Mehek Series

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Sheetal says to Mahek that if Mohit is wrong for taking the money then Shaurya is wrong too for giving a bribe, no one is talking about him because he is Mahek’s husband. Mahek says Shaurya has to answer now, he won’t be spared, she leaves.

Shaurya is in the restaurant, he calls Vicky and says I will handle investors, when Mahek comes home, call me, I have to talk something important. Shaurya turns around and sees Niki decorating hotel, she says you should spend date time with Mahek, you should tell truth to her, she loves you a lot, I am sure she will forgive you, Niki holds her shoulders and says I have done all this for my business, everything is fair in love and war, thank you, he hugs her. Niki says, you really love Mahek, don’t you? Shaurya says Umm… Priya comes and says an investor has come.

They come inside, Shaurya greets them, investor says we are happy with white chilies victory and have relief too, we are investing in the right direction. Shaurya introduces Niki as its new chef. Shaurya says now we will take our car in the right direction.

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Karona is waiting for Mahek. Mahek comes home and shouts Shaurya! dolly asks, what happened? Svetlana thinks some big drama is going to happen. Mahek asks Karona where is Shaurya? she says at the restaurant, Mahek leaves. Svetlana thinks God keep twisting their lives like this. Vicky calls Shaurya but his phone is silent, he calls Niki but her phone is not reachable, he messages her that Mahek is coming there and she is very angry. Niki is with investors and doesn’t see text.

Kanta cries and says what has happened with Mohit? he was never this selfish and greedy, the way he talked today feels like we didn’t bring him nicely, PD says we all failed.

Mohit is in his room, Sonal is crying, Mohit says you keep crying and won’t think practically, Sonal says if you think that I will accept your cheating then you are wrong, Mohit says I have had enough of my family’s taunts, I won’t hear it from you. He shouts on his family that this family is unique, I don’t know what wrong I did, Jeevan says you cheated and you keep your money with you. Mohit says fine, I won’t ask for anything else but don’t have expectation from me, I won’t have a concern with anyone, he leaves. Jeevan is exasperated.

Investors say to Shaurya that we would want a meeting with Mahek too for her opinion, Shaurya says sure. Mahek comes there and pushes Shaurya, she says you always win right? you won this time too. Shaurya gets tensed seeing investors there too. Mahek says but if you achieve victory like this then you are no winner, going to any extent to win is your reality, she grabs his collar and says you lie and cheat, this is Shaurya?

Shaurya says don’t create a scene, we will talk later, Mahek says don’t touch me, what is secret behind your success? you buy people to win. Niki says don’t say all this in front of investors. Mahek says oh investors are here that’s why Shaurya doesnt want to talk, why? are you scared to tell your truth? you didn’t get shame when you were winning your victory, investor asks what she is saying? Mahek says let me tell you sir, I won’t stay quiet today, Shaurya I will tell what you have done, you have made my innocent brother a cheater and liar like you, you tried to crush my talent with your money and power. Investor says are you accusing Shaurya of giving money to win the contest?

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Shaurya says she lost thats why she is saying this, Mahek says I have proof of your cheating, you have always cheated and cheated only, investors say we have to rethink about our deal, we are leaving, Shaurya tries to stop them but they leave. Shaurya angrily looks at Mahek, he grabs her arm and pushes her away, she shouts how dare you, Shaurya shut up or I will strangle you, you showed your cheap standard, you couldnt do anything so you destroyed my success, your brother is greedy and cheap, you talk about morals but your brother is so cheap that he didnt think once before cheating you,

Mahek says yes he has shortcomings but people like you are to blame, you dont let anyone be fair, Shaurya says people like you want to be successful like me but when they cant so they talk about morals, if you have so much problem with my victory then ask your brother to give my money back and I will give statement in press that I cheated, I will accept it, can you do it? you just find problems in me.

Mahek says you knew Mohit is weak and used him for your gain, my family fought because of you, because you my family is broken, Shaurya says great, Kanta made me give all my property to you then let us marry then how are you saying this? your family is like me, they are running behind me, I atleast accept it but not your family thats why you got cheated.

Niki ask them to stop it, Shaurya says no there is a lot to tell this middle class, Shaurya says Mahek everything sells in this world, you just have to give right rate, atleast Mohit is clever to take money, you wanted to put me down infront of my investors? if you hurt my business then I am going to destroy you, Mahek says what else can you do? for recipes you pretended to love me, for contest you cheated me, I cant expect anything else from you but remember one thing if my family breaks because of your deed then I am never going to forgive you, she leaves.

Mahek is weeping at night. Shaurya is sitting alone in the garden. Humari adhuri kahani plays. Shaurya recalls their sweet and romantic moments, both are in pain and lonely.

Niki comes to Karona and says Shaurya did wrong but Mahek and Shaurya shouldn’t get separated like this, Karona says dont know who evil-eyed their love.

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series
In the morning, investor calls Shaurya and says we will have a deal with you once we know that your victory was clean in the contest, bring NOC from Mahek, Shaurya says sure, Mahek will take her statement back.

Ravi says to family that we love to work on a small food truck so we will do it and avoid Mohit and Shaurya both. Mahek says we will work with our food truck slowly and nicely. One man comes there and asks if this is Mohit’s house? Ravi says, if Shaurya started something again? Jeevan says yes this is Mohit’s house. The man says I am a lawyer, I have to take his sign on the agreement. Ravi says which agreement? Mahek takes agreement. she reads it. Kanta asks Mahek what are in the papers? Mahek is shocked by reading it and drops it. Mahek says Mohit sold food truck, all are shocked.

Jeevan says that useless jerk sold our source of income, I will break his legs, Mahek says don’t be angry, we will nicely talk to Mohit and make him understand, Jeevan says no its enough, i won’t spare him today.

Niki says to Shaurya that if you act maturely and say sorry to Mahek then she will forgive you and will comeback in your life, shaurya says I dont want to bring her in my life, she creates problems in my life, Niki says you have increased problems for her too, you both are in pain separately, Shaurya says even if she cries for me to take her back even I wont accept her, Niki says you will let this restaurant destroy?

Shaurya says i will make another empire, I am Shaurya Khanna, Niki says investors are not ready to invest and you have given so much amount to Mohit too, shaurya says I didnt lose my talent and brain and I can use that to make another empire, he leaves.
Jevean shouts for Mohit, Kanta asks him to calm down, Sonal is pregnant.

Ravi says no dont stop jeevan today, if we had beaten him in childhood then this wouldnt have happened. Mohit comes there and is talking on call to buy property, Jeevan takes stick and starts beating him, he says how dare you sell food truck? it was in your name but it was of everyone in this house, he beats him badly, Mahek tries to stop him. Sheetal comes there and asks Sonal to stop, you are seeing you husband getting beaten? Kanta says I fold my hands, dont beat him.

Mahek says please stop it, Jeevan stops and says to Mohit one side is you who sold everything and your sister is still saving you. Sheetal says Mahek stop this drama, you act nice so that Mohit becomes villain, Kanta says enough, Sheetal says i wont listen words against my son in law, your husband is beating him, you dont care about your son’s respect but I care about my son in law’s respect, Sonal says you know what Mohit did? Sheetal says yes and he did that for you and your baby, dont be trapped in Mahek’s words.

Mahek says Sheetal aunty please stop all this here, we will talk in room. Sheetal says you made him get beaten infront of all and now you want to talk inside? I will tell your truth, your food truck was not working so Mohit atleast try to build another business, Jeevan says we dont want his business, he even sold your source of income, Mohit says Mahek gave me food truck then whats the problem? Mahek asks him to calm down, Mohit says when you named food truck to me then why all are blaming me? these people lived their lives in old Delhi’s small house and wants to get rotten here too, Mahek says enough.

Mahek asks Mohit why did you bring lawyer here? Mohit says Sheetal mummy is right, you are biggest liar and cheater. Mohit says you should award for acting, my parents love you more than me, you took them from me, somtimes I feel I am an orphan, you dont have parents so you took away mine, Mahek says mohit.. Kanta is about to slap Mohit but Sheetal stops her and says dont you dare touch my son in law, Jeevan grabs Mohit and says wish you wre not my child, get lost from here. He throws Mohit our of house with Ravi, Sheetal says have you people gone mad? who throws their son out of house like this?

Sonal comes on door, Mohit says lets go sonal, Sonal doesnt go to him, she holds door and closes it on his face, Mohit is shocked. Sheetal smirks, Sheetal says you have to cross these problems to become rich man, come with me, Mohit leaves with her. Mahek cries seeing all this.

Shaurya meets his lawyer and says no bank can give me loan why? lawyer says your restaurant is still under so many loans so you cant get more. Shaurya says then what should I do? should I go to mandir and pray? I need a solution, lawyer says if your investors invest if your business then market wont be able to deny you, he leaves.

Shaurya is tensed. Priya says to Niki that if you read Vicky’s message that day then this wouldnt have happened, Niki says if I knew then I would have taken his phone. Shaurya throws his phone away in anger and says Mahek Sharma my plan destroyed because of your antic, I will not only save my business but will destroy you Mahek, he leaves. Niki says I have to do something otherwise it will be too late.

Mehek 13 July 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Jeevan says to family that I won’t let Mohit comeback in this house again. Mahek takes Mansi with her. Mahek brings Mansi in kitchen, Mahek starts cooking, Mansi asks what are you doing? Mahek says all are hungry and I dont want Sonal to be hungry in this condition, you know live is shameful, we have to keep moving on and in this condition we have to move on for Sonal, if we think calmly then we will find a solution for this problem too but we have to fill our stomachs for that.

Mahek and Mansi bring lunch for the family. Mahek makes Sonal eat it with her hands. Mahek offers food to Jeevan, he is in tears but takes it and says our people run behind sons but daughters come to wipes family’s tears, you are ignoring your life, your inlaws house to handle us, Mahek says I dont handle you people in this condition then I will fall apart myself. Jeevan hugs her.

Sheetal and Mohit come to Sharma house with lawyers. Sheetals glares at them with hatred in her eyes. Mahek says what is all this now? why did you bring a lawyer? Sheetal says talk to me you fake nice doll, first, you took your husband’s property and now want to snatch Mohit’s property, these are my lawyers and we will get our share legally. Jeevan grabs Mohit’s collar and says you sold our food truck, you made us lose the contest, at least now let us die in peace. Sheetal says see lawyer, this Mahek have poisoned their minds so much that Mohit’s parents are not listening to their son Mohit but her.

Sheetal says to Mahek that how much more you will destroy this house? earlier too because of your love story with Shaurya, your uncles’ shops were crashed and then you married him also and now Mohit is trying to build this house again then you are stopping him again, why you are doing this? Kanta says to Mohit that son you are blinded by Sheetal, open your eyes and see this house is breaking because of you, Mahek has loved you not like a brother but like her son and you think she is a villain? your antics are going to affect your baby and wife so much, Sonal says if you ever loved me then please please stop this nonsense. Mehek 13 July 2019 Update

Sheetal pushes Kanta away from Sonal and Mohit. Mahek rushes to her. Mahek says to Mohit that its good to respect your mother in law as your mother but the woman who gave you birth and is your mother, if you see someone raising hand on her and remain silent then you are coward, you have broken relation with this family too, Sheetal says he didn’t do anything, you destroyed this family when you married Shaurya. Sheetal asks the lawyer to file a case on Mahek for illegally taking Mohit’s share of this property, Mahek is stunned.

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