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Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mahek Cooks Panjiri Like Old Times

Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mahek Cooks Panjiri Like Old Times

Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mahek Cooks Panjiri Like Old Times

Scene 1: Today’s episode begins when one man sprinkles water on Mahek’s face, she wakes up. Shaurya, Neev and Banwari come there, Neev says it’s my mom. Mahek wakes up and covers her face with a veil. Shaurya takes out an energy bar and asks her to have it. Mahek thinks why I feel like I have been in this position before? Shaurya and all others sit in the car.

Shaurya says maybe its the temperature change that made her fainted, he switches on AC for her. Neev asks her to eat chocolate bar, he moves her veil but when Shaurya looks at her, she covers face with veil. Shaurya gets call from Archie, he says what? I am coming.

Shaurya comes to hospital. Archie is crying and hugs him. Archie recalls flashback how she hit her father deliberately to call Shaurya to her. Archie hugs him and smirks. Shaurya takes Archie’s father’s wheelchair and leaves with them.

Shaurya brings Archie’s father home and makes him lie in bed, father thanks him. Archie says papa you rest now. Shaurya says to her father that dont worry about pooja tomorrow. Father says If I couldnt come then Archie will come. Archie says he must be in pain. Archie’s father says I might not come but Archie will come. Shaurya says okay I should leave. Archie holds Shaurya’s hand says thank you, Shaurya moves his hand away and says take care of uncle, bye, he leaves.

Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mahek Cooks Panjiri Like Old Times

Banwari says to Mahek that I am making turmuric milk for you, Neev says I can massage your head. Banwari says I think we should take your for checkup. Mahek says no I am fine, I just felt dizzy near that place, it was weird there, I will feel better drinking this milk, Banwari nods and leaves. Neev asks Mahek how she got ill? Mahek says so you get to know how I feel when you get ill. Mahek makes Neev lie his head on her lap and starts singing a lullaby to him sweetly.

Archie comes to her father Arvind and says wow you are so nice actor, you said exactly what I wanted you to say, I love you so much. Father says Archie you didnt have to lie to shaurya, if he finds this out then it will br problem. Archie says you are getting old so dont take stress. Archie takes wine from servant and says get lost. Arvind says you didnt have to do what you did today.

Archie says he diteched me for that dumb kid so I had to call him back, you used to much money to send me to study psychology in London and I am using study of human behavior that Shaurya is in my pocket, when I saw him first, he was perfect, he is dashing, perfect, loving and rich then I realized Sahil was just way to make me meet Shaurya and Mahek was just way to make us meet as Mahek had no standard to be with Shaurya, I know human psychology thats why I have impressed Shaurya and his family and dont you worry, whoever comes in middle of me and my wishes, I change their lives’ directions.

Mahek is sitting on bed. Banwari is sleeping on floor. Mahek mistakenly drops glass on floor bu Banwari doesnt wake up, she leaves room as she can sleep.
Mahek comes near pool side of Shaurya’s house and recalls blurred flashback again, Mahek thinks what mess is going in my head? how can I tell this to anyone else when I dont understand it myself? Shaurya is in garden and talking to client. He turns and sees Mahek sitting near pool, her backis towards him. Mehek 18 August 2019 Update

Shaurya recalls his moments with Mahek, he starts approaching her, both are restless. Main phir bhi tumko chahunga plays. Shaurya stops and thinks what I am doing? Shaurya steps on water pipe and says shit.. Mahek sees him and runs away from there before he can see her face. Shaurya sees her gone.

Scene 2
In morning, Shaurya calls Archie and says its just diwali pooja, you dont have to come, she says dad is fine and I am coming to your house. Dolly comes there and says they have sent such bad sweets. Shaurya says if Mahek was here then she would have cooked best Panjiri (sweets). Archie hears it. Shaurya says to her that I will call later and ends call. Archie asks driver to take her to sweet place.

Neev says to Mahek that I wont take bath, I am bored here, I cant roam around here, I cant play here like in village. Mahek says I will make sweets for you? I will make Panjiri, Neev says you have never cooked it, Mahek says I must have cooked it sometime, he says no I always remember sweet dishes you cook, you have never cooked it. Mahek thinks if I have never cooked it then how do I remember it? Banwari comes there, she asks if he remember she cooked panjiri ever? he says I dont eat sweets so I dont remember. Mahek asks if he can bring stuff for Panjiri so she can cook? he nods and leaves.

Archie is looking for Panjiri at every sweet shop but they say its Diwali and all sweets are sold. Mehek 18 August 2019 Update

Mahek is cooking Panjiri. Neev says there are rats roaming in my stomach, cook it fast. Banwari comes there and says seems like you cooked it before. Banwari thinks poor girl must have cooked it in her earlier life. Mahek says I dont remember it cooking but I remember its recipe. She makes Neev taste it, he eats more and says its tasty.

Archie comes to Shaurya’s house. Neev is singing that Maa made panjiri, very tasty panjiri. Archie hears it, she says to driver that I want panjiri, my mother in law asked for one thing and I couldnt bring it? she acts like crying. Banwari comes to her and says if you want Panjiri, then I will bring it, she says thank you. Banwari gives a a bowl of Panjiri, she thanks him. Neev says no this is my panjiri, Banwari says Maa is making more for you. Archie says thank you, sorry Neev. She thinks if he didnt give it to me then I would have killed that kid Neev and took it.

Archie comes to Khanna family and says to Shaurya that I heard you talking about Panjiri so I cooked it, taste and see how it is. Shaurya gets tensed and thinks Mahek’s panjiri’s taste is still in my mind and heart, how to tell them this. Archie asks him to eat it.

Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mandhar Takes Neev And Mahek With Him

Scene 1
Archie gives Shaureya panjiri. He recalls Mahek used to make it. She says what happened?

Neev says to 1Mahek you gave them my panjiri. I want panjiri. It was mine. Mahek says don’t talk like bad kids.

Archie says I made is specially for you. Neev comes and says it was mine. My mom made it for me and dadu gave it to her. Dadu says stop it. Don’t say that. Archie says don’t scold him uncle. That makes him lout. Archie says sorry sweet heart I thought dada ji kept it for you. I am sorry neev. she pulls his cheek. She says when did I say I made it? I said i got it made from your mother. I was ordering it at sweets but uncle said they have it at their house. He insisted so I had to take it. Dadu says you are right. Shauerya says Neev you are my friend right? Don’t talk to elders like that. Shauerya returns her panjiri and leaves.

Karuna says Neev come here. She gives him panjiri and says smile now.

Scene 2
Shauerya is on his way. He sees a car and stops. Neev is crying. Doli says this child is loud. Karuna says let me check. Karuna asks bhandwari what happened? She says let me see. Its Mandhar he says Bhandwarri and my whole family. I am taking them from here. My dad is out of his mind. Even when I asked them not to.. he took my family here. Doli says we have bhandwari ji money for his services.

Mandhar says you can keep him here forever. I am heere to take my wife and son. Lets go or I will pull you. Neev says leave my mom’s hand. He bites on his hand. Mandhar says they are my family and I am taking them. Karuna says they are my guests. You can’t behave with them like this. Mandhar says no one can stop me. He pulls Mahek. He is about to hit her. Shaureya holds his hand and beats him. he says you have no shame? You don’t know how to behave with women?

Shauerya’s guards grasp him. Neev cries and says I don’t wanna go. Please leave me. Please do something something. Mandhar is pulling Mahek and Neev. He had to leave them. Mandhar puts her in the car and says I am going. Archie says let them go shaurya.

Mehek 18 August 2019 Update – Mandhar says now you see what I do. Mahek says why do I feel like I am forgetting something there?

Mandhar says bus will come in an hour. Neev says I want water. Mandhar says that man was fighting me? Neev goes somewhere. Mahek looks for him. Shauerya wonders why was neev crying like that? Mandhr says I will go home and make her mine.

Scene 2
Archie comes to Shaureya and says your last days to spend alone then I will be with you. Change now. He says thanks. Archie and Shaureya go arti together.

Mandhar says bus is leaving lets sit in it. Where are mahek and neev? maahek comes and says Neev is nowhere. Mandhar says if he goes to that house again I will kill him.
Archie drops arti and it burns her hand. Shauerya says you should have been carful. He brings first aid.

Mahek is looking for Neev everywhere. Shauerya applies med on her burn.
Neev hides and comes outside Shauerya’s house. He says I won’t anywhere. I will bring ma here as well.

Archie comes out and sees Neev. She says he is back? She asks guards.. Neev says to Archie I wanna meet hero. Archie says get out of here. She shoves him out. mahek comes and holds him. Her duppatta falls. Archie is dazed to see her face.  she recalls Mahek and says Mahek is alive?

Shaurya is looking at Mahek’s photos on phones.Dolly asks him to go and talk to Archie. mandhar and Banwari comes to Shaurya’s house. Mandhar shouts. Shaurya comes there too. Mahek is in veil. neev comes there and hides behind Shaurya, Vicky and Dolly comes there too. Neev says I dont want to go back to my father, he beats me. Archie comes there and looks on,she thinks what if Shaurya sees her face?

Shaurya says to Mandhar that I will give you 5 lacs to you, Mandhar asks for what? shaurya says you can cook sweets for marriage, contract will be of 5 lacs. Mandhar says I want 10 lacs, 5 for sweets and 5 for keeping Neev here. Shaurya says okay, you will have them but till you are here, you wont be yelling or raising hand on them. Mandhar agrees.

Archie is worried and thinks what if Mahek is back and playing games with her?
Harish comes to Shaurya and asks why he is playing 10lacs to Mandhar? Shaurya says I wont hear any opinion in this matter, I have decided.

Mandhar drinks wine and says I became rich. Mahek comes near pool and sees Neev putting diyar around it, she laughs. Shaurya comes on balcony and sees Neev playing too, he smiles. Shaurya looks at Mahek’s photo and says to keep Neev safe, I have kept him here with me, I did right?

I know you would have done the same thing, he smiles looking at he photos and recalls his moments with Mahek, tai hai plays as he hugs her photos, recalling his marriage with her, their sweet moments, dances and romance.

Archie comes to her room and throws things away, he says what the hell is going on? servant asks if she needs anything? she screams to leave. Her father comes there and asks what happened? you went to Shaurya’s house for diwali? what happened? Archie says Shaurya is mine, she cant comeback, not possible, I will stop her, I will not let go close to Shaurya even if I have to kill her again.

Her father asks her to have medicine, you have anxiety attacks, Archie says stop it, he asks her to tell him everything, Archie tells him how she saw a girl of Mahek’s face, she says if thats not Mahek then who is she? her father says she has Mahek’s face, she is not Mahek. Archie says even then I cant allow Shaurya to see her, psychology says that he will react like that even if he sees a girl that has Mahek’s face, I have to see if her nature is like Mahek too.

In morning, Mahek is drying clothes. Archie comes there and says I brought chocolates for Neev, she asks Mahek whats her name? Mahek says Vandana. Archie says your bangles are nice, you are young for a mother, when did you get married? Mahek says around 7-8 years. Archie says you dont remember?

Mahek says I dont remember so much, Archie asks how old is Neev? she says 6 years, Archie asks her more questions, Vandana says actually I had an accident and.. Mandhar comes there and says Vandana, what rubbish are you talking? Make tea for me. Mahek leaves. Archie thinks Kanta chachi can help.

Archie comes to Chandani chowk, she says its a filthy place, someone throws thrash at her, Archie shouts at her. Sonal comes there and scolds woman for throwing thrash at her. Sonal asks Archie what she is doing here? Archie says I came here for some work, Sonal asks if she know their house address? Archie says Shaurya told me about it, let me meet your family.

Archie comes to Sharma house. Jeevan says we were not happy when we got to know that Shaurya is marrying but PD made us undertand that Shaurya needs to move on in life, Ravi says Shaurya needs care too. PD says Mahek is not here anymore but she wants him to be happy ever.

Archie says thank God for accepting me, but Shaurya is not happy completely because he has negative memory associated with Mahek and that is Kanta, till Kanta Chachi doesnt forgive him, he will remain in pain. PD says we all want Kanta to forgive him, it was an accident but Kanta doesnt accept it.

Archie says Shaurya talks about Mahek a lot, can you tell me about Mahek more? jeevan and Ravi tells her about Mahek’s habits. PD says once Mahek broke her ankle and had to get plate to rejoin it. Archie thinks about it.

Kanta comes there, Jeevan says this is Archie, Shaurya’s would be wife. Kanta glares at her and says what she is doing here? why you all are chatting up with her? Jeevan says one minute.. Kanta says I dont want to hear anything, Mahek has been gone for one year and she is marrying Shaurya? she wants to rub salt on our wounds? Archie greets and turns to leave. Sonal says I am sorry Archie, Archie says its okay, I had to hear it, she leaves.

Mahek asks Neev to eat food, he says I dont want to eat it, she says I made parathas, he says I liked them yesterday but not today. Mahek makes roll for him and says this is paratha swing, eat it. He eats it. Neev is playing around, Mahek says if you dont want to eat it then I will make someone else eat.

Banwari asks his wife where is her son? she says I dont know, they hear noise. Neev runs out of house. Neev sees a caravan going on, he runs to caravan and enjoys bhajan.. Mahek comes out and starts searching for Neev in caravan. Shaurya arrives there in car. Mahek is looking around for Neev, she takes off her veil and looks around. Shaurya sees Mahek in his car mirror, he sees her face and says Mahek?

Shaurya sees Mahek’s face from his car’s mirror. He comes out of car and sees caravan, he looks around for Mahek, he sees a woman and looks at her face but its not Mahek. Mahek has brought Neev out of caravan, she says to Neev that you know how I get worried about you, please dont run like this again, she takes him in house before Shaurya can see her.

Archie calls doctor and asks if we can find her identity with that information? Doctor says if her bone was joined using plate then it will come in X-ray. Archie thanks him and ends call. Archie’s father asks her how she will get her X-ray, Archie says I have a plan, I have to find out if she is Mahek or her doppelganger, till then she cant be seen infront of anyone.

Shaurya comes to her room and says dont know if I really saw Mahek or it was my imagination, he recalls how he saw her face through mirror. He looks at her photo and says if I tell this anyone then they will call me mental, Mahek I never forgot you, and I can never.

Neev says to Mahek that you keep scolding me. Mahek says mothers worry about kids. Neev sees Zee TV’s new program. Mahek says girl of this show used to fight for her rights, she wanted to sing but her father was against it but her mother supported her and made her superstar. Neev says she is like you, you saved me from my cruel father, you are best mother, he hugs her.

Karona and Dolly comes back from mandir, Karona says we will go to mandir early from now on. They see Mandhar spitting and brushing teeth in pool. Dolly says I want to scold him so much. Karona says dont argue with this useless person. They leave. Mandhar asks Mahek to give him tea. Banwari says you are not exactly doing any work. Mandhar says my work is to cook, your work is to sing so do your work and let me do mine. Mahek brings tea for him. Neev is in room and playing with ball. his balls falls and goes under door to another room which is locked, that room is filled with Mahek and Shaurya’s pictures. Neev tries to open door but there is lock.

Archie and her father comes to Khanna house. Karona says Shaurya is upstairs. Archie says I want simple wedding but dad wants a good so he brought wedding planners, she introduces wedding planners, and says they want to meet people who are staying here to sing.

Mahek is in veil and at poolside with Mandhar, she gives him wallet. Shaurya is on balcony and sees them. Mandhar sees Shaurya looking towards Mahek, he comes to Mahek and says rules are same for you, you cant roam around like this, Mahek says I didnt ask you to forget your wallet, Mandhar asks her to not say rubbish and go inside, she leaves. Mandhar leaves too. Shaurya is at balcony and sees wedding planners leave, Karona comes there and says they are wedding planners, Shaurya says they are not needed, Karona says its your second wedding but Archie’s first so let her enjoy.

Neev is trying to open door which is locked. Mahek scolds him and says I have told you to study. Neev says my ball went inside that room, I want it. Mahek says you want to get beaten? you have to study, we are not in our house so dont snoop around, Neev nods and leaves. Archie comes there with wedding planners. Banwari says to her that we are not singer of your level but I will show you my instruments. Archie says its smelling good, what are you cooking? Banwari’s wife Julie says we are cooking sweets. Archie says I want to learn how to cook them. Archie sits beside Mahek. Mahek starts teaching her how to cook sweets.

Archie sees hot pan which has oil in beside Mahek’s foot, she thinks its right to make my plan work, she moves her foot beside hot oil pan and kicks it, hot oil spills at Mahek’s foot and she screams. Neev sees Archie kicking oil and shouts for Maa. Neev says this woman have done this, she kicked oil pan and burned my mother’s foot. Archie says I didnt do anything, Julie says this kid is a little crazy. Archie says we should take her to hospital. Neev says I wont go anywhere with this bad woman.

Archie makes Mahek sit in her car and starts leaving for hospital. Neev shouts Maa.. he runs behind their car and says I am coming too but Archie drives away. Shaurya and family comes there. Shaurya asks what happened Neev? Neev says that bad woman burned my mom’s foot. Julie comes there and says sorry, my daughter in law’s foot got burned, Archie has taken her to hospital. Shaurya calls Archie. Archie says I am sorry, I am taking Neev’s mother to hospital, Shaurya says but why Neev is saying that you spilled oil on her foot? Archie says why would I do it? I am taking her to hospital.

Shaurya hears Mahek’s grunts of pain on call. Archie says I will get her treated, you take care of Neev. She ends call. Neev cries for his mom. Shaurya says calm down, you mom will be fine. neev says I want to go to my mom. Shaurya looks on.

Doctor checks Mahek’s foot. He treats her foot. Mahek recalls flashbacks of lake but its blurred. He does X-ray of her foot as per instruction of Archie. He bandages her burned area. Mahek comes out of room, Banwari asks if she is fine? Archie says I will bring medicines.

Archie comes to doctor and says Mahek’s foot had plate because of accident, if this Vandana is Mahek then her X-ray will show that plate. The doctor says you are my friend so this thing shouldnt come out of this room. She says ofcourse. Doctor gives Archie Mahek’s foot X-ray, she takes it out and there is plate shadow in her foot X-ray, Archie fumes in anger and thinks her foot was joined using plate, it means she is Mahek only.

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