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Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update

Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update

Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update – The episode starts when Anjali comes home. She says to karuna shuayra didn’t listen. He thought you did this. Mahek’s condition is critical. Karuna is crying. she says I can never do this. Do you trust me? anjali says I trust you ma.

Kaurna says, she is my daughter how can I give her poison? She is crying. Anjali says stay strong. Shaurya is very angry. He wont listen anything. When I took your side he shoved me. He said he will send you to jail. Karuna says he can never do this. I am his mom.

Anjali says that’s what he said, I am so scared. We have only one option. The doctor tells Shaurya the baby and Mahek are fine. Anjali says to Karuna ma trust me. You have to go underground for some days. go away from here. She gives her money. Karuna says how can I go. Anjali says I can’t let you go to jail. Karuna says please call Shaurya once. Anjali says he will send you to jail. Anjali says I don’t wanna lose you ma.

Shauyra kisses Mahek’s face. She opens eyes. Mehek says were you scared? I am a fighter. he says so is our baby. Mahek says where is ma? he says ma did all this. I am ashamed to call her mom. Mahek says are you crazy. Anjali is doing all this. You have no idea about the games she played.

Nehal says we all know her reality. They tell him everything. Mahek tells her she gave her a one-day deadline. Mahek is not feeling well. She says I am going to do what I should have done before. I asked her to surrender and that’s why she did all this. How can you trust her and not ma? She rushes out.

Karuna is leaving the house. Mahek and everyone is on their way. dolly says her phone is off. Anjali has switched off her phone too. Karuna is about to sign property papers before leaving. Mahek comes in. She says ma.. Mahek hugs her. Karuna says do you trust me? Mahek says of course I do. This Anjali kept manipulating all of us. she tells Karuna everything. Mahek says I kidnapped her to get her out but she sold me to some men.

  • Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update

She stooped so low that she tried selling me. she is a criminal. Karuna is in tears. Mahek says you won’t sign any papers. Anjali shows them the papers and says the papers are signed already. Ma Mahek is right. She laughs. Karuna says what are you saying. Shaurya is about to slap her. Anjali says shut up. Her thugs come in and stop Shaurya.

Anjali points the gun at him and says I don’t want this drama in this house. Karuna says I am ashamed to call you my daughter. Anjali says kick them all out of this house. The thugs kick everyone out. Anjali says goodbye. Mahek says shut up. We don’t give up. You will see what we can do. Anjali says you will crave for bread. Anjali says get out. They all leave. Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update

Karuna says Mahek Shaurya please pardon me. This all happened because of me. Shaurya says this is my mistake. I shouldn’t have listened to Mahek. Mahek says we have to be strong and fight this problem together. Don’t cry ma. We have to take what is ours. Nehal says thugs have kicked Vicky out of White chilies too.

Karuna says she doesn’t deserve my daughter. Mahek says we will go to the police station. We already have witnesses. Mahek comes to the police station. She says bring those girls they will tell you the truth. A girl says yes Anjali was there. she wanted to take revenge from Mahek.

Kriti says there was no such girl there. Mahek says don’t be scared. Tell the truth. Her friends ask her to say the truth. Mahek says to Kriti why did you do this? She says my poverty has done this. I am poor. She has give me money to live my life.

Anjali calls Shaurya and says you can’t do anything. Its time to give up. Kanta calls. Nehal says talk to her. Mahek says are you okay chachi? Kanta says listen to me. You hid this from us. You thought you can do anything. This is why I never wanted to come here. I am coming back.

Mahek says we are here we will handle it all. Shaurya says ma promise I will take you back home. Shauyra says I have a plan. He tells her everything.

Police come to Anjali’s house. They say we are from the tax department. Shauyra didn’t file his taxes. They check the whole house. They ask Anjali to open her closets. Shaurya sees the proper papers. He takes them and leaves. When they are leaving real police comes in. Anjali smirks.

Shaurya is leaving with this team when he sees police coming house, he gets tensed. They hear a whistle and turns to see Anjali waving at them. Shaurya looks on.

Mahek is worried, women are praying for them. Dolly asks Karona to remain calm, God will make everything fine. Vicky brings water for Nehal. She doesn’t drink it. Mahek’s phone rings but suddenly Nehal feels pain and starts screaming. all rush to Nahel. Mahek takes the call, its some call from the marketing company, Mahek ends it.

Karona asks Nehal to take care. Nehal says I am fine. Mahek says dont act like a child Nehal, you are going to be mother, be more responsible, anything can happen to us but kids should remain fine. Dolly says nothing should happen with anyone, she asks Vicky to take her to the doctor. They take Nahel from there. Mahek prays to get success in this war.

Anjali asks the inspector to arrest Shaurya and says he became a fake IT officer to rob my house. She asks IT, commissioner, what happened now? she takes off Shaurya’s turban, glasses, and beard. She says to inspector that my brother has gone crazy since I have got property. Shaurya says you manipulated my mother and got this property, I will prove it in court, you cheated everyone, we took you as our own and you did this.

Shaurya’s team member silently takes property papers out and takes out a lighter, He passes it to Shaurya, Shaurya tries to light papers but Anjali stops him and takes lighter from him.

Inspector points a gun at Shaurya and asks him to stop it. Anjali says you have so pathetic ideas to fight with me? I have to win but do something interesting. Shaurya says its about my family and I won’t spare you, this is not over yet. Inspector arrests Shaurya and takes him away. Anjali smirks.

Mehek 16th October 2019 Zee World Update

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