Mehek Series

Mehek 13th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 13th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 13th June 2019 Update


Today’s episode starts with Shaurya telling Mahek that only 7days are remaining, you want it or not but we will be together forever and always, Mahek looks at him in shock, Shaurya says please I want you all to come to my wedding.

Shaurya claps with band playing wedding music, Nehal smirks at him. Shaurya points at Mahek indicating she will be his, he smiles and leaves. Mahek is worried, Kanta reads wedding card and says to family that you still think everything will be fine?

If me and Mahek doesn’t leave this city then this wedding card will be truth and we will become drama, she tears card.

Balwant says if you take Mahek away then Shaurya can go mad, dont you remember he brought bulldozer, Kanta says you want me to beg and cry to him? Jeevan says we wont beg or we wont runaway, this is our house, Mahek is our daughter so we will protect her, we will fight Shaurya, like he took actions to break our house, we will break his ego, he can be goon but we wont allow him to do anything, he can powerful man of this city but we wont take Mahek away from food truck or home.

Mehek 13th June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek says Kanta he is right, we shouldn’t run away from his fear, Shaurya is my problem so i wont put whole family in pain because of it, I will do anything you ask me to do but we wont leave our family.

Vicky is waiting for Shaurya come back home, he hears Karona coming to Shaurya’s room. He hides in his bed, Karona comes there and says Shaurya? are you sleeping? inspector has come to meet you. Karona takes off comforter and sees Vicky, she asks where is Shaurya?

And Vicky says he has gone to meet Mahek. Karona gets tensed. She comes in lounge and asks inspector to wait.

Shaurya is changing clothes in his room, inspector says you are making us doubt Shaurya more, are you hiding him? let us go in. Inspector comes in Shaurya’s room, Shaurya suddenly comes out of washroom, he says to inspector that why did you come in my room?

You can enter anywhere like that? inspector says i am sorry, we had to check, Kanta called us, Shaurya says you will listen to everything she says? Leave my room now, inspector leaves, Shaurya have sigh of relief. Kanta is making tea in kitchen, she recalls Shaurya’s claim that he will marry Mahek in 7days, she gets worried.

In the morning, Sonal gets Shaurya’s message, he asks how was surprise? Sonal shows message to Mahek. Mohit is tensed seeing a newspaper. Jeevan sees Mohit shivering and asks what happened?

Zee World: Mehek 13th June 2019 Update

Mohit gets tensed seeing newspaper. Jeevan takes newspaper from him and reads news about Shaurya and Mahek, he is stunned. Ravi reads news that Do come in handsome Shaurya and old Delhi’s girl Mahek’s wedding. Mansi says even neighbours are congratulating me.

Shaurya messages Sonal that if Mahek liked surprise then call me and if Mahek didnt like it then message me. Balwant says our honor will be gone in thin air now. Sonal gets Shaurya’s message, Mahek snatches phone from her and leaves. Svetlana shows newspaper to Shaurya and says you have started your low class acts again?

Shaurya says buy new dresses, i am getting married, we will do everything. Shaurya gets call, he asks Svetlana to leave, i have to prepare for wedding, Svetlana thinks that Shaurya can try anything but he wont get happiness so easily, she leaves.

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