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Mehek 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mehek 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Today’s episode starts with Kanta pointing at Shaurya and says he has done it, all are shocked. Kanta says I heard kidnappers talking on a call, one kidnapper said on the call that you can free this oldie from us and become the hero in people’s eyes, Shaurya says what rubbish? Kanta says no, you kidnapped me so then save me and become great in everyone eyes.
Shaurya says I didn’t do this Mahek, trust me. Ravi says we knew you are cheap but you are criminal too. Jeevan asks Inspector to take him away else we will do justice. Karona says my Shaurya cant do this cheap act. Jeevan says I will beat him, Kanta falls down, Shaurya rushes to her but Mohit asks him to not touch my mother. Shaurya says Mahek I don’t know the truth but trust my love, I didn’t do it, Mahek turns away from him, Shaurya holds her hand but Jeevan pushes his hand away and police take Shaurya from there, Bheji Thi dua plays.

Doctor checks Kanta and says she has high BP due to not taking medicine, she shouldn’t have any stress, Mansi gives her medicine, and asks should I bring turmeric milk for you like Mahek used to? Kanta nods, all leave. Kanta stops Mahek, Mahek sits beside her, Kanta says I told you he will hurt you again, you forget him, Mahek says I can curse Shaurya, I can fight him but I can never forget him till my last breath.

Zee World: Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

Kanta is frustrated hearing it. Jeevan comes there and says I talked with inspector, he promised that Shaurya won’t come out of jail this time very easily, Mahek wipes her tears and leaves. Jeevan looks at Kanta.
Shaurya is in a police station and shouts on the lawyer that I didn’t do anything, you can’t prove me right? why are your best lawyer? Karona says calm down, Shaurya says i didn’t do anything with Kanta, either Kanta is lying or someone is setting me up, Karona says i trust you but the way you have behaved these all days, people including Sharma family can easily believe that you have done this, Shaurya says i want to talk to Mahek right now.

Inspector call Svetlana and says your wish has come true, Mahek’s family has charged Shaurya with kidnapping charges, he is going in jail for long time, Svetlana says wonderful. Beautician is manicuring her nails, Svetlana shouts on her to do it, she grabs her neck and strangles her being angry.

Shaurya is in police station and missing Mahek. Otherside Mahek is working in kitchen and crying silently. Bheji this dua plays. Shaurya walks around his lockup and looks at Mahek engraved on his chest, Shaurya punches his already bruised hand, his hand bleeds. Otherside Mahek hurts her hand too while cooking. Mahek says my heart doesnt believe that Shaurya can do this, Kanta must have heard something wrong, my Shaurya cant do something like this, he cant do it.

Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

Kanta says to family that i was thinking to take Mahek away from city for few days. Balwant says you are right, you can take Ravi or Jeevan with you. Kanta gets call, she gets tensed, she comes in corner and takes call, she says dont come near house, i will come at the end of street, Sonal hears all this and goes to tell Mahek. Kanta leaves.
Shaurya drinks water in jail cell. Some criminals are glaring at him, he glares back and looks away.
Sonal comes to Mahek and says come with me without asking anything, Mahek says where? Sonal drags her out of house.
Kanta comes out of house and looks around. Kanta comes to kidnapper. Mahek and Sonal hides there and listen their talk. Kanta says to kidnapper that we will leave city in two days, i am feeling little bad that Shaurya is in jail, kidnapper says it was our idea to set up your kidnapping, there was no other way to get rid of that stubborn Shaurya, you take Mahek away from city and no one will know that we planned this kidnapping and trapped Shaurya,

Kanta asks if Shaurya will come out of jail? kidnapper says when you will go away, we will bring him out, we have sources in police. Kanta turns to leave and sees Mahek standing there, she feels guilty, Mahek says why you did it? Kanta says i am sorry but I didnt have any choice, Mahek says i know shaurya did mistakes but he is trying to change, cant you see that? you dont want to believe that he is changing so you trapped him in fake case? he is paying way too much for being in love with me, this is wrong, very very wrong, Mahek cries and runs from there, Kanta feels guilty.

In jail, criminals surround and start beating him, Shaurya tries to retaliate but they keep beating him badly, Shaurya falls down and faints, they keep beating him, police comes there and stop them. Policeman says I will call the doctor and his family.

Karona is leaving the house, Svetlana comes there and asks if there is any other problem? Karona says if you are behind hurting Shaurya then I will cut your hands and take off your teeth that are showing your smile, Svetlana says Shaurya is in jail because of Mahek’s family so threaten them not me and Shaurya got fruit of Karma, what happened today should have happened way back, Karona gets angry and says don’t even say this again alone else you will face my wrath, she glares at her and leaves. Svetlana says I won’t say it again but I won’t let it leave your mind.
Kanta says to Mahek that i did a mistake but i wanted to stop you from doing any mistake.

Mahek says to Kanta that you wanted to stop me from doing mistake so you did sin? Kanta says you were first daughter of this house, i didn’t give birth to you but you were always my daughter, your mother gave your responsibility to me so then how could i let you fall in darkness?

Kanta says i was just protecting you, Mahek says protecting from whom? from his love? how will you save me by hating him? Kanta says i dont hate him but I love you way too much thats why i couldnt see you breaking from his hands thats why i couldnt forgive him and will never forgive him.

Karona and Vicky comes to hospital, they see shaurya lying on bed injured, Karona says you keep running everything with your speed,be it your business or love. Nurse says he was calling out some Mahek even in dizzy state, call her if you can. Shaurya is lying in hospital bed injured, Karona cries seeing his state. Shaurya holds her hand and asks Maa where is Mahek?

Kanta says to Mahek that you might forget but i can never forget the day Shaurya ditched and you were broken completely, you locked yourself in room and we were begging you to open it, in those moments I died so many times,i had many wrong ideas that you would hurt yourself, you would take some wrong step. Mahek says Shaurya has changed, Kanta says till when? what is the guarantee that his mind will not go crazy and he wont throw you out of his life again? you can trust him but I cant.

Mahek pleads to Kanta to let her go, dont give this punishment to Shaurya, i cant see Shaurya in pain, please free him from jail. Kanta says fine you want to save him? want to bring him out of jail right? like you care for him, i care for you, i will free Shaurya from jail but i have one condition. Shaurya is lying in hospital bed, he asks

Karona where is Mahek? she says she will come soon, you rest. Shaurya says she trusts me that i didnt kidnap Kanta chachi right? Karona says yes she trusts you, she knows you didnt do it, take medicine now, Shaurya says no not until Mahek comes there.

Mehek 11 June 2019

Kanta says to Mahek that if you promise me to remove Shaurya’s name from your life, to forget him for life, to come with me and leave this city going away from Shaurya, if you promise me this then i will take complaint back against Shaurya. Mahek says this is not right, instead of forgiving him, you are punishing him like this? punishing our love? she cries.

  • Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

Karona calls Mahek and says please come here, Shaurya needs you a lot, she tells her everything, how Shaurya is badly beaten and not taking medicine. MAhek is heart broken hearing all this and helplessly looks at Kanta, Karona begs that i am pleading you Mahek as your mother, Mahek ends call and starts leaving but Kanta stops her and asks where are you going?

Mahek says let me go, someone has attacked Shaurya, he needs me, Kanta says you are not going anywhere, Mahek says please take complaint back, Kanta says promise me to go away far away from Shaurya’s life and i will take my FIR back otherwise Shaurya wont be coming out of jail anytime soon and you wont be able to meet him.
Mahek looks down and says i promise you that I will go away from Shaurya’s life, i will do everything you say but let me meet him for this last time, Kanta leaves Mahek’s hand, MAhek cries and runs off to meet Shaurya, Kanta looks on.
Mahek comes to police station. She goes in Shaurya’s ward room and sees him sleeping in injured state. She holds his hand and sits beside him and silently weeps, Kaun tujhe yun pyar karega jaise main karti hun plays. Mahek caresses his face, she leans in and kisses his forehead, she lies her head on his chest and cries.

Mahek is unable to see him in this state, she turns to leave but Shaurya holds her dupatta, Mahek turns to look at him, he opens eyes and says heroine coming to meet hero in hospital and crying on his chest, dont cry these tears, they are very special, i am businessman and cant bear this much loss. Mahek sits beside him again, Shaurya wipes his tears, he pulls her closer and gently kisses her forehead, he winces in pain.

Mahek says you take rest, you are not fine. Shaurya says i will be fine now that you are here, you trust me that i didnt kidnap Kanta chachi right? Mahek says i knew it from before and tomorrow everyone will know. Karona Maa told me that you are not taking medicine, if i make you eat it then will you take it? he nods, Mahek gives him medicine and makes him drink water, Shaurya says Mom complained to you about me? Mahek says not complaining, its love.

Shaurya says and you? Mahek says not everything should be said, something can be understood. Shaurya holds her hand and says Mahek I.. Mahek says shh.. dont say it. Shaurya says dont leave me, dont go away ever now. Mahek says i never went away, i was here all the time with you, and you were in my eyes, i didnt even crying that you might drown in eyes, she breakdowns and cries, she composes herself and says now go to sleep, everything will be fine till tomorrow, Shaurya holds her hand and says I love you Mahek, she smiles and says go to sleep, Shaurya close his eyes and murmurs I love you, he goes to sleep. Mehek 15 June 2019 Update On Zee World Series

Mahek recalls her promise to Kanta to leave Shaurya for life, she cries, and comes out of Shaurya’s room. Naina plays, Mahek recalls Kanta telling her that they will leave city if she wants to save Shaurya. Mahek starts leaving police station and recalls how Shaurya asked her to never leave him again.

Kanta meets Ratan and says take care of Mahek and protect him, I have finally succeeded to take her away from Shaurya, i can trust very fewer people. Ratan says don’t worry, Mahek is like my daughter, i wont break your trust.

Mahek comes out of house with her luggage, ready to leave. Kanta gives her bus ticket, Mahek takes it, Kanta says Ratan will stay with you and take care of you, she nods, Kanta says Mahek i am doing this for your good, Mahek doesn’t look at her and says dont worry, no one will know where I am going, i wont talk to Shaurya, i will fulfill your every wish, it was Shaurya’s right on my breaths and now its your right, if you ask me then I will stop breathing too, she starts leaving, Kanta is sad and weeps seeing her leave so broken. Kanta breakdowns as Mahek leaves from there.

In the morning, all family members are searching for Mahek. Jeevan says where did she go? Kanta says to family that Mahek is not at home, I have sent her somewhere, Jeevan says where? Kanta says i wont tell that, Ravi says what? all are confused. Sonal goes to her room and calls Shaurya.

Shaurya is at his home. He takes Sonal’s call and Sonal tells him everything, how Kanta made Mahek leave. He ends call and pulls out IV from his arm and leaves from there.
Jeevan asks Kanta where did Mahek go? Ravi says why she is not taking call?
Balwant says what is this new drama Kanta? Shaurya comes there after kicking their door and opening it. Shaurya comes inside. Shaurya starts breaking things in their house, Balwant asks what is this madness? Mohit asks him to stay away from my mother, Mohit, Ravi and Jeevan grab Shaurya away from Kanta.

Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

Shaurya asks Kanta where is my Mahek? tell me where did you made her go otherwise you all will see the worst side of me today. PD says Shaurya have you gone mad? Shaurya shouts i want answer, where is my Mahek? he throw away things from their dining table. Ravi says he has gone mad, Shaurya shouts where is my Mahek? i want an answer, Shaurya holds table glass and stands infront of Kanta, he says i will burn this house, this area and then this city if I dont get my Mahek, he throws away glass and says tell me where is my Mahek?

Kanta says I have made Mahek go away from you, you will never get Mahek as you dont deserve her, Shaurya looks on, Kanta says you can shout as much as you want but you will never get Mahek, leave now, Shaurya asks where is my Mahek? he gets hysteric and throws away things from dining table. Balwant says call police, this crazy wolf will destroy everything. Shaurya takes chair to throw it away but looks at their family photo and stops, he gets teary eyed looking at Mahek in photo, all look on, Shaurya hold photo frame and imagines Mahek and his moment, he falls to his knees and recall their all moments, he caresses her picture and is pained.

Shaurya is crying. Kanta says go from here. He says my heart doesn’t want me to go from here. Her memories are here and I want to be here. Ravi says I am calling police. Shaurya says yes please do. They will also know what truth is. Shaureya says to Chachi didn’t you tell your family what truth is? PD ask Kanta if I kidnapped her or not? Please tell me why you accused me falsely. Can you tell everyone truth or should I? He says I will tell them the truth. Kaanta says because I want to keep Mahek away from you.

You have ruined her life once I won’t let you do that. Now if you burn yourself or the world, you won’t’ reach Mahek. Shaureya says you also keep in mind I will love Mahek all my life and find her. I will find her in the next 24 hours. It’s my promise. You can’t keep her away from me. Kanta leaves from there.

Mahek is in her bus and Shaureya is in his car. He looks at Mahek’s photo and recalls their times together.
Mahek reaches the bus stop. She comes out with Chachi. Shaureya stops at the same stop. He calls Vicky and says same location was traced? He says what.. okay I am looking here. He looks everywhere and in the bus too but Mahek has left.

He sees a girl like Mahek and turns herya towards him. She is someone else. Shaureaya says sorry. Mahek is at the station.. She buys food. shaureya is outside that food court. He says where are you Mahek?
Chachi says Mahek Kanta has called you.
Mahek talks to Kanta. Kanta asks where did you reach? She says yes. Kanta says you know what you have to do after this call right? Mahesk says yes don’t worry. She says Shaureya.. Kanta says he is out of jail. I have withdrew my case.
Vicky calls Shaureya and says Mahek is nearby you. He looks for her but can’t find her. Mahek walks from behind him and sits in the car.
Mahek comes to shrine and prays. She says I hope he always stays happy. Shaureya is walking past the shrine and comes in too.
Mahek gets done with the prayer and her family takes her from there. Shaureya is there too. They are both walking in different directions sadly. Shaureya comes to pray as well. He is in tears.Mahej ties a thread outside. Bhardo jholi plays in background. They are both crying.
Shaureya goes out in tears. Mahek is sitting and crying with the fence. Chacha ji says what happened mahek? Shaurya hears this and turns back. He sees Mahek’s back. Mehek 15 June 2019 Update

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