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Mehek 14 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Mehek 14 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series – The episode starts when Shaurya slaps Vicky. Anjali says I told you they kidnapped me. They brought me here. Shaurya packs his bag. He says I can’t live with you. You stooped so low. Mahek says I made a mistake. You can’t understand why I did this. He says I am ashamed you are my wife. Mahek says I will leave. She packs her bags. MAhek and Shaurya recall their moments together. She leaves. Shaurya tries to sleep at night. He says where would have she gone?

Next monring, Shaurya is managing the cafe. Vicky comes and says please listen. Shaurya says I am at work. Go from here. You all are so evil. Vicky says please listen. He leaves.

Mahek wakes up in a dance bar. Her hands are tied. Mahek is scared. She is on sedatives. Mahek sees dancers outside. Anjali comes to meet the woman. Mahek is dazed to see her. He says Tai I brought a girl who will dance well and cooks great food. I will take a high price.

Anjali comes to Mahek and says welcome. You will have to dance a lot today. She grasps her hair. Anjali says i find girls who have no one and I sell them here. So today I found you here. Anjali says you are such a devil. Your brother loves you and this what you do.

Anjali says you thought you could kidnap me? She gives her a dress and says get ready for the guests. Mahek throws them away. Anjali says save energy for the dance and pleasure you will give them. Earn me good money.

Shaurya looks for Mahek everywhere. vicky says she is nowhere. Shaurya says lets go to police. Shaurya says to inspector look for her. He says its not been 24 hours even. Some girls tell mahek how they were sold here. Vikcy says please calm down. Shaurya says you both did this and Mahek is paying the price.

Nehal says please do something. We don’t know where she is. All old people look for Mahek too. Shaurya comes home. SHe says is Mahek doing all this on her own? Did you both fight? Nehal says shut up. Karuna says let me call commissioner.

Dolly says whats happening in this house. Mahek says to the girls don’t worry we will get out of here. They try opening each other’s hands. Mahek comes to a room and sees a phone. Tai ocmes in. She says to a man where is my phone? He looks for it everywhere. He calls and the phone rings. They see Mahek. Tai slaps her. She says how dare you.

Mehek 14 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Anjali goes somewhere. Nehal follows her. The man shoves her and says how dare you. He hits her with a rod. Tai says get her ready like a bride. She says you will have fun there. Nehal drops water on Anajli. She goes to washroom to clean it. Vicky steals her phone. The guy throttles maheka and says dance here or we will kill your family.

Vicky checks Anjali’s phone. Anajli comes and takes it. Nehal says tell us where Mahek is. Anjali says you kidnapped me. Now see what real kidnapping is like. Mahek calls Shaurya and says please save me. Shaurya says where are you? The phone hangs up. Anjali got the call made from a fake location. Police and Shaurya come to that location. Mahek isn’t there. Nehal calls Vicky and says anjali is fooling you. Shaurya finds Mahek’s Dupaatta. He says mahek is nearby.

All other girls get ready. Mahek hears bajrangi bhaiyya. He says to a girl we have lost a girl from happy home Please help us find her. Mahek stands in window so he sees her.

Bajrani says here is a flower for you. He makes her eat sweets and says I couldn’t save you from this hell. Mahek tries to give him reflection of mirror bt he can’t see her. Bajrangi leaves.

Anjali says I will pray for Bhabhi all night. I am gooing to temple. Nehal says how can you go alone? I will come. ANjali says no you should rest. Karuna says don’t go alone. Anjali says don’t worry. Nehal follows anjali. Anjali runs from her sight.

Anjali comes to dance bar and sees mahek dresses. She says bhabhi drink thsi you will be able to tolerate all this. Enjoy girls. Tai comes and say come and dance. Mahek comes and dances. Anjali laughs at her. Men throw money on her.

Bajrani comes home with a pot. Mahek threw her ring in it. Shaurya sees the ring and says where are you coming from? He says dance bar. Shaurya says what.. I have to go there. While dancing Mahek pours wine and then hits a candle. The carpet is on fire.

Mahek says to all the girls lets go from here. She says to another girl lets go. She stays there. Mahek tries to break the lock. Nehal is worried for Mahek. Karuna called anjali. Nehal asks her where is she? Karuna says she was in jagrata.

Mahek and the girls go out. mahek say where is the third girl? I can’t leave her there. This is my husband’s number. Go and call him. I will get her out. Mahek comes in and says seema lets go. Give me your hand. The girl goes out. Anjali comes after Mahek adn hits her head. Mahek says seema run. They lock Mahek. Tai says I will ruin your life to burn to my palace. Mehek 14 October 2019 Update – Zee World Series

Dolly says to Nehal my mom is really ill. Nehal says you should go there we will handle things here.
The girls come out and ask for help. The thugs come there and surround them. They kidnap them. A truck comes. The girls run and hide in it.

Tai sells Mahek to men. She sells her in 50 lacs. Mahek says you will Anjali. You will pay for your sins. Anjali says I wont let you go from here. Life will be full of darkness. Seema says you will rot in hell. Anjali says for now a beast will turn your life into hell.
Shaurya comes outside the truck. Vicky and all people come. They hit the thugs. Mahek is in her room. The men are around her. The door opens. Mahek sees Shaurya and everyone outside. She says he is herre. We have to go from here. The men try to take men with them. Shaurya comes and says Mahek.. He hits men. Anjali is trying to hide. Mahek hugs Shaurya.

The thugs fight all the people. Mahek sees that Anjali is trying to run. sHe goes after her. Anjali shoves Mahek. Tai puts the knife on Mahek’s throat. Seema hits her on the head. She falls down. Anjali tries to run. Mahek hits her and she falls down. Mahek takes off the huge anklet that Anjali made her wear.

Mahek hits Anjali with it. Mahek faints. Shaurya comes. He says mahek please open your eyes. Police come. They arrest everyone. They take Mahek to the hospital. Shauyra says I am sorry Mahek. Please forgive me. It was all my mistake. He kisses her forehead. Mahek says you are with me, I don’t have to worry. The doctor checks mahek and says everything is fine. In fact, there is good news. She is pregnant. Mehek 14 October 2019 Update…

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