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Married Again 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

Married Again 7 December 2019 Update - Zee World

Married Again 7 December 2019 Update – When the groom’s father proposes that he wants his son and their girl to talk alone, granny doesnt approve of this saying that this isnt their tradition and that they can ask whatever is it in front of elders.

But soham dismisses it saying that this is the neew ritual, and its good only that the first one was mistaken and the second one shouldnt be the same as before, hence they should be allowed to talk. Kamla lovingly asks sarita to take him outside in the lawns. The girls tease as to how sarita would overpower him. Shiela is disturbed at all this.

Outside, sarita and the groom, rohan sit down to talk. He asks why is she so nervous, as this isnt the first time, and he thinks thatthe second time, things are easier. She gets disturbed, when he asks why is she leaving raj, and if its hatred. She vehemently denies at which he is asked the true reason. she is speechless and looks away. He hols her hand and comforts her, while she is shocked and raj is angered, watching them from the roof. She lest go of his hand, and stands up. he says that its important for him to know, and if everything’s alright, then why is she agreeing to this remarriage, and if there was some problem, then her parents should have talked not her in laws. He cites his own example too.

Married Again 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

He says that her silence can be mistaken for something else. Sarita says that when a girl marries, her in laws, become her parents, and she got so much love and care from them, that they became her parents only. Raj is guilty when she hears this. He asks one last question, as to whats raj’s opinion on this. Raj is waiting for her answer. She says that he cares for her, her happiness and emotions, and he only wants to see her happy. He asks why then did he agree to all this, if he cares for her so much.

Sarita tells him about raj’s love, and says that he just wishes her good being, and wants a life partner for her. raj hears this, and getting disturbed goes inside. He says that though this is difficult to understand, still he does and likes raj and his frankness. He asks for the permission to meet raj. She asks why. He says that before starting the new relation, he wants to know what went wrong the first time, and so it cant be repeated again, as he wants to rectify these in the next relation.

Soham and kamla are discussing as to how meenakshi, the groom’s matchmaker wants dowry, for a person whi isnt their daughter even. granny asks who wanted to get her married, and get another daughter in law. Granny says that they have to do this if they want divya as their daughter in law. Kamla too agrees and asks him to quieten down at this stage, and let things be, as what they lose on sarita, woulod be compensated when divya comes to their house. they smile evilly at their financial planning.

Raj is nervous in his room. Sarita comes and asks why is he tensed. Raj says that he doesnt like this drama. Sarita says that this isnt, as her in laws’ are getting her remarried. Raj says that she seems very happy with this, and she is talking to him as if theyr are old firneds. Sarita says that the truth is that their marriage is unsuccessful and has to be finished, and the sooner, the better. Married Again 7 December 2019 Update She expects him also to support her. raj asks what should he do dryly. Sarita asks if he can meet rohan. Raj says that he wont be a part opf this drama.

She asks why does he not want to talk to him, and if he doesnt want her to get remarried, or suddenly he’s in love with her. she asks if he wants to give their relationship a fresh start, or if he wants them to start their lives seperately afresh. raj says that he just doesnt want her to make the same mistake that he did. sarita apologises hurriedly, and she may have spoken a l,ot, and till he doesnt agree, she wont say yes, and even if they didnt become lovers, atleast they can be good friends, as his concern for her is visible and requests him not to say no to meeting rohan. Raj agrees finally.

Sohan and kamla agree to giving whatever dowry they want. But the mother says that meenakshi was the one who suggested dowry, and they dont want anything, sending kamla and sohan into throes of ecstasy. His mother says that he just wants her son to be happy, and relieved from past memories that haunt him. sohan agrees for the relationship and tries to give sweets, but they decide to wait for rohan’s confirmatory yes.

After having talks, Rohan commends raj for being so frank in their conversation. Shiela comes in and says that all are waiting for them. Shiela comes in with sarita, raj and rohan. Seeing raj, his mother asks for his identity. rohan tells that its sarita’s husband. As they begin to leave, sohan says that this shouldnt be in haste, and that they should have sweets once rohan says yes. But they say that they have to talk to their elders first, and then decide as they dont want this descision to be wrong. all are tensed at this, while they continue to be cautious, after the failure of their first marriage, and say that they should be given one day, for deciding and that they would inform him in the evening. Married Again 7 December 2019 Update – Zee World

granny makes sohan calm down, and tells them that they can give their answer whenever they want. They leave. Sohan is again irritated at having spent without any fruitful result. Granny again taunts him. Sundari speaks hesitatingly, that their haste can be mistaken for some secret reason. But sohan reprimands her for unwanted advise. Granny compliments her on her maturity. Kamla says that she has full faith that everything would be alright. Sarita teases Kamla saying that who would she take out her frustration now. She asks munni that she should get in the habit of doing work, as divya wouldnt.

In the kitchen, Shiela asks sarita how did she like rohan. When she talks highly of them. sarita teases her that she should get married to him. She teases her about rohan, and her liking for him. shiela says that she didnt like the idea of her remarriage, but she is lucky to have such a good relation as her future spouse. Sarita says that they are nice, but she cant take this descision alone. The screen freezes on her tensed face.

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