikrant needs.

Kamla asks the priest to find a suitable time for marriage, so that she can get divya as the bahu of this house. The priest says that after 15 days is a good time to get married.Kamla agrees on the nearer date, but soham asks her to concern atleast divya first. Raj remembers his confession to sarita, about his love. Married Again 5 January 2020 Update

Divya says that she would be able to manage the schedule around this marriage. divya and the family are very happy. raj is tensed and that its too hurried and he isnt ready yet. They ask what does he mean. He says that he has more important work to attend to.

All are shocked while divya is confused. Kamla and soham asks whats this important work that he wants to finsih. raj says that he doesnt want to get married right now. Raj says that they have met after a long time, and they should give each other some time, befor getting married, for the sake of the family.

Later, Raj remembers his moments with sarita, and is tensed and sad as he sits in the verandah. Divya comes and sits next to him, and says that she has a strange feeling, of him not being close to her, even though he is, at their engagement, at the movie, and the time of marriage fixing, and how she had wanted him to be hasty in getting married.

She reminds how he had proposed and engaged with her hastily. she says that she feels thjat his heart isnt in all this, and that there’s ahuge barrier between them, and she’s unable to cross it. Raj begins to go, but divya stops and asks for an answer, saying that she deserves this and wont let him go, without answering. She coaxes him to say something, as to what he thinks or what he wants to attain, or if he still loves her. raj is speechless. He manages to say yes, but thinks that he would have to get over his dilemma soon.

As sarita attends to abhi’s needs, and puts him to bed, vikrant gazes at her. Abhi cites a headache, and she says that he should sleep and he needs rest. vikrant says that his head is aching as he has fun all day. she suggests that she would put him to sleep, while pressing his head. She goes on to put him to sleep, while telling him a story. vikrant too sits beside them.

when he finds that they are comfortable, vikrant begins to leave, but abhi screams intentionally, and a scared vikran t puts his hand on abhi, and sarita too does so at the same time. they take away their hands awkwardly.

Married Again 5 January 2020 Update ends when Vikrant thinks that he doesnt know, if sarita’s a good wife or not, but she’s definitely a very good mother. As she begins to go, after abhi’s asleep, abhi holds her hand, and she sleeps beside him only. Vikrant too smiles and goes off to sleep.

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